I am a busy wife and mom of two, who is managing to balance life and happiness, despite all of the tough times I have experienced in the past and present. A few years ago, I thought that I had everything that I ever wanted or needed. I was married, had a beautiful little girl and my husband and I both worked. I was ecstatic when I discovered that I was expecting our second child, but then I found out that my mom had breast cancer and my husband injured himself at work. I spent most of my second pregnancy taking care of my husband and my mom. My husband needed surgery and my mom had surgery and underwent chemotherapy for her cancer.

IMG_5061When my son was born, we found out that he had a heart defect and laryngomalacia. We had no idea that there was a problem during the pregnancy and it was a scary time for us. We ended up at Children’s Hospital in L.A., because of my son’s health issues and the fact that he stopped breathing a few times and had difficulty eating. These months were very difficult for me to balance, but I discovered that I was a really strong person who could accomplish anything.


While all of those challenges were happening in my life, I found that I needed to spend some time on myself. I was sick of feeling so tired all the time and was never confortable in my own skin! I decided to finally make a change despite how busy I was. I discovered Beachbody and loved trying new at home workouts. Between the workouts, shakeology and clean eating, I found that I had more energy than ever before.That was a life changing moment for me, because I realized that I could focus on myself and my family at the same time.Don’t get me wrong, I still spend most of my time focused on my family and their ever growing needs, but I also continue to focus on myself mentally, physically and spiritually. My new lifestyle has proven to me that I can control everything in my life, including my OCD, anxiety and patience levels.The entrepreneur in me has spent the last 10 years as a hair stylist, which is a fabulous way to make people feel wonderful and beautiful. However, I have decided to take the next step and become a wellness coach in order to help others become healthier, fit and have a positive outlook on their life. I want to show everyone that they can find the time to make themselves a priority, even if they are stressed or overwhelmed.Everyone needs to know that the little time that they spend on themselves every day, will give them more energy, more focus and surprisingly, more time for everything else that they need to do.I have discovered my mission in life and that is to help other working moms who are struggling and trying to balance work and life. I am very grateful that I am now going to be able to share my experiences with others and help them become the true person that they have always been.I host private accountability groups and also work one on one with people in order to help them achieve their goals. I provide support, meal plans, motivation and anything else they might need from me so that they can succeed! I am always looking for individuals who want to empower and transform themselves into the successful person that they already are!