Ready To Reinvent Yourself ?


Ready to reinvent yourself ?


I know I am!

I’m totally itching for a kick in the butt and I’m ready to make the shift. I do so well with structure and when I have something to follow . Are you itching for a new and AMAZING workout program that not only helps you get fit and lose weight but ALSO shifts your mindset in a more positive awesome way?? Well you definitely do not want to miss out on Proving Grounds!


First off, I love Christ Downing. He’s an amazing super trainer and he truly helped me in a crazy time of my life! His motivation in on a whole other level and I find him super humble yet real. I had the pleasure of working out with him in person and it was amazing. I love his motivation guys! Trust me when I say, you definitely want to experience this transformation!


Click Below To Check Out Behind The Scenes Chris Downings Latest Fitness Program!!!

What is the SHIFT SHOP?

A breakthrough rapid-conditioning program that can help you get LEANER, FASTER, STRONGER—and lose up to 10 pounds—in
minimal time. The SHIFT SHOP includes 10 cardio and strength workouts, 2 core and mobility workouts, 3 advanced workouts, a
simple nutrition plan, and world-class training tools.

What’s new with SHIFT SHOP?

Now there’s a Prep Week to help you ease into the workouts and clean up your diet. You’ll do two 15-minute Quick Shift workouts to give
you a taste of what’s ahead and score your starting performance with the new Proving Grounds workouts. And each week after, you’ll
swap two regular routines with the Proving Grounds challenges to test your speed and strength, tracking your progress as you go with
the Proving Grounds Scoresheets. Plus, the SHIFT SHOP Recipes Book.


For more info, click HERE

What are Workouts Like?

SHIFT SHOP starts you off slow and alternates between cardio and strength workouts—then gradually increases the intensity
week by week. You’ll have a chance to score your performance against the clock with a series of 1-minute challenges when you
hit the Proving Grounds twice every week.

The SHIFT SHOP is all about fast results. This all-inclusive resource outlines all the tools you need to get
started, lays out fitness and nutritional tasks that will help you get the most out of Prep Week, and shows you which workout
to do each day, helping you shift from the body you have to the body you want. This is your road map for success. A printed
version is included in all SHIFT SHOP offers. Also available digitally on Beachbody On Demand.

Your number one focus when you revisit the Proving Grounds is to beat last week’s score, so use these handy sheets to record
your reps each time you go up against the clock. Available digitally on Beachbody On Demand.
Agility Markers Chris’ secret weapon. You’ll develop agility and coordination as you navigate around the markers, reacting to his color “callouts.”


What is the Shift Shop Meal Plan?

Have you ever used the Portion Fix containers by Beachbody, like the ones used in 21 Day Fix? Shift Shop uses these same color-coded measurement containers, but adds it’s own little twist. Each week, as your workouts change, your meal plan will also change.

Week 1 will feel similar to the meal plan you may have followed in other programs using Portion Fix containers, but with a more specific list of foods.

Week 2 will ask you to cut down on starchy carbs, revving up protein and veggies.

Week 3 takes it a step further and completely cuts out your yellow container (carbs), while increasing healthy fat and proteins with unlimited vegetables.

Who is this program for?

ANYONE! That’s the joy of this program. If you’re just getting back into fitness after falling off the bandwagon, this is a great program to get to back into the swing of things. If you’re just starting your fitness journey and need to lose weight, you’ll see tremendous results! And if you’ve already been working out regularly, you’ll take your fitness to the next level!

This program isn’t geared specifically toward people looking to lose weight or looking to gain muscle. It involves BOTH cardio and strength to help you lose weight and feel stronger!

Is Shift Shop a hard workout?

The program is challenging, but it’s something that anyone can do! Each week amps the a little helping you gain the stamina and strength to keep up. Plus, for each workout there’s a modification. So if you’re struggling keeping up, switch over to the modification and you’ll be able to keep on going!

What equipment will I need for Shift Shop?

The Shift Shop markers
A set of weights (the size is up to you and your strength)
A good mat to add bit of cushion for certain workouts
If you’re using Beachbody On Demand, the markers will be available to purchase separately through Team Beachbody. If you purchase a Challenge Pack they’ll be included in your order! Click here to check out the packages 


If you want to do this with me, FILL OUT THIS FORM and I will be in contact! Lets do this together!




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This Stage Of Life

This stage of life.

It’s hard, you guys.
I’m talking right now to you moms who are around my age …. late 20’s to mid 30’s. You have kids. Likely two or three . Being a mom is the hardest job ever . Add in a child with sensory needs and a speech delay- some days are REALLY hard .
They probably range in age from toddlers to 7 or 8 year-olds. (Give or take a few, on all of the above mentioned stats).
In this stage of life, you are dealing with exhaustion. Mental, physical, and emotional.
In this stage of life, you are dealing with tantrums and beautiful moments … With stomach viruses. You are juggling schedules, appointments, sports , and constantly going from point A to point B.
A million balls you are juggling, and you probably feel like you are dropping most of them sometimes right ? Then guilt tends to plague you because something is eating you up inside .
In this stage of life, you are dealing with guilt. Guilt over having a career, and not spending enough time with your kids, or guilt over staying home with your kids, and not doing enough to contribute financially. Yet everything you do IS for the kids. Guilt over being too harsh with your kids. Too lenient. Guilt that your house is clean, but your kids were ignored, or guilt that you enjoyed your children all day, and now your husband is coming home to filth. Guilt. Yep.

In this stage of life, you are bombarded daily with a whole lot of decisions. Some of them life-changing, some of them not. None of them with clear cut answers. Do I vaccinate my kids? Do I not? Do I send them to public school? Charter school? Private ? Is this special needs system even good? Is this what’s best for him/her! ?
You don’t know the answers to ANYTHING, but you feel constant pressure to figure out EVERYTHING.
This stage of life is less and less about watching your friends get married and have babies, and more and more about standing by and witnessing your friends struggle in their marriage, and even get divorced. It’s a stage where you’ve got to put in the time and the effort and the work and the energy to make sure your OWN marriage stays healthy. And that’s good, but it’s hard, too.
At this point, you or someone you know has experienced infertility. Miscarriages. Loss of a child.
It’s a stage where you are buying houses, selling houses, remodeling houses, renting out your house , packing up houses.
It’s a stage where your hormones are all out of whack. You even question whether you’re bipolar . You look at yourself and you’re like wow. I definitely look different I love my battle wounds. Shall you decide to have one more ? You realize time is ticking and time goes fast !

It’s a stage where you are struggling with identity. Is my entire identity “mommy”? Is there anything even left of me that isn’t about mothering? Is there something more glamorous I could have/should have done with my life? I LOOK like a mom now, don’t I? I totally do. ( as I STARE) at the mess I’ve been trying to get to for two days!
It’s a stage where you are on a constant quest for balance, and can never find it. You think you do , but you don’t . There’s no such thing as balance friends .
It’s a stage of life where you are overloaded. Constantly. You are overloaded with questions. Your children never stop asking them. You are overloaded with touch. Someone is constantly wanting to be held, holding on to you, hanging on to you, touching you. You are overloaded with to-do’s. There is so much to do. It never ends. You are overloaded with worry. You are overloaded with THINGS. Your kids have way too many toys. You are overloaded with activities. You are overloaded with THOUGHTS (thoughts about how to not be so overloaded, perhaps?).
It’s hard.
So….what do you need to do to survive it all?

You need to ask for help.

You need to accept help when it’s given.
You need GRACE.
You need to not neglect your marriage.
You need to put your kids down for bed early.
You need to wake up EARLY to fill your cup FIRST!
Sit outside with your husband, drink a glass of wine, and have a conversation when the kids are down.
You need more girlfriend time .
You need your mom or Dad.
You need older friends, who have been there and done that. Who can reassure you that you AREN’T screwing it all up as badly as you think you are yet won’t judge u and tell you their way is best and act like they know it all.
You need to not feel bad about doing the things that make you happy.

You need to lower your expectations….then probably lower them again. But deep down your raising your bar !
You need to simplify. Simplify every single part of your life, as much as it can be simplified. Get rid of the negative and focus on positive .
You need to learn how to say “no”.
You need to practice grace .
You need to pray. Girl, you need to pray.
Finally, and maybe most importantly, you need to remember that…..
….this stage of life is beautiful, too. Like, really really beautiful. This is the stage of life where every single older person you ever meet tells you, “you’re going to miss this”. And you already know it’s true. It’s the stage where your kids love you more than they are EVER going to love you again, for the whole rest of your life. It’s the stage where they can fit their entire selves into your lap to snuggle…and they want to. It’s the stage where their biggest problems ARE tummy aches or big emotions they can yet express .

We’re not dealing with problems like broken hearts or addiction or bullying yet. It’s the stage where you are learning to love your spouse in an entirely different….harder…..better…. way.
The stage where you are learning together, being stretched together, shedding your selfishness together, and TRULY being made into “one”.
It’s the stage where you get to see Christmas, Halloween through your kids eyes, and it’s so much more fun and magical than it would be just through your own eyes.
It’s the stage of life filled with field trips, class parties, costumes, swim lessons, bubble baths, dance parties, and loose teeth. And those things are so fun. It’s the stage where you are young enough to have fun, and old enough to have obtained at least SOME wisdom.
It’s SUCH a great stage.
But, man it’s hard.
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We All Have a Story

By: Jaclyn

I have to apologize…

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a bit about myself and who the real Jaclyn is behind the workout clothes – so please allow me to introduce myself!

Not only have I experienced a total mind and body transformation, one passion of mine is to help others experience their own, motivate and inspire, and help them to live healthy and fulfilling lives too.

Like a lot of other women, I grew up being insecure and well aware of weight gain . I come from not knowing anyone on my dads side yet raised by sooo much love through my moms family . My mom would say “ You’re looking a little heavier Mija” (she didn’t mean it in a bad way. But I know that’s how my insecurities started )

We would eat tortillas and rice/beans on the norm and even eat out often. I don’t hold any resentment on that because my mom is the most beautiful and strong woman I know. She sacrificed a lot to raise me on her own. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with cancer that we seriously got serious about educating ourselves about nutrition. So much has changed since then.

I’ve always felt like I never really fit in with others. I’ve always been different. I was desperate to fit in to the right clothes and to look a certain way that I tried many things. I was obsessed with a number and caught up in the comparison mindset. After high school, I tried many different pills and even found myself struggling with addiction. I started coping with my problems in life by AVOIDING them through unhealthy habits. It’s not something I’m proud of. But this turned in to an addiction.

…. but then I got married and had children and instead of being proud of my body, I was ashamed. It’s sad. I struggled with a lot of anxiety after my second and that was because I was trying to find my way back again. I totally lost myself and felt like I could never just “catch up” I could feel myself going back in to a negative state and knew I needed a healthy change in my life. I was depressed and didn’t even realize that I was the one holding myself back. I was the only one that could make that change MYSELF.

THIS. This was my tipping point where I had to take a long hard look in the mirror and make a choice. I could either go down the road of this unhealthy mindset & continue to harm my mind and body or I could do some research & find something that is truly sustainable, healthy, and enjoyable.

My family deserved better & I know I did too, so I did the research. I found something that works – something that’s not a scam or a pill or a diet. It’s a LIFESTYLE. One that comes with the accountability of other women who have loved on me like I’ve known them my entire life. One that has taught me how to love myself and to respect my body. One that has helped me to grow from always hiding who I truly was to being more authentic and unapologetically me! No, it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it saved me!

Never in a million years did I see myself doing this, but it has shown me opportunities I never knew existed and has shown me that I can be the strong woman I always knew I could be!

No matter what your story, I hope this can give you hope that you too can live the life you’ve been waiting for. We only get one, so now is your time to shine honey!

If you’re at all interested in knowing more about how you can make these changes too, drop a 👋 below and I’ll share some more info.

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A Piece Of Me

Growing up , It was always “ You have to go to college and get your degree “.

Well truth is , I did go to college . I hated it .

My heart wasn’t there . I left half way. I Felt really guilty about it too. I eventually went back for further business education because I’ve always been business minded .

But growing up , it was “ I have to set the example and be what society expects me to be so that I can get a good secure job and save for retirement “ pphfff I’m sorry , but NOTHING is secure these days .

Deep down, I knew I was meant to be creative , passionate , and hard working and I’ve always been open – minded about taking CHANCES. I’ve worked for myself since 21 years old and deep down I felt insecure about the fact that I never continued to pursue my college degree . I’ve had moments where I doubted myself or my abilities and fell in to a depression because I felt lost and realized I wanted to be more flexible and make my schedule work AROUND my family .

I come from a family of strong females who’ve become successful in their own way. I was raised around a family with strong values and a strong work ethic. That’s literally who I am.

It wasn’t until I started to have kids that I realized I was meant for more . I’m meant to leave a legacy for them . I’m meant to create something amazing so that they can know that their mommy followed her dreams and passions and was successful whether that’s opening up my own salon, creating a community with an amazing movement , and meeting and helping people from all over the country . Whatever God has planned for us will be but I will never stop pursuing the things I love and neither should you!

I don’t ever want my kids to think that they HAVE to go do something because society expects them to or that they will never be successful doing something they love ! I will support them 

After having Elijah, I felt like I lost a whole part of me . Isn’t it funny how our seasons change ? That passion and fire was lost . I felt fake when I would go to the salon and always put a smile on my face either way .

I literally went to work and just went through the motions of life . I was exhausted all the time and always caught up with just trying to make sure I felt like I was contributing enough, being that Mom on top of therapies , and managing my clients at the salon. I ended up cutting back my days to be home more yet woke up and just went right back to the same non stop routine . I was burnt out and had NO balance . I was unfulfilled because I never made time to pour MY cup.

When the opportunity to get healthier and embrace a journey of self discovery came my way, I jumped on it . I had nothing to lose but inches . I knew that things would eventually get better IF I got better mentally .Cannot get other user media. API shut down by Instagram. Sorry. Display only your media.

I honestly chose my faith over fear and knew that God had a plan for us. After going through this huge transformation mentally , physically, spiritually, I suddenly had this huge amount of fire in me . I was tested in so many ways to only come out stronger than ever .

I’ve always known that sometimes things happen and we have to find the GOOD in as many situations as we can instead of complain and feel sorry for ourselves . It’s ok to be sad , angry , depressed , Scary … but it’s even better to get back up and believe in yourself a little more and more each day! All of that takes work . Daily too.

I quickly realized that what I found was changing my life . It’s ok to have multiple passions and pursue all that you love . It’s ok to be a working mom who barely has time for grace sometimes . Its ok to be imperfect. Embrace that shit . It’s ok to be you and if someone has a problem with all that, then they’re just NOT your people .

I believe everyone should be part of my wellness community . Why? Because you will all of a sudden start to discover yourself , you open up the lid to even MORE of your potential, and you start to wake up in such a good mood! It really makes a difference when you surround yourself with others who are striving to be better versions of themselves too. The way we make others feel tells A LOT about us and I want to be that person who makes others feel good too. I want to surround myself with those people too! 

For more INFO on joining our free wellness community, CLICK HERE

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Fit For Fall

Hey friends! I don’t know about you, but I sure know that summer bodies are built in the fall! Fall is the perfect time to tackle a healthy routine to feel great, work on better habits, get in shape, and boost your confidence before the holidays!

This flexible lifestyle change is a solution for my fellow busy people ! Let’s get Fit For Fall. We will be using  the next four weeks to stretch ourselves in new ways and get even stronger! Find out more info on what our Wellness Groups are all about here .

Before we know it , the holidays will be here and we will regret not working on a healthier version of ourselves! Don’t put your goals off . Feel your best and look your best. Most importantly, lets work on loving ourselves from the inside and out because that’s truly what matters most! 

In just 30 days, we’re going to teach you how to stop the self sabotage without deprivation, have positive self talk , love yourself more, and encourage positive and good healthy habits. 

If you’re feeling ready and want to make this the healthiest rest of the year, fill out the form and I will reach out to you .

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