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5 Benefits To Working Out Early

It has been an interesting month to say the least. Its been a month full of ups and downs on our end. I know we all have months and days like these , and to be quite honest, I feel super proud of myself. The old me would be dwelling on the negative things going on in my life. I think as a mom, we naturally tend to be so hard on ourselves with everything. Im the type of mom who worries about everything and sometimes I tend to over anazlyze the simplest of things.

If it weren’t for this amazing lifestyle I’ve been practicing this last year, I would probably still be all over the place. One of the biggest take aways I have is that no matter what happens, we all have a lot going on in our lives. We are all on our own journeys. But I have been training myself  this last year to give gratitude each morning and set my intentions for each day by getting up early to workout . I was never a morning person . It wasn’t until I had both of my kids that I realized I needed to make the time for myself or else I had many excuses as to why I didn’t have the time to take care of myself.  Sometimes it doesn’t happen the way I want it to, the day always seems so rushed and I end up feeling as though there is never enough time in the day to get things done.  Of course it can be hard , but once you wake up and start actually applying the effort , its easy to fall in love with. Its easy to fall in love with because you realize that we all actually have the same twenty- four hours each day. We are all busy. But our days are determined by what we get to accomplish each day. The little time you spend on yourself mentally and physically each day can do wonders for your life.

I know what y0u’re thinking. You would rather stay in your cozy bed and sleep right ? I wake up like this a lot actually. It can be very difficult to discipline yourself to get out of bed while everyone else is sleeping . Here are 5 reasons  I  get myself up early to work out and start my day off right .


Sets Your Tone For The Day. When you don’t set your tone for the day, the day tends to run you. Imagine having a nice routine where you get to clear your head space, feel grateful , and feel amazing about your life in general . Wouldn’t that be so much better ? ” If you want an extraordinary life, you must have equally extraordinary routines and rituals . ” This is what Debra Smouse said on TinyBudha.com says. Some of the most successful people in this world have their own routines and rituals every morning too.  I’m a huge believer in visualization and I love writing down and visualizing my days and my goals. Its not just about tackling my to do list each day. Its mainly about how I feel while tackling my to do lists.  One of my favorite practices is from a book called ” Miracle Morning ” by Hal Alrod. Hal shares with us a routine called “lifesavers” . This has changed my life in such a positive way. I highly recommend you pick up this book.  It isn’t every day that I get to practice them in the correct order, but my days always have less stress and worries when I do practice them. I take charge in my day rather than my day running me .

Energized For The Day. One of the first things I do before I sit down for my morning routine is grab a cup of coffee or drink some energize, my favorite pre workout blend. I then fuel my brain either with something spiritual, personal, or business development.  It sure wakes me up and gets me excited to workout. Working out and getting your system going early, gives you more energy throughout the day. It also ” jump starts ” your metabolism and you’re more likely to have a successful day nutrition wise too. You are capable in burning more calories throughout the day too just by getting your workout in first thing.  You end up being more productive because you already took care of yourself and you’ve prioritized your day in your morning routine.

You Get Your Workout Over With. If you’re busy and on the go all the time , then working out early should be a non- negotiable. Studies have shown that waking up and getting your workout in early is known to cause more creativity , self- discipline, confidence, and self – awareness. You pretty much harness your brainpower rather than wasting it while snoozing. The more you practice this routine, the more energy you will gain, and the more motivated you will become. It gets addicting because you start to feel so much better about yourself. You start feeling like yourself again. Your hormones start to regulate and you feel so much more happier . The fact that you got your workout in early gives you the time to give to your family at the end of the day without feeling so overwhelmed and brain- scattered . You end up accomplishing way more throughout the day because of your energy levels and you can go to sleep with a good nights rest.

You’re More Focused On Your Priorities. When you workout , you feel more energized. When you workout first thing in the morning, you’re more alert throughout the day. This gives you immediate energy. If you get that workout in first thing, you’re so much in tune with your body that you want to take care of it and not cave into fueling it with bad nutrition. When you skip a workout, you automatically feel bad about the fact that you didn’t get it done. Getting it done first thing makes you roll with whatever obstacles come your way in a much more positive mindset. If you’re a go- getter and serious about accomplishing some big goals in your life, then working out first thing in the morning should be a non-negotiable too. The chances of dealing with distractions are far less then dealing with them in the evening time .

Your Mood Is Better. We know that working out releases the good kind of chemicals in our brains. The endorphins that we release are so good for us and we don’t have to do the hour long cardio session to be able to reap this benefit either! Nothing feels better than having your workout in, especially if your prone to being very busy in the evening. What tends to happen to a lot of people is that we commit to working out in the evening and something comes our way, or the kids need us. Guess what ? We get tired. We then get grumpy because it never happened. You can boost your mood and your sense of accomplishment simply by setting your alarm clock earlier . It will take practice. But you will love it.

If you’re not used to waking up earlier to get your workout in, you might find that you will feel tired earlier. But the more  you practice this routine, the easier it gets. It might take snoozing quite a few times, but that’s ok . Nothing worth having comes easy. If it were easy, everyone would do it. But it takes a lot of self discipline and a lot of visualization to know why you want to feel good and where you’re headed.






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