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A New Journey To Being Healthy

” Don’t worry . Thyroid cancer is the best kind of cancer to have out of all cancers ”

Those were the words I heard from the initial endocrinologist I went to see 6 months postpartum. I was referred to him because my doctor found that I  had something called a Multi- Nodular Goiter.   You can guess that I ended up looking for a new one. We just didn’t connect . If I don’t like your vibe, bye.

This whole process has been quite a journey for me. When I was pregnant with my second child , our doctor found swelling in my neck. She mentioned she thought it would be a good idea to monitor and check after we delivered the baby. I didn’t think much of it because at that time, I was too busy worrying about my mom who was undergoing chemotherapy with her breast cancer, and getting ready for baby number two. My husband was also on disability at the time due to a work related injury. I just sort of pushed all those thoughts aside.

Its been about three years since they found that swelling. Since then, I’ve gotten 3 biopsies, 5 ultrasounds and my blood monitored. I think this is why Im also so passionate about trying to take care of myself. My mom has had a cancer diagnosis twice and is still alive , my family has a history of cancer, diabetes, and heart failure. I don’t know anyone on my father’s side of the family, so who knows what sort of genetic history they may have. But what I do know now is that I have the ability to choose to take care of myself both physically and mentally. Some people don’t get this chance . I will never forget the feeling I had finding out my mom had cancer while I was pregnant. I was so emotionless from what I can remember . I was numb. I don’t really remember the first year of my son’s life like most mothers do. I was just trying to get through the motions each day . I remember being so up tight and in a really bad place mentally.

The last time I did an ultrasound , my endocrinologist called me to tell me that it had looked as though the nodules in my thyroid have grown. One nodule is about 5 cm and the other is almost 3. She advised me that she thought it would be a good idea to get them biopsied again. The concern they have with me is that Im young and these nodules keep growing. Nodules are common in middle aged wo I kindly told her that I preferred to just get them removed. I was tired of dealing with the pain from the biopsies and I was tired of having to always worry whether or not any cancerous cells had developed. It took be about 4 months to finally schedule my surgery. Why? Well to be honest, I just kept putting myself last as a priority. Sure I wake up early and get some excersise in. But that has nothing to do with my endocrine system. I am super busy with my sons weekly therapy sessions. We are currently in speech, occupational, early intervention, behavioral, and physical therapy. I was also waiting until my daughter got settled into kindergarten. We all know how quickly time passes us by.

As the surgery date neared, I decided to finally take the time to join an online support system with people who have similar issues to mine and have had the same surgery. I kindly introduced myself and asked for some insight. Do you know that most of the people who responded kindly advised me to try alternative methods before I get my thyroid removed. They directed me to some articles and websites to research. Then it happened. A huge epiphany in my book. I needed to stop being so selfish by trying to just get rid of the thyroid without even knowing if its cancer or not. Once my thyroid is gone, its gone. Part of me will likely be gone with it. I barely slept that night. What if ? What if this? What if that? You know how that goes.

The next day I woke up with my heart pounding. I could hear it in my ears.  I advised my husband about how I felt I should try this alternative method.I didn’t know if this was just pre surgery jitters or if I would wake up after surgery wondering what if the alternative method worked.  My support group sent articles about Iodine and how they can shrink and make nodules disappear. My husband felt that I needed to exhaust all of my options before I go under the knife. Im so glad I have his support. That same day, I cancelled my surgery. I felt nervous.  I didn’t want to upset my endocronologist and make my surgeon wonder why I was canceling. But you know what I did ? I put my big girl pannies on , I cancelled, I scheduled a biopsy, and I made an appointment with my naturopathic doctor. I don’t regret my decision one bit. I know I did the right thing. I am taking care of myself and doing whats best for my family and I. Im in no rush to get these nodules out . If they find cancerous cells, then I will have the surgery. But Id rather try this method before I possibly have to deal with hair loss, metabolic changes, possible weight gain, calcium issues, hormonal imbalance, etc. It all just doesn’t sound fun what so ever.

So Im officially on a new journey. I will continue to be nice to myself, love myself more , and take care of myself to the fullest. Our new plan is to ensure there is no cancer in me. Once I know those results , I will immediately get started on a liver and gall bladder holistic cleanse.  I will also attack these nodules by taking Iodine as the dr suggests. Im officially on a new journey and I look forward to sharing it with you guys. Life is about taking chances. Its about failing forward and moving one foot in front of the other.

I dont know why all of this is happening to me at this time. But what I do know is that God doesn’t throw obstacles our way because we can’t handle them. I can do all things to Christ. Amen. I must take care of myself just as you should do.

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