My Life As An Extra Needs Parent And A Female Entrepreneur

Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go , just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.

Its seems like I’ve been stuck in my own head a lot lately. We all get like this from time to time right ?  Between the  constant worries and daily battles, I sometimes feel defeated. Its easy to want to curl up in a ball and lock myself in my  room. The constant juggling can catch up to me from time to time and my fears tend to kick in.

Is my son going to be ok ? Am I being a good mom ? Willy I be able to put him in a mainstream class? What if nobody understands him in preschool ? How is he going to defend himself ? Am I paying more attention to one more than the other? Am I showing my husband enough attention ? Am I showing my daughter enough attention ? Will I be as successful as I aim to be ? Is it ok to want to grow my business and still be a good mom ? Am I putting in my part in this marriage ?  I get to thinking and my reasoning keeps coming back to me. Why do I strive for more?  I strive for more so that I can be here for my kids. My kids are my why. My kids are the reason I want to take care of myself. My kids are the reason I want to build my businesses.

Elijah’s journey has been a whole journey  within itself. I’m still shocked that my son qualifies for services after the age of 3. Why does this bother me so much ? Well for starters, being the parent in these shoes is something difficult to be in.  Its even more difficult when you really don’t know what the diagnosis is or if there is even a diagnosis . The beauty of qualifying for services is that I know we are getting him all of the intervention that will benefit him later on . I feel like he is doing great. I can see that the intense therapy he receives is making a difference in his life . I’m exhausted and I sometimes want to lose it. Between having to muster up more patience than I thought I could ever have to constantly to explaining  myself over and over, I love my son. It doesn’t matter whether or not he is diagnosed with anything . I just want answers. I just want to make sure I’m doing all that I can . Truth is, Im not in control . I run my day, yes. But God runs my life. Upon some research, I found that my son can possibly have a genetic mutation and that can be the cause of his laryngomalacia. I am going to ask for genetic testing to be done once this new schedule of ours settles in.

I truly believe my son has delays because of all the lack of oxygen he went through his first month of life . I will never know.  When people see him , they see a beautiful little boy full of love and life. That’s exactly who he is. He is such a precious and loving soul who adores his mama. Its easy for anyone to mention their opinion or advice too. After all, that’s just society. Everyone has an opinion. But no one knows my life more than myself. I know my kid better than anybody else.   Having a child with laryngomalacia and delays in other areas can be emotionally exhausting. But as a mom, we do what we have to do . We commit to making our child’s needs a priority because we love them and want what’s best for them. Its ok to be scared. Its ok to worry. Its ok to not know what’s next. I have to accept that its ok to be a mom who has a child with extra needs. Extra needs is extra needs and it doesn’t matter the severity of the needs. Extra needs is extra needs . The constant talks with therapists and specialists, the frequent doctors visits, and the never ending reports. It never ends. You almost wonder if it ever will. Its easy to get stuck in your own head and worry. But when I look into my son’s eyes, I see my little champ. My son is so bright, so loving, and so determined to get his point across. He sure is showing us that he understands what we are saying and he truly tries to communicate back. When I look into my daughters eyes, I see a little girl who loves her mommy and daddy. I see a sister who loves her brother unconditionally.  His vocabulary is growing and he is starting to get physically stronger. I just signed him up for gymnastics and I think this is going to be better than weekly physical therapy sessions. The core and balance work is going to be great for him . Deep down, I feel so blessed and honored to be his mommy. God gave me this path to teach me many lessons. I can sit here and question all of the suggestions and things that therapists mention to me. But I choose to keep my head up and take action .

My kids are the reason I have big goals. Last year we spent over $2000 in copays. I want to be present for my children and give them more than I ever had. My kids are the reason I want to build a six figure business. I want to be successful so that we can move anywhere and I still have a job. I want to be able to afford college for my kids. I want to take that financial burden off my husband and we will be able to pack our bags and leave for the weekend whenever we want. I’m creating that freedom in my life by working this business. The only way to continue to do this is to work smarter. I’ve been focusing on time management. Penciling everything in my calendar is what really helps me. Separating business and family time is crucial. Its ok to be a mom boss. It most definitely is. I want to wake up each day and run my day. I don’t like when my day runs me. Through this journey of self love and self care, I am learning that it really doesn’t matter what happens to me . I am the author of my story and I choose to be the best mom I can be for my kids. I don’t have this all figured out and I don’t want  to. Deep down I know what matters is that I take care of myself whole heartedly from the inside and out. This means I need to continue doing the things that makes me feel good. Taking care of myself makes me feel good . Being present for my kids makes me happy.  God sent me this opportunity or me to show other mom’s that its ok to be stressed and overwhelmed. I will use my struggles to fuel me through my journey. We all have our problems. We all tend to over work ourselves and be hard on ourselves. Its important to put the pause button on every now and then and pay attention to our own needs. It does’nt matter what happens to you. What matters is what you do when something happens to you. Are you going to stay down when you fall or are you going to get up, dust yourself off and keep going  ? I choose to keep moving forward.







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Eat Clean & Clean Up Your Nutrition

Do you struggle with what foods are healthy to eat?

Do you struggle with how often to eat and portion sizes?

Do you want to learn more about how to fuel your body for energy and healthy weight loss?

Do you want tips to make healthy eating a lifestyle change vs a crash diet?

Join me for a one week group where I am going to teach you how I got started with clean eating.I am going to share a sample grocery list, snack ideas, simple easy 30 minute meals, and more! Its not about low fat and fat free. I tried that, it didn’t work! The quality of your food is the key to success. My goal is to help you learn and get started now!! This 5-day group is designed to empower and equip you to make healthy choices in your everyday life, to replace some bad habits with some better ones, all to assist you into becoming a healthier, happier, sexier version of YOU! Don’t misunderstand. THIS IS NOT A DIET. I have not designed this short 5-day group to be a crash diet, because crash diets are quick fixes and do not help you live longer or better in the long run. This is designed to motivate and inspire you to make small SUSTAINABLE changes everyday toward a better lifestyle.

What you can expect from me:
We will cover basic clean eating essentials, why they are important, share quick tips, food prep & recipes, and help motivate you toward your healthier lifestyle.
What I expect from you:
Be present in the group by posting questions, comments, or sharing a personal story or experience. Choose a few ideas from this group and implement them into your daily routine. Commit to get moving daily. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. Just exercise. Take a walk, ride a bike, lift weights, run a mile….just DO SOMETHING 🙂 And drink water. Lots and lots of water. THATS IT!

So are you ready to join? To Join:
You must have LIKED my fit page and be sure to comment Im Interested or Click GOING on the event link below.

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3 Tips To Make Meal Planning Easier

Chances are you probably start off each week with every intention to make it healthier right ?

When it comes to be being healthy and fit, its not just about working out and what you do at the gym. Its what you do in your kitchen that really matters. Are you putting in the work ? How many times have you come home from a long day, looked in the fridge, found out you have nothing, and said to yourself ” I’ll just order pizza. ” By planning and prepping, you can prevent this from happening.

Chances are you end up scrambling around and wondering what you will eat for dinner. Because of our busy lives, serving our family healthy meals may seem impossible at times. When your alarm goes off each morning, its time to get going. There are children to care for, tasks to be dealt with, and work to get done. When the evening rolls around, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time in the kitchen making a nutritious meal. Its easier said than done, especially for a busy mom. But if you want to become healthier, make long lasting changes and habits, then you must be willing to put in the work. 

Planning our meals for the week and making simple preparations ahead of time allows my family and I to eat healthy all week and enjoy home-cooked meals even on the busiest of nights. I am going to share with you 3 tips on how I plan my menu out despite how busy life can get.  It will definitely be worth the time and effort.

1.Planning. A lot of fitness fanatics these days are into planning and cooking their meals for the whole week ahead of time. But you can still eat healthy without having to cook all at once. I plan a week of meals ahead of time . I prefer to start brainstorming either late saturday night of early sunday morning. I will sit down with my weekly planner and think about what events and activities the family has going on for the week. I also always ask my husband what sort of recipes does he feel like eating during the week. Yes I give him an option because I try my best to include him as much as possible when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. After looking at my calendar, Im able to see what days I will have time to actually cook and other days where I will need to have something made in short time.

There are others who prefer to make a few meals ahead of time, freeze or refrigerate, and let the menu take care of itself. There really is no right or wrong way in meal planning as long as you don’t find yourself reaching for anything in site because you went to long without eating and you get famished, or you simply didn’t check to see whether or not you have the food you need on hand.

I start with thinking about what dinners we want to have for the week. As you consistently put in the meal planning effort and discipline yourself to make it a non negotiable , you will find that it gets to be easier and something you look forward to. You will find which foods you do and don’t like too. There are two days out of the week I do not like to cook and on those days, my husband will cook or I bring out the crockpot .When I am planning out my dinners for the week, I like to consider what I have on hand first. Whatever I have on hand , I try to make those meals first keeping in mind that I do not want any food to spoil. Are you a leftover type person? If so, maybe making extra during dinner time will ensure that you have your lunch ready the next day . Maybe you want to make one additional meal during dinner time specifically for your lunch? Play around with your options and your schedule. Do what works best for you. After I have considered our dinners for the week, I start filling in what I want my morning snack and afternoon snack to be.

The key is to keep it simple. Keeping it simple makes it easier to manage and its also easier on the budget too. I like to consider about four to five healthier snack options for the week. When considering different options, you want to be sure to eat something that is a good source of protein and pair it with a complex carb. You don’t want to just have sugar alone or a carb alone. Pair a protein and a complex carb together at once. This allows your body to digest the food better and maintain good energy levels throughout the day.  I prefer to not have the same snack two days in a row and instead opt to repeat every other day. This keeps it more exciting for me and it helps us use what we have in our pantry.

Never skip breakfast. It’s extremely important to eat something for breakfast every morning. I aim to eat a lot of color in the morning.  Eating a well balanced breakfast also helps you not get so hungry and have an energy crash during the day. Consider your breakfast options for the week and write them down . I like to pre make  egg and veggie muffins like these if I know I will be out the door very early. Overnight oats are a delicious option I eat a few times a week. I add some fresh fruit with it too. I also love having my favorite super food smoothie in the morning as well. It really helps me have all my vitamins and nutrients in my system and it helps curb any craving I have throughout the day. If you feel like you can never get your recommended amount of vegetables or fruits in your diet, lack energy throughout the day, then  shakeology is a great addition to your day. 

2. Shopping And Prepping. After brainstorming and thinking about  what you want to eat throughout the week, take your list to the store and shop strategically.  I used to be notorious for always forgetting my list at home and shopping by just grabbing whatever I thought I needed. That always resulted in spending way more than necessary. Are you guilty? When you come back from the store, its time to begin washing, prepping, and cutting some ingredients. Its also important to properly store ingredients to keep them as fresh as possible. I prefer anything  glass as I can see what I have stored and I can  microwave if needed. If you plan on making your meals the same day , consider washing the ingredients you might need to save you time. I like to keep in mind whether or not I will need to purchase pre cooked chicken or make my chicken ahead of time. I love to cook a lot of veggies at once. The oven has become my best friend because I can lay out all my veggies and roast them. I love adding sweet potatoes to my meals because they taste delicious paired with a good source of protein, and I can make the whole bag all at once. If you plan on having rice during the week, it will save you time if you make it ahead of time. Chopping your vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, and anything raw really helps you save time and pre portion some really good snacks or ingredients for a salad. Get into the habit of making things all at once and hop on the mason jar salad bandwagon. You can find loads of ideas on Pinterest such as this one. I find it super important to stock up on berries, fruits, and raw unsalted nuts. These all make excellent portable snacks and my children love them. Just put in the work and that alone feels great. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to take a long time. Any effort equals progress .

3. Don’t Self Sabotage Yourself. Never eat foods you despise. Note that the more and more you implement effort and consistency, the greater the reward. Always remember that any progress is good. If you have time to try a new recipe, make a habit to try a new recipe once a week. Don’t stress yourself out. You can only do the best you can. The more you eat healthier, the more you will get to know and understand your body. Your palette will change and you will naturally want to eat cleaner because you will feel amazing. But plan ahead as often as you can and avoid those trigger foods. Don’t set yourself up for failure by buying your favorite guilty pleasure. Clear the temptations and stock healthy nutritious food.   Try molding this lifestyle into your family and understand that it will take time for the husband and children to hop on board. It took my husband months.  If you have to cook certain veggies or meals for yourself only, thats ok too. Do what works best for you and understand that this is a journey and it takes time. If you want healthy and long lasting change, you have to be willing to put in some work. You can also read some more tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle, check out


For more meal planning tips or questions, you can contact me at and I would be happy to connect with you.

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Our Laryngomalacia Journey

To the parent who just found out their child was diagnosed with Laryngomalacia ( LM). Don’t worry if you can barely pronounce it because it took me a few tries. In no time, you will be an expert at explaining it and pronouncing it. Always know that you don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why your child sounds noisy either. In  time, you will know so much about LM and you will literally be considered a LM Supermom.

Let this be the start to your journey. Never get upset or angry about it . Just embrace the journey and the changes as I have come to do.Lean into your faith and grow closer to your spouse.  Seek support, find new LM mom’s to connect with, and embrace the fact that you will be your child’s number one advocate. Most importantly, take care of your own health. Your child needs you.  A mother’s instincts are always the best. The best advice I can give is to stay as organized as possible. Become a sponge and have a special place you can keep all numbers, notes, and co pays. If you have a bad memory like me, notebooks and calendars are essential.  Listen to your child and don’t let the opinions of others get to you. You know your child more than any monitor or specialist too. Vocalize your concerns and fight for what you think is best.

It’s been quite the journey having my son Elijah. This whole experience  has given me a whole new outlook on life. Some days are harder than others but somewhere out there someone else is experiencing worse. It’s changed me for the better.  My son was born with an airway defect called laryngomalacia . Laryngomalacia is a congenital softening of the tissues of the larynx (voice box) above the vocal cords. This is the most common cause of noisy breathing in infancy. The laryngeal structure is malformed and floppy, causing the tissues to fall over the airway opening and partially block it. I remember it sounding way worse than it really was. Now at the age of 3, I can still hear it after he exerts himself or he is under the weather.

For most infants, laryngomalacia is not a serious condition — they have noisy breathing, but are able to eat and grow. For these infants, laryngomalacia will resolve without surgery by the time they are 18 to 20 months old. However, a small percentage of babies with laryngomalacia do struggle with breathing, eating and gaining weight. These symptoms require prompt attention.

Our first year felt like a blur to me. I remember how it felt to barely sleep after having our first child and I felt prepared  to take on having a newborn at home with a 3 year old . The constant dr visits and specialist visits felt never ending. Looking back, I realize having a baby with LM truly teaches you the meaning of lack of sleep all while cherishing every breath we take. I have learned to live in the moment and take everything one day at a time.  I remember never sleeping  because my husband and I were always so worried about choking and blue spells. He was in the NICU for 5 weeks after birth and he suffered many episodes where he lost oxygen and his heart rate would drop. I truly believe whole heartedly that this is the reason he has been delayed in some areas. He had a rough start. Every day I thank God for these two amazing and beautiful children he blessed us with.

I was fortunate enough to find the Tri County Regional Services when my son was just 1 years old. The NICU Occupational Therapist referred me to them because she felt as though my child was at a higher risk for developmental delays upon doing a follow up assessment. At the time, I remember getting super defensive and thinking how could she possibly think that if my son was only 1 years old . All kids develop on their own pace. That was the start to our therapy intervention journey. Since then, my son has received early intervention services, speech therapy, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, and occupational therapy. It sounds like a lot more than it really is. We have become so used to it and his therapist have truly been a blessing in our lives. You truly start to feel like you lose the friends you thought were your true friends, you lose your free time, and you just want to spend any free time you have alone with no one but yourself. There is no free time. There is just ” gaps ” of time . Upon my own research and the laryngomalacia community, I have found that there is an extremely high percentage of children who need speech and early intervention services. Its hard to estimate whether or not the child will need it. But its also noted that most children outgrow LM by the age of 3. Id like to say that my son has almost outgrown it except he’s super susceptible to illness and stridor.

Id like to tell you when the journey is over but I truly don’t know when. We are ending this transitional phase from Tri County to the school district services. I knew this month would be hard but not as hard as it’s been. Im a walking emotional wreck. But I feel so blessed at the same time. Here in California, the Regional Center offers these amazing services to children under the age of three. We as parents get the opportunity to have our children assessed by a phsychologist to find out whether or not any type of intellectual disability or autism is present. My son did so well during his last 6 months of services. All of his therapists reports were great. We have all seen tremendous improvement. But I was completely blindsided by the psychologists’ results. In her report , she stated that it’s essential my child continue to qualify for services through the regional center to maximize intervention services. She is not diagnosing my child with anything as he is only the age of 3 years old. But in order to provide my son with the services he needs, she suggest a diagnosis of Mild Intellectual Disability. Let me make it clear that I enjoy sharing this journey with you. Not so anyone can judge me or give me their opinion, but simply as an outlet for me. I find documenting our journey and taking care of my health essential. Its important I hold myself together and my workouts keep me sane.  I have met many  amazing mothers on this journey and don’t believe in judging other mom’s. Every child is different. Every mom is different. Every marriage is different. I share my truth and believe its the right thing I can do to keep myself healthy. There is no book on how to do this the right way. All that matters is the love we give our children. I enjoy the fact that I feel living life one day at a time is best. I cherish every moment and sometimes forget too. I don’t like to compare my first with my second child nor do I like when my anxiety kicks in because I second guess myself. Its the worst. But in my heart I know that Im the best mom I can be for these amazing children. Im doing the best I can.

The day these results were given to me caught me completely off guard. I feel as though Im trapped in a ” damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation” . I have so many questions written down for my Regional Coordinator. I have to be completely honest and just say that I don’t want to be selfish and say that my son doesn’t need additional services. I will continue to give him the services he needs through an outside facility. But then that voice in my head tells me that my insurance will quickly run out and I will benefit from both private and services from the school district and agency. I have to do whats best for my child . Having that diagnosis on paper for coverage reasons just doesn’t settle right with my heart.

My baby is such a light. He is so bright, outgoing, loving, friendly, and such a sweetheart. He loves his sister, he loves people, and he is truly a blessing. Opting out of the opportunity to continue services that have provided him amazing resources would be a selfish thing of me to do. My fears, worries, and defensiveness feel like they have been compiled into one. I have to continue to remind myself over and over that we are doing whats best for him. He will benefit from this. This might not be forever. He will outgrow this .He is bright and perfect the way he is.

What does this hold for his future? I don’t know. Will this title be carried with him when he starts elementary school? I don’t know yet. Is my child on the spectrum? I don’t think he is. Will he catch up and increase his vocabulary? Im so positive that he will. Will my child have the opportunity to be mainstreamed in regular classes ? I sure hope so. This new journey has given me a whole new outlook. I have to choose to do whats best for my child. I have to take care of myself too. I need to keep strong and focused now more than ever . I am him advocate. I will do everything in my power to make sure my baby gets what he needs. I will ensure that he is remaining challenges and he hits his goals too. I will continue to walk into this path of new uncertainty and I trust that God knows whats best for our family. I will educate myself on as much as I need to know and trust our decisions along the way.

So a new journey begins.

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Week 1 Body Beast

It’s a new week and not just another monday, its another chance to start over and it’s another chance to get it right with the start of this new year! Why do most people start making all of these new year resolutions and quickly give up when their motivation dwindles? Why is it that every single Monday so many of us say that this week is going to be different and that this week will be better. Then we start off Monday strong and by the evening something tempts us, we have a bad day or we didn’t plan for dinner so we got out to eat and make bad choices. We swear that tomorrow will be better and by the end of the week we just throw in the towel and decide that we will start back up again next week! It happens to us all. I’ve been there done that so many times.

Set a goal that makes you want to kick a$$ !There are two key parts to success. Happiness and fulfillment! We must set goals for ourselves in order to truly feel fulfilled. When you slack, you need to step it up. When you need time to let go and let loose a little, you need that too! But don't get too comfortable! Make sure you set those goals and take action! Now is the perfect time!!! Day 2 LEG Day Body Beast and Im feeling fabulous! It's easy for me to get comfortable but you know what? It's not about that! Its about getting through my days as a mom! It's about gaining control of me and my life. This is for my health and for my little ones watching me! It's a new year, and a new Monday! I have some BIG goals! Don't look back! Don't compare . Don't overthink! Just do! I will only allow myself to look back to see how far I've come. I've come very far and I'm not stopping here. ❤️👊🏼

Posted by The FIT Hairdresser on Monday, January 9, 2017

The good part is that we have accountability, we have support, we have someone to hold us to the progress pictures that are coming at the end of the month. There is no more falling off the wagon unless you totally let yourself go! This year I am hitting my goals hard. I have re committed to a new fitness program and I decided to start fresh in all areas of my life . Starting fresh to me means a new excitement and a new sense of really giving it my all. I started Body Beast yesterday! Im so excited because this program is perfect for anyone trying to really tone their bodies and gain muscle . Its a 90 day program where you will carve out your body and really test its limits. It comes with a meal plan and I am going to follow it and eat up . This program allows me to eat way more calories than what I normally eat on a daily basis so I anticipate some struggles in this area. Its extremely important that I stay eating every 3 hours and I eat plenty of proteins and complex carbs. For my first week, I sat down and wrote down my meal plan for the week. I believe that key to my success is the planning my meals. This week we will be having

Ground Turkey Taco Salads

Protein Style Cheeseburgers

Grilled Chicken Salads

Egg and Veggie breakfast muffins

Shrimp With Aspharagus and Zuchini

Pot Roast in our crockpot

Red Peppers and Hummus

I am going to do my best to stay on track considering we are going to be super busy with my son and all of his medical appointments this week! Now that I have my week planned out and all of the foods  I need on hand, Im setting myself up for success. Im excited !

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6 Ways To Get Back On Track After The Holidays

Don’t you just love the holidays? Me too!

The holidays are about spending time with your loved ones and having a good time. I sure had an amazing time catching up with the ones I love and I have no regrets about all of the indulging I did. Unfortunately , all the indulging can really take a toll on our bodies if we’re not mindful and sure to get ourselves back on track!

This holiday is different though. I’ve learned that making a few things a non- negotiable is key to looking and feeling better. I have never felt this content and in such a good place physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I believe it all stems from these key things Ive learned to implement all year round. Here are some tips on how to get yourself back on track, or simply motivate yourself to get started.


Don’t Panic. The scale will go back down . What’s most important is where you choose to go from here. Don’t feel bad about yourself and don’t beat yourself up because your pants fit you tighter . It’s time to refocus mentally and surround yourself with thoughts that will keep you pushing forward. It’s a new day and that means a new fresh start. If the scale has gone up, take into consideration that a lot of what you see and feel is extra water and bloating.

Hydrate. Its extremely important to hydrate more than usual. Drink up and flush those toxins out. Its even better to drink water before you decide to drink any caffeinated drinks because caffeine is a diuretic. The second I wake up in the morning, I drink water or hot water with apple cider vinegar to simply turn on my metabolism. Water is so good for our skin, our hair, our body function, and our digestion. Apple Cider Vinegar has plenty of amazing benefits including alkalizing our body, which in turn makes everything flow and work better.

Take Before Pictures. Some people are not comfortable with this and that’s ok. But there is something about taking that picture and getting your mind to refocus. I’ve been taking before and after photos all year and it sure does something  Its so hard to capture your progress when you are consistently putting in the effort on a daily basis. Pictures will show you way more than a scale can and its really nice to track your progress. Don’t even bother getting obsessed with weighing yourself each day because that will make you go crazy. Rather learn to accept what you weigh and look like, learn to love yourself and embrace the new positive changes you plan on making . As you begin your transformation, you can repeat that progress photo each month and weigh yourself once a week or once a month. Learn to seek all of the non scale victories because after all, you’re human.

Make A Plan. I truly feel this is the most important of all. Structure is key. Set a plan and take action. If you use structure, your body will take care of itself. Its as simple as that. Get back to it. Don’t over think it too much. Simply sit down, plan your week or month out. Seeing your plan will help you visualize where you’re headed and help you get there. Make it something you need to do on a weekly basis. Plan your workouts and your nutrition. I can’t even begin to explain how important this part is. I am so notorious for just going to the gym in the past and getting stuck doing the same thing over and over. Not just that, but not sticking with it! I used to start, quit, and over think things. I am currently following the 21 day fix workouts, portion control, and adding in  a mixed martial arts program called Core De Force. I slacked this weekend due to too much indulging and I will get right back to it tomorrow. My workouts come with a calender that I have posted on my refrigerator so I know each day what I need to do. I am super short on free time so at home workouts are super convenient for my schedule . The best part of planning my weeks is knowing and feeling all the progress I have made from each week as it goes by. That alone is motivating!

Moderation Not Deprivation. If you’re serious about making some healthier choices in your life-, its important that you don’t deprive yourself. Deprivation will only leave you with constant cravings and self- sabotaging episodes. I used to beat myself up mentally after I indulged when I simply was trying to deprive myself. This will only lead you to bounce back easier into your older unhealthy habits. You can’t cut out foods. Look at this change as adding and incorporating more healthier options. Find what you like and stick to it. Its important to learn moderation and balance. I am taking some time tomorrow to sit down and write out our weekly plan as both my husband and I are excited about heading into a new week planned and prepared. Learn to embrace this process because its nice to find a good balance that works best for you. Since I’ve applied moderation into my life, I have incorporated the three M’s into my life ; Move, Mindful Eating, and Minimizing. When you move more,  you get those feel good chemicals and they help regulate your moods.  When you’re happier, you’ll make healthier choices.  While eating, eat mindfully and minimize processed foods or eating out.

Motivate Yourself. There are so many ways you can motivate yourself by simply creating a vision board by  reading or finding new inspirational quotes, looking up motivation and inspiration on the internet or magazines, and refocusing on your goals. Don’t look up fitness motivation just to compare yourself. Use it as a tool to inspire and push yourself to keep moving forward. Find a way to make your vision a reality. Go out and buy yourself new workout clothes and make it fun. Join an accountability group.  Accountability groups are a fun way to get motivated and be around like- minded people. Its nice to have a private place to take it one day  at a time, surround yourself with positivity, recognize your progress, and hold yourself accountable. My next group starts January 9th and we will dial in to our nutrition and focus on setting our intentions right for the new year. To see if our groups are a good fit for you, simple comment interested here or email me at and I will be in contact with you.


 Now that you have all the tools you need, its time to go out and get it . Make your plan and choose to stick to it. Go to your nearest health food or local grocery store and buy your good proteins, your complex carbohydrates, and all that yummy delicious food so that you can stick to your plan and enjoy it. Pre cut your fruits and veggies and pre make some of your proteins you will be having for the next few days. Preparing what you have on hand makes eating healthier faster and less likely to reach for anything in sight.   I recommend buying those yummy spices so that you don’t feel like your food is bland and boring. Find new healthier options and stick to them . Get your plan together and figure out where and how you can make it all come together. Clean out your pantry and get rid of all of those trigger foods. Find your pockets of time that you will squeeze in your workouts and pencil them in. Mornings work best for me because I’m simply exhausted by the end of my days after I feed and bathe my children. If you’re anyone like me, then you are giving yourself to others all day long and never can find the time for yourself. Tell yourself that its ok to do good for others and recognize that you can’t give your best to others without feeling your best. You will feel so much better about everything as the time goes and you develop structure in your daily routine. It doesn’t happen overnight , but it all compounds together as you give it effort. Remember that progress brings happiness and it takes one meal, one workout, and one day at a time .







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6 Reasons A Lifestyle Change Is A Mind Game

More and more people are trying to become more and more educated about the right foods to eat. Most are also about to start trimming  off some extra pounds gained over the holidays, or get beach-ready for a moment in the sun. Eating better is hard, and many people get frustrated, fall short or give up. Don’t let that be you this time.Here are some key ways to make your eat better stick and become a lifestyle change rather than a diet. image

1. Set Goals. It starts by having clear and realistic goals for yourself. Write a list of things you want to change about your diet. Change your perspective and think of this as though your are adding healthier options rather than taking out unhealthy options. Also, incorporate goals that you may have regarding your body and plan your diet around those goals. I recommend setting present goals, short term, and long term goals. If you try and do everything all at once you can be overwhelmed and want to quit. You have to realize that all good things take time and its about taking it  one day at a time because this isn’t a race. You may also want to write reasons why you want to make a change  your eating habits. Im a firm believer in writing down my goals. This has been key to shifting my mindset and gaining confidence .  You might share your goals with others who will help you meet them. You can put your goals where others can see them at places like the fridge or the wall to motivate you to work harder. This will also get others behind you and involved in your new routine. As you achieve your goals, check them off. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and add excitement leading to your next goal. Treat yourself to something nice once you hit one of your goals.

2. Set Realistic Expectations. You need to be realistic when setting up the parameters of your new diet. Your plan needs to work for you and your situation.We all have different schedules and different struggles.  It needs to fit your schedule and your budget. If you don’t follow your budget, your cooking costs will get too high and you will have to withdraw from the routine you have  set forth. If you don’t cook for your schedule and your eating times you will find yourself without food and scrambling to find a healthy choice. This will cause you to reach for anything ,everything , and in result, you will feel tired. So be realistic with time, and give yourself extra time to prepare food, or have food pre-packed. Make time for it.  Also,  know that obstacles that  can and will come into your path from time to time to derail you and your progress. Consider that this  will not be  easy and will just happen not happen overnight. This takes work. It’s worth it.

3. Be Proactive.  Make a list of healthy foods you enjoy and what you want to eat for the week. Decide what foods you can and will take with you to work, in the car, school, etc. You can create entire menus revolving around where you will be at what time of the day. Never give yourself an excuse to not have something available for you to eat, no matter where you are when you are supposed to have a meal. Always keep healthy foods on hand. If you don’t you will probably eat whaIMG_2996tever is available at the time whether it be fast food, office treats, etc. This can throw off a diet plan and get you in the habit of making bad food choices and eat whatever is fast and convenient. Know where you will be at what time of the day, when you are open to cook, to eat, to shop for groceries, and plan accordingly. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

4. Consistency is key.  Most people respond well to consistency. Some want to stop when things get tough and more busy. The key to your results will reflect on your daily actions. The moment you don’t let things that come up get in the way, you will feel transformation. Think of a personal mantra and say it to yourself when you find moments of weakness near. Call or message someone in your accountability group.  Make a plan and stick to it. Try to eat at around the same times daily and keep to the same portion size and caloric intake and always aim for 5-7 meals a day. Your body will recognize this pattern and in turn keep your metabolism burning and your energy levels will stay high. You will feel better, and fall into a healthier routine. It is easy to sabotage yourself by grabbing nasty snacks to meet uncontrolled cravings. The time you spend on planning and consistency is a true investment that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

5. Be flexible. Of course, even the best plans fall short at times. Life can sometimes get the best of all of us. Sometimes your eating routines need to change, your plans change, or you end up missing your usual dinner. Where you can, try to plan ahead for these events and have items on hand you can take with you when you’re in a rush or are eating out. Example: Bag of almonds, protein bars and shakes, fresh fruit. Also, educate yourself on nutrition through the internet, books, and magazines. You can use this knowledge to help you improvise and find foods that are compatible with your diet, for example if you are out with friends or stuck with no time to cook. Find items that are less time consuming that you can take with you in a pinch. Or simply plan for a cheat treat and make up for it somewhere else during the week. image




6. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect and we all share different struggles. If you mess up, miss a few meals, or even have a bad couple of days, just pick yourself up and get back on track. You’re doing this for you, and the added stress of not living up to your own expectations can lead to a total diet derailment. Being healthy and eating healthy does not mean you can’t enjoy foods not on your meal plan. So don’t be so hard on yourself. You can do this and be sure to tell yourself this enough.


There are many reasons as to why our self control starts from within. But applying these daily practices will not only change your life, but they will also get you into the habit of changing your mindset. To live a healthy lifestyle is never easy. In order to enjoy this lifestyle with all the ups and downs, we must enjoy the process and the journey on the way to our destination. Once we hit our destination we immediately look to the next mountain top and we either want more, or worst case scenario we think that we have accomplished all we need to and we relax on all of the things that got us there in the first place. Take pride in small victories along the way because they all matter.Now go out and make a difference in your life today!! Did you enjoy this article? Would you like to receive more support from me on a daily basis?! Comment or email me at

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A Stronger Me And A Stronger You


It’s not what you get out of life that makes us happy, its who we become.


These last couple of weeks have been really hard for me. But I am so proud of myself for sticking to living a healthier lifestyle. There has been tears, rough days, easy days, good and bad. This is the first holiday season where I’m not feeling unhappy and hard on myself. I feel confortable in everything I wear or buy. I tend to be hard on myself in many other ways because I am juggling a lot. But let’s just face it, we all are. Life is so busy when you’re a parent, a homeowner, a spouse, a business owner, a mom with a child who has extra needs, and the holidays are here too . This is the first holiday I can say I have been sticking to learning how to balance my own happiness and being everything else that I have going on. I’m learning that I don’t have to validate all of my excuses and I don’t have to say yes all the time. Losing weight should not just be about the scale. I talk to so many people who tell me they want to lose 20, 30, 50 pounds, and even more. I say it all starts with learning to love yourself and feel good about yourself no matter what the scale says. It starts with setting the big goals and breaking them down into small goals. Your fitness journey should be a journey that starts with the day you decide you will go for it, face all struggles and fears in the face, and embrace who you become no matter what stands in your way. Every month has been a different one and I can say that I used to quit over and over. Now, when I have bad days, I work extra hard to keep getting back up. It really doesn’t matter that you have that special event next week, your kids are busy in sports, your broke, you have no time for you, and you are super stressed out . What really matters is that make the time and demand yourself the much needed attention.before-and-after

The day I decided to purchase my challenge pack, I didn’t really have any money. In fact, I asked my husband and being the supportive husband that he is, he said “ Go for it. It’s for your Health “ I remember thinking to myself “ There’s no way I think I could commit to this. No one can get in shape by just working out at home. I’m a gym person. “ Well from that day forward, I decided to just go for it. This was the healthiest and easiest way I can fit in a healthier lifestyle because everything I was doing before never remained consistent. I suffered from constant moodiness , low blood sugars, thyroid issues, eczema, allergies, depression , and anxiety. I had just had a biopsy of my thyroid too because I found out the nodules in my thyroid can turn into cancerous cells at any point. Anytime I felt stress or overwhelm, I gave myself permission to snack on anything. In fact, there has been times I would reward myself with food because I felt I “ deserved “ it. Looking back at how far I’ve come makes me so proud of myself. I never want to go back to that headspace I was in ever again. Sometimes I still suffer from stress and overwhelm and when I do, I incorporate the healthier ways I’ve learned along the way.

Choosing to go all in required me to find ways to make my work outs work in my home. In the beginning, my 2 and 4 year old thought I was being funny. Anytime I would start working out, they needed something. I started programing their minds by telling them that this was something mama had to do . In order for me to make this a lifestyle, I had to be consistent and show them consistency. I would give them something to eat, let them play with something they loved playing with, or simply turn on a movie. At first I felt the mom guilt because I was doing something for me, but by really embracing the fact that I deserved this is what helped me embrace my struggles. Every morning I made the effort to wake up before anyone in my house. Some days I didn’t wake up in time, but I still made it happen. Some days were harder then others and I literally couldn’t get my workout in. But I have learned that its ok and I shouldn’t get down about it. I learned to discipline myself to remain consistent and that’s when I started to see and feel results. My results were just the beginning . It’s really the journey we fall in love with. The pain, struggles, the process, and the personal growth is what I find matters most. Knowing that I can help other people do this for themselves too is what fuels my fire. We all come from different walks of life yet we all have similar struggles. I’ve been able to overcome so much, find more passions I have, and be present for my kids. I still have the never ending to do list and life is busy. But isn’t that how its supposed to be ? Things come up, memories are being made, unforeseen circumstances come up, the kids have a lot going on, work gets stressful, parties come up. There is so much going on for everyone. But for change to happen in your life, you must start your journey and stop validating your own excuses. Get out of your own head. You can do this. You can make this happen. You can become a better version of yourself and still be a good mom and wife. You can embrace your problems at home, problems at work, your financial struggles , and anything that comes your way if you are feeling good about yourself. I aim to be the strong mom I can be for my kids. I also aim to be that confident wife around her husband. My son has extra needs which requires us to have 5 therapy sessions a week and I need to be the best advocate I can be for my kids. I can’t be all that I want to be if Im not taking care of myself . Can you ?

When you decide to just go for it, you must also know that

  1. Your circumstances have nothing to do with your success.
  2. Focus on being strong and not skinny.
  3. Focus on health and not weight
  4. Focus on changing your lifestyle, not just go on a diet.


Its so easy to get into an all- or- nothing mindset too. This is how I would fall off the health wagon in the first place. Forgive yourself . Decide that this will be your year to get yourself back on track. This will be the year that you start becoming a better and healthier version of yourself. No one is perfect. No one has it all together or the perfect lifestyle. But if you can live your life a  healthy and happier than ever, I would go for it! You will gain the confidence to overcome anything that comes your way.

The last group challenge of the year starts on the 12th of December! CLICK HERE   to  get started. Lets get to work…. On ourselves. This is your official change to get a good start on 2017!


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The Transformation Begins With Deciding

I need to shout out all the amazing COUPLES and MOM’S in my health and fitness groups! SERIOUSLY! This is such a TOUGH time to work on your health and fitness! Its easy to quit and set it all aside. Its a tough time because we have constant temptations being thrown out at us. But knowing that you are WORKING HARD for those extra calories sure does enough to your mindset rather than let yourself go! Its far better to work hard rather than feel bloated, stressed out, and tired. sal

Look at my amazing husband. He is so passionate about taking care of himself again. He looks amazing! It shows! I know he feels great too and not to mention he has A LOT more energy!

Let me just say that when you are two working parents of little ones like us, it feels good when you are taking care of yourself and it also makes you closer in a lot of ways! It gives us that time to do something together when we are so busy and barely have time for convo’s sometimes LOL. We don’t always get to workout together with our schedules , but it feels good knowing we are doing something we said we were going to! The kids are able to see us do this together as a team and It also makes it fun.

To me its not even about the scale. Its about the NON SCALE VICTORIES! He put on a sweatshirt that sat in our closet for over a year and it fit him SO GOOD! It was his first time wearing it! Made me feel happy .

Leticia, in my “Mom’s On A mission Group ” messaged me this” I got into my JLO Jeans without breaking a sweat this weekend. Im still down 8 lbs from the beginning of the month, Im super happy, I did pig out, BUT I worked our hard for those calories. I have walked over 100 miles in the month of November! ”

Jazzmyn, in my ” Moms On A Mission ” Group is going to school, working full time AND commutes. Every morning I see her check in her workout and it puts a smile on my face. She loves her program and is feeling a big difference from barely starting a few weeks ago. I see her cooking healthier foods and they look delicious!

Monica is down 39 lbs from a few groups ago and is still feeling better than ever. Its amazing to see people’s progress and seeing the difference in how they feel . Im not just talking health wise, but the feeling of how good your life feels.

This is what its about for me. Its about PROGRESS and NOT perfection. Im here to root you on, check on you, help you set up the right meal plan for you, encourage you, and be your sounding board! Your fitness journey is a journey and its important to have the best support along the way. Its about getting through the daily hurdles and STAYING committed. OFCOURSE IT’S HARD. But thats what makes it all worthwhile. Its about who you become after. Not about how much weight you want to lose. The weight is one of the MANY perks though. Its about taking it one day, one week, and one month at a time!

For me, my biggest accomplishment this month has been hosting TWO groups at once despite all of my personal stuff going on , sticking to my program Core De Force, and feeling more toned than ever after two 50lb PLUS pregnancies! The fact that I see COUPLES working out together and doing a program together really touches my soul.

WHY? Well because I know first hand that LIFE IS BUSY. Things are ALWAYS going on. If its not ONE thing, its 12 THINGS. Hearing and seeing couples make that time to workout together and do this together is a good feeling. Seeing MOM’s doing this for them and no one else is amazing. Its life-changing actually. Im so proud and blessed to have you all on this journey with me! This is what true transformation is. The transformation is from within. Its about doing something for yourself finally and becoming a better person , a goal getter, and much more driven than you thought you were.

If you find yourself being that person who wants a change in YOUR life like I once did and you find yourself saying ” NEXT time or next month ” , I encourage you to JOIN us and take your journey one day at a time. Our next group ” Holiday Hustle ” starts Dec 12th. Comment “More Info” or simply shoot me a message. You can also email me at too.

Put yourself at the top of your To-Do List for once.
Get a head start before the holidays!

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8 Proven Ways To Change Your Lifestyle

We all want to live a life where we feel confident enough to take risks . I want to live my life knowing that Im not afraid to fail.I want to live my life knowing that no matter what my age happens to be, I will feel good. Its wonderful to be alive and have a functioning body. Nutrition is far more important for creating a healthy mind, body, and spirit. It plays a key roll in our confidence levels and the energy we put out in the world.

A little over a  year ago I found out I was heading toward pre diabetes . I couldn’t believe it. The hormonal issues I was experiencing all played a huge roll in the way I felt too. My thyroid was out of line and I was not eating well nor was I taking care of myself. The day my endocrinologist told me that I could possibly have thyroid cancer really shook me . Me? Cancer? No way. Not to mention, he told me I was a stress mess and needed to take care of myself. I had just finished telling him how my son was born with a congenital heart defect, an airway defect, my mom was recovering from cancer, and now my step mom had cancer. He explained the importance to me of slowing down and taking care of myself. I felt like I had all of my emotions hit me at once. But I sat up straight. He sounded like my mom who constantly tells me to try to be present.

Throughout this journey to really taking care of myself as a whole, Im learning a lot about how nutrition plays such a huge roll in our lives. In today’s society , we abuse food. We reach for food all the time whether it be because we feel overwhelmed, stressed out, sad, or we think we should reward ourselves for something we did good. When we celebrate, we eat. We eat a lot.   Most people don’t even pay attention to how important nutrition is until they are faced with something that is bigger than them . For me, it was facing the fact that I could potentially have cancer all while being in the middle of a life changing experience with my kids. Before I had my second baby,  I thought I had it all figured out. The perfect job that I loved, the perfect family, a new house, a beautiful marriage, and a good outlook on life.  I sure know that life can change in any moment, but none of anything matters if you aren’t healthy or taking care of yourself. From that moment forward, I have only looked back to see how far I’ve come. I decided that if I want to achieve my goals, I have to not just work hard, but I have to take care of myself.

I’d like to share with you these clean eating principles Ive learned to live by. Let me just insist you know that each day is different. Im nowhere near perfect. But Ive become this advocate not just for my kids, but for other people around the world. If you want to become healthy, you can. You just have to decide to and go for it.  When you finally make the decision to take care of yourself and set all excuses aside, you’re allowed to have off days. You’re allowed to have those bad meals every now and then . If you don’t, you will burn out .  You are not perfect. I am not perfect. Nobody is.  You might be a working parent life me and let me tell you, this journey is hard but its worth every single struggle. The knowledge you gain will change your life. But  you have a strong enough why. You have to know why you want better. Do you ?

Give yourself some time to reset your body. This goes back to realizing that change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistency , discipline, and persistence. You really do have to stop going out for drinks or going out to eat more than once a week.  Your body doesn’t need that. Did you know that you truly can ruin all of your hard work throughout the week by simply eating out?  Start thinking of your body as though it’s a vessel.  You have to start changing the way you shop. Stop comparing your chapter to everyone else’s. Understand that your struggle is real and you can’t do it all. Take each day as a new opportunity to be better. Its ok to slack on something to make yourself a priority for once. You will regret it in the future if you don’t.  When people pretend perfection, they’re not your real friends. When people judge you for wanting better, thats ok. Raise your standards. Accept that there will be mistakes in all areas of your life , but guess what. If you take care of yourself, you will handle everything else in a much more positive manner. But be kind and considerate. We are meant to love each other and inspire each other to be better.  We all face our struggles and unfortunately, you know who your true circle is when you really need them . Focus on growth and focus on educating yourself on all the do’s and don’ts. Its best to make healthy living a lifestyle rather than some kind of quick fix. Become aware because its truly possible no matter what age you are. Learn new habits, practice them, and be persistent with them. Give yourself some time. If you want to live a better life, have a better libido, have more energy, good skin, be healthier and happier, then keep reading. Accept the fact that you will never be perfect so make sure you have a good support system. Learn to love yourself first.

Look at cravings differently. Ive learned from Tosca Reno that we have to look at cravings as though our bodies are telling us it needs more nutrients rather than empty calories. Cravings are the way our bodies are calling for nourishment. It’s a nutritional need and once we nourish it, we feel better. When we reach for the sugar, we end up  crashing and craving more. This is when I almost always reach for my favorite nutrient dense food, shakeology. I quickly consume over 70 different all – natural superfoods and vitamins. It’s been a life changer for me.

Eat 5-6 meals daily. One of the most effective and best ways to shed pounds is to eat more. But you have to eat the right foods. If you skip meals, stop and start eating every three hours. Every meal is essential . Don’t go with the myth that eating less will help you lose weight. If you skip meals, you likely eat more in one sitting or you get really tired after you eat. Eating every three hours keeps our system content, ensures proper metabolic function, and we keep ourselves fueled rather than full. You will have to make your portions smaller. I love how much my fixate portion containers have taught me the importance of my macros. Its important to realize that those meals need to be 3 proper portion meals with two healthy smaller meals in between. Change your diet to cleaner nutrient – dense foods . You will feel fantastic.

Never skip breakfast. Before I learned this and actually took it seriously, I would skip breakfast and have an early lunch. I know a lot of people who struggle with breakfast or who are on the road all the time. This is another way I incorporate my shakeology for those mornings when I can’t cook. Breakfast is a way of setting your tone for the day. It sets the standards for all the meals you will be eating throughout the day. Once you eat a nutrient dense breakfast, you will want to eat really good throughout the day and you will have a lot of energy rather than crash come noon time. Avoid eating processed sugars and eat a nutrient rich breakfast such as a protein, complex carb mixed with a healthy fat. This makes our body digest the food better too.

Drink Your Water. This is where I struggle the most. I literally have to have a water bottle on me at all times or else I forget to drink my water. We have to atleast aim to drink half of  our body weight in ounces. I focus on trying to drink water at every meal . Eliminate sugary drinks from your diet. All of those drinks normally have processed sugars which in turn are all made out of chemicals.

Carry a cooler. Get into the habit of taking your food with you. As I said earlier, we all love to eat out from time to time . You can find tips on eating out here :  Plan your meals and if you want to eat out, go for it. We all deserve to enjoy good company and good food. But food should now be your main source for fuel rather than eating to just get full . When you eat clean , you get into the habit of making your own food. When you cook, make more and portion it out. I like to pre package my snacks ahead of time. I always regret not having a cooler if I forget it or Im in a rush. It always comes in handy especially with two little ones.  One thing I always share in my private health and fitness support groups is that I like to wash my veggies and fruits for the week ahead of time. When I get home from the market, I wash them , cut and prep. I prefer store them somewhere I can see. This way my brain automatically knows that its ready and easy to grab . When you’re a mom like me, you likely have a child constantly telling you that they want a snack.

Depend on your fresh fruits, veggies, and proteins. I feel like in today’s society we are taught that fruit has too much sugar. The truth is that most foods turn into sugar either way. When you pair fruit with a protein and a healthy fat , it slows down that process of just turning into glucose. It’s ok to have fruit. Its way better to have natural sugar’s rather than processed sugars that tear your body down.  This is one of the reasons why I love this lifestyle of eating clean and using my meal portion containers because Ive found a way that really works. I am allowed 2-3 fruit portions a day with my current fitness program, Core De Force. Focus on having fruit when you are more active and earlier throughout the day. It all comes down to knowing what proteins, veggies, and fruits you will be eating throughout the week. Don’t skip planning and trying to be prepared. It takes time. Allow yourself the time to learn and implement. Nobody is perfect.

Proper portion sizes. When you purchase food while dining out, they always offer way more food then we should eat. Not to mention, we don’t know what they cook with all the time.  Again, Im not anyone to judge, but this normally gets us so full and tired. We then crash and want more. Its always a downward spiral for me. Food is delicious and there is nothing wrong with eating out. But its good to educate yourself on proper portion control and get to know your body.  Again , I recommend the lovely portion containers Ive found to really love. Click here for tips while eating out.

It’s important to know that when you’re trying to learn healthier habits , that you realize that 80% of your nutrition will determine your results. You can exercise daily and eat a poor diet. But not much will change. Only 10% of your training will play into your results. The other 10% has to do with your genetic history . For me , that 10% of genetic history is cancer, congestive heart failure, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and thyroid disease. I refuse to let any of that stop me. Each and every one of us have the power to choose how to live our lives.  I think I will continue to stick to this awesome lifestyle and bring people on this crazy ride with me. It’s so sad to see how the diseases in the world today are really increasing.  Im not a doctor and I truly believe that some of the most healthiest people get sick. But if it happens, at least I had some control over how I am living my life and how healthy I feel. One thing I know for a fact is that tumors love sugar. So clean eating is the way to go.

If you are someone who wants to start learning how to live and practice a healthier lifestyle for both you and your family, I encourage you to set some time to speak to me. I’d love to show you how to start and help encourage you along the way. The most important principle to living a healthier lifestyle is having support. It’s so easy to fall off track or lose your motivation. But having a positive community and a strong support system is the glue to making it all stick.


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