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5 Tips To Get Motivated

There are days when the struggle is really real. It is never easy managing mom duties, clients in the salon, my fitness business, and wife duties.But its all worth it. So many people ask me how I get my energy and how I stay motivated. To be honest, feel sluggish and tired is hard. Finding the time to make healthier choices is hard too. I just choose my hard. There are simple things you can implement into your lifestyle . Doing these 5 tips daily can change your motivation level and you will end up choosing to live your life for the better.

13015587_1314691031881539_3564858509049707074_n1.You Must Decide. You must decide to just go for it. It isn’t going to be easy nor will change happen overnight. This is a daily battle between you and your that little voice in your head says. Just because you want it to happen doesn’t mean it will happen on its own. Decide you;re going to go for it, make a game plan, and take action.truth2.Don’t Think About It As Deprivation . Let me just get real for a second. No one likes depriving themselves and thats the hardest thing to overcome. You have to look change your perspective and view this as something you are adding into your routine rather than taking out. Think about the positive you are adding into your life. This is going to help you get healthier and fit. Maybe you need to add more veggies or fruit? Maybe you need to add more water? Maybe you just need to add in better portions? You have to take this journey one day a time and one step at a time in the right direction.

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3.Create Vision For Yourself. Create a visual or a vision board.Set realistic expectations for yourself and choose activities you enjoy and build from there. You are more likely to stick to it. If you are just getting started, decide that this is going to be the year for you. Decide to commit despite whatever challenges or distractions come your way because those will always be there. Decide that you are in charge of how you will wake up each day and you choose healthy instead of depriving yourself. Create the vision in your head and in front of you. Set those big goals for yourself and come up with a game plan as to how you will get yourself to that goal. Don’t just set your goals and never take action. Choose to document your journey through writing or blogging so that you will have the opportunity to look back only to see your progress.

image4.No Negative Self Talk. It’s time to start loving yourself again. Its time to stop saying things like ” I have to workout or else I failed ” or ” I really wish I didn’t eat that ” Saying things like this to yourself just sets yourself up for negative self talk and lack of belief in yourself. You are what you say to yourself and its time to start rewiring your brain. You are a work in progress and progress is compounded within time and not overnight. The minute you start thinking negative, its important to shift your thought by thinking and replacing it with something positive. You will have to do this all the time and eventually you will be able to see how much you’ve grown. Don’t beat yourself up if you make a plan to workout in the morning or after work and it doesn’t happen. There will be days like this. It’s important to be proud of your progress and how much you are really trying. If you’re skipping out on doing what you need to be doing for watching mindless tv or scrolling the newsfeed, then create a new system for yourself.cants-into-cans5.Just Start. Learn to work harder than you did yesterday. Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Doing this will naturally make you better at your job. Just like one of my mentors says, ” If you work hard on your job, you can make a living. If you work harder on yourself, you can make a fortune by multiplying your value ”


You have the power to make a change. Each day we get to choose our hard. We all have excuses and things that will come up. There will be times we blame it on our resources and find a reason we can’t get something done. But it’s our choice to live in those excuses and convince ourselves along with others that our excuses are valid. You can also choose to set those excuses aside and just go for it. When you validate your e


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