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5 Ways To Find Inspiration

 Change is not easy.

All good things take time.

I was at a point where I knew something needed to change so I was seeking inspirataion.

I needed to take responsibility for my decisions all while reinventing myself  . My excuse was that I was relying on motivation to get me through the tough . I had so many priorities from being a new extra needs mama to trying to manage a household all while building my beauty and lifestyle coaching business.

I finally decided I was willing to embrace the hard and commit to being better. I was going to commit to working on my procrastination.

Things have changed so much . Fitness has become part of my life . Not because I want that perfect body , but for the momentum it creates in my life. Momentum means showing up even when the going gets tough . There’s just something about the feeling of developing  discipline and it truly doesn’t matter how long it takes to get something done. What matters is that you take action – even if its as slow as a snail sometimes . We all have to learn to develop grit in order to work really hard for something .

The old me would use the getting tough to hold me back and stop me completely. I would let myself feel defeated and find every reason as to why I was stuck in that mindset. When things get tough or I doubt myself, I still do not let it stop me. Even if I have to change course , I still find a way to jump back in to rebuild momentum .

I’ve found that seeking inspiration in a positive way has been key to helping me create some better habits.

Although I’m not perfect and sometimes I’m living in complete chaos, sticking to these behaviors and making them a habit has been so key to helping me constantly find ways to get through some serious times .

The work and life balance is what a lot of us struggle with . I honestly do not believe in balance anymore . It’s easy to spend more time worrying about whether or not you’re doing it right , spending enough time with the kids  , messing up your kids by being who you always said you wouldn’t be, or flat out just forgetting to fill your own cup.

Being indecisive and overthinking can take over if we consistently doubt ourselves.  Our lives are a journey and we’re allowed to make mistakes . You’re allowed to feel like you’re failing sometimes. We were given this one life to chase what we want and quite frankly, other people’s opinions of you do not matter. You’re allowed to start new and reinvent yourself. We are all works in progress.

Figure Out What You Want To Change 

You can do hard things.

No one changes unless they want to. There’s only one thing that makes someone change; their own realization  that they need to do it. With anything , the first step to change is to become aware and own it.  Keep learning.  Life was so simple when we were kids right ?

We didn’t have to worry about a thing. If you find yourself stressed out, check out my tips for mental clarity Take in to consideration that thoughts do not become goals unless you write them down . You have to decide what you want to do and how you’re going to do it . You don’t have to see it all right now , but you do have to start envisioning the life you want to create . Start mapping out a plan and make a list of everything you need to do .

They say the best way to start your day off right is to revisit those goals and remember what is going to light that fire inside you. By practicing this momentum daily, you will see that this can inspire you to create more positive change rather than staying the same . Start a bullet journal and constantly revisit what you want to change and why. You have to create the change yourself .

Learn To Let Go Of What Isn’t Working 

Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my 30s so far is that I can’t change people or want them to change more then they want to themselves.

Our desire to change must be greater than staying the same. It doesn’t matter what comes your way or how hectic things can get, stay committed and let go of what isn’t serving you well. If you’re focused and committed to what you want to change , you will learn what is and isn’t working. Focus on surrounding yourself with people who are going to root for you.  Surround yourself with people who are out there striving for change too . Know your worth and do your best to protect your energy too. I work in the service industry. I have some days where my energy is completely zapped. Energy is contagious and we carry it everywhere we go . Make sure you’re bringing out the best in yourself.

If you’re constantly surrounded by toxic people or things , kindly distance yourself and see what can happen . Do not worry about hurting other peoples feelings or the thought of having to explain . Other people’s opinion of you is not your business and the people that matter in your life will understand and always want whats best for you . You owe no explanation to anyone. We can’t control our circumstances. But we can control how we choose to show up .


Give Yourself Some Time

I suggest using a daily planner to schedule your time all while remembering that sometimes life gets in the way and things do not always go as planned. Some things take way longer than others and along this process, the goal is to develop some more grit. Things will always find a way in working themselves out. Have faith and stay positive even when you’re feeling like a hot mess. Own it and accept the things you can’t change.


Feed Your Soul

I’ve always loved reading  . But I find it harder and harder to read if I do not make it a priority. Audio books have been great for cleaning and dishes time. Podcasts have been a huge game changer for me too  . I listen to quite a few people who I consider mentors and life coaches of mine . Sometimes I listen to religious messages that I needed to hear.  I’m always running  in to exactly what I need to hear because I’ve created this momentum by focusing on making sure I’m listening to positive influences . I submerge myself with personal development whenever I’m feeling down and that truly re-inspires me to come back stronger.



At the end of the day, what really matters is that your loved ones are well, you’ve done your best , and you’re thankful for all that you have. Make sure you’re starting your day with a smile and counting your blessings. Starting your mornings with gratitude fills your cup and reminds you of all the good around you. Your chaos might just be what someone else is praying for .There’s so much to be grateful for.


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