10 Tips For Eating Out

What makes your fitness journey worthwhile?10

I truly believe its not about the destination. Its about the journey we endure. If we can make it through those constant curve balls and detours that life tends to throw at us, thats what makes the  journey all worthwhile. We become stronger and more aware of the many things we should be proud of . I don’t like looking at my healthy lifestyle as though its some kind of “diet”. I love inviting people to join me on this insanely amazing journey Im on. This journey has completely changed my lifestyle and I love it. The habits and knowledge I learn on a daily basis are what makes me stay motivated. I see my family healthier and I feel all around better about myself. I used to use the ” working mom” card for all of the reasons as to why I didn’t make the time to take care of myself.

Ive learned throughout the year that there is a way to be healthy and eat healthy while being busy. We know you’re busy, stressed, and permanently on the go. When short on time and tired of cooking your own food, dining out is an easy solution. But guess what? Our diet doesn’t have to suffer! Dining out no longer means you’re forced to make poor choices. In fact, almost every restaurant, fast food chain, and grocery store in America has “healthy-ISH” options to choose from. Is it the best? No its not. But as a busy mom, its important to make smart choices no matter what situation you’re in. This is why planning is key. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Always have healthy choices right at your fingertips.

Its important to learn the DO’s and Don’ts of dining out. Here are 10 tips for eating out. If you remember these tips, you’ll forever know how to put together a healthier meal, no matter the situation.

1. Do Your Research. Even when you don’t have time to cook, eating out doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. Use your smartphone or internet  to look up the menu or nutritional infer and decide what you want to eat before you leave your house.

2.Pay Attention To How Your Food Is Prepared. The menu’s normally have a description , indicating how the food is prepared. If you’re unsure, just ask. Don’t get anything that s deep-fried, creamy, crispy, scalloped, Alfredo , or in a cream sauce. Do look for items that are steamed, broiled, baked, or sautéed.

3.Drink Water Instead Of Soda or Juice. Soda is a huge source of sugar and calories, and can ruin your diet all by itself. There are ways to spice up your water intake if you get bored easily.

4.Control Your Portion Sizes. This is the most important in my opinion. We live in a society where we are known for our larger than life portion sizes. Its sad. So pay attention to how much you may be eating on a daily basis. I quickly learned all about portion sizes when I first purchased my 21 day fix portion containers. I was shocked at how much I was over eating. I highly suggest starting with the 21 day fix meal plan to learn healthier portion sizes. It really helped get me started and on track with my nutrition.

5.Easy On the Salt. When You’re Not cooking your own food, you can pretty much guarantee the food you’re eating is loaded with salt. Ask the restaurant to go light on the salt of omit it all together. We really don’t cook at home with salt these days , and instead opt for salt free seasonings. Although I do use Himalayan salt a lot in some recipes at home.

6.Skip The Booze. This is the one I find a lot of my customers telling me is the hardest for them. I simply don’t drink that much anymore. I used to be a  weekly weekend wine drinker and only drink on special occasions now. Sorry to bring the bad news , but beer, wine, and margaritas are filled with sugars and empty calories. Eat your calories, dont drink them. Plus , once you have a drink or two, you’ll end up wanting to eat more right? Never fails.

7.Send Back The Free Food. The yummy bread is so tempting right? This is why I simply don’t like going out to eat that much because I don’t like putting myself into those tempting situations! Its hard when you love carbs but even harder when you regret how full and bloated you feel. The breadbasket, rolls, tortilla chips, wonton noodles, or what ever else they put on the table right when you sit down isn’t FREE of fat, calories, and sodium, If you don’t order it, don’t eat it.

8.Have It Your Way. Most menu’s use healthy ingredients, but the preparation makes them unhealthy. The great part of eating at a restaurant is that 9 times out of 10, they will happily prepare your food however you would like it prepared, Really speak up, don’t be shy, embarrassed, or feel bad. You are the one paying for your food.

9.Undress Your Food. Always ask for the sauce or dressings on side. Instead of pouring it on, dip your fork in the sauce before you take a bite. Since using my portion size containers, I’ve learned an estimated about of dressings is within a normal healthy range and Ive learned to take that into consideration whenever I have to eat out.

10.Skip Desert. Skipping desert can save you 500-1,000 calories or even more. You’ll be glad you did.


One thing I always mention in my private accountability groups is that we are human. We are busy people. We live in a society where we’re always on the go. The key is to always try to push through despite what comes our way. When we are learning to implement healthier habits, its also important to let loose and enjoy from time to time. I always suggest that we work hard for that cheat meal. One thing that helps me is to plan my week and know when I will be having a cheat meal. This motivates me to eat as healthy as possible and earn that sweet treat or whatever you’ve been looking forward to eating.

If you’re looking for that extra encouragement and want to start implementing a healthier lifestyle for both you and your family, I encourage you to reach out to me. Email me at Jaclyn@TheFitHairdresser.com or simply sign up to be on my mailing list . I would love to be in contact with you !




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Do You Know Why Shakeology Is Different?

qtq80-MaTY4pSuperfoods, pre and probiotics are all the buzz these days. I have heard time and time again that they are good for you. , and I am always looking for ways to improve my digestion. As I think back to February of 2015 and my first month with Shakeology, I was experiencing some serious issues with my digestion and allergies. I mean it was depressing and embarrassing. I was an emotional eater. I was a hot mess to be honest. I was so exhausted all the time from not sleeping well. My son was born with unexpected health issues which caused him to be in the NICU for 5 weeks. After he was discharged, my husband and I were always so worried about his breathing and loss of oxygen because he has something called laryngomalacia. He is slowly outgrowing it all now, but lets just say we are a very busy family. Shakeology was introduced to me at a time in my life when I needed the structure the most. My moods were so up and down, I was tired all the time, and  I was never consistent with taking my vitamins and never ever fueled my body with quality superfoods. I did a lot of research before my first purchase and talked to my husband about it. We were both a little hesitant at first due to the price , but looking back at it now, its worth every single cent.

I was experiencing serious bloating, flare ups and exhaustion. My adrenal glands were backed up, and all I wanted was sugar and carbs.  I was also almost 200 pounds and ate like garbage. Once I decided to make a change in my diet, I immediately considered shakeology . A friend of mine had once told me that shakeology was the healthiest meal of the day, and I had to see why. There are so many wonderful benefits to Shakeology and through me trying shakeology and doing some research on the various ingredients, I learned a lot about health and nutrition. One of the many vital components of Shakeology is the probiotics!

My number 1 goal when I first started my weight loss journey was weight loss and to be able to make and maintain healthier habits for my family and I . I wasn’t looking for a quick fix so I needed to figure out why shakeology helps you lose weight. Being a consistent shakeology drinker has taught me that it  reduces cravings, and helps you to feel full. But why does it help you lose weight?! Pre and Pro biotics play a major part!

Our bodies are full of bacteria! Good and bad bacterias make up our intestinal track. That sounds Gross right!?! When we eat things like carbs, and sugars it feeds the bad bacteria in our body, causing our immune system to suffer. When we have an abundance of bad bacteria in our intestinal track, we crave more and more sugar and carbs in order to feed those bad bacterias. It is a vicious cycle. Not only does sugar make you gain weight and make your blood sugar rise, it also causes you immune system to grow weaker. Now how does pre and pro biotics play into that? The pre and pro biotics help to put the good back into our intestines It helps to balance out your good and bad bacterias. Good bacteria to help aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients. These friendly bacteria are critical to the proper development of your immune system and to protect against disease.This creates a  balance in our system and  is very important. The best part about drinking shakeology daily is the fact that it’s completely safe to give my kids. I breastfed my son when I started drinking it. There are no fillers, chemicals, dyes , or artificial sweeteners. Thats why I consider shakeology a game changer in my diet. Im the healthiest Ive ever felt even before I had my two kids. img_3248

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