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Change Starts With You

For the longest time I used to self sabotage myself in so many ways. It’s so easy to do so in the world we live in today. It scares me because Im raising little humans.

The things we fear the most are the very things we are put on this earth to do. For me, thats being a good example to my kids and becoming a great leader. There is nothing wrong with having drive and wanting more.Leading used to scare me. I have always known I have what it takes, but its the fear in the day to day disciplines. I have every desire to do so and I have realized that not one person is born a leader. You don’t have to get this fancy degree . Some leaders lack horrific people skills too! Leadership is a skill you have to acquire with good intentions and consistency. You must constantly educate yourself and apply those skills. I work very hard behind the scenes to educate myself and apply exercise those skills.

I used to be afraid of what people would think of me. Like I said, the world is a very judgmental place. But you have to ignore anyone’s approval or opinion. They are not you. Ive also realized that in order to achieve greatness, you must be willing to be talked about. That’s a good thing.

What would my clients think of me?
What will my family think of me?
What will my friends think?
Will I get mommy shamed for wanting to pay more attention to myself?
What will my husband think when he see’s how much busier I get?
I dont have the skills. I can barely take care of myself and building my dreams?!
Im not the fittest and I get shy sometimes!
I don’t like facing the judgement of others!

Those are some of the old thoughts that went through my mind. That was Jaci before she joined this community. Thats how I used to feel.

Ive never felt so secure, confident, strong, empowered, and purposeful more than ever!

I was full ( and still am!) of fears. We all have them . I know I’m doing exactly what God has set forth for me. Being a mom, still beautifying others, and lifting others up is what I love to do. Im building a team of strong like minded people alongside with me. Helping people see that they too can overcome those fears and insecurities . Fear not, because God is always with me. It starts with faith. It’s through him that  I find my strength to get through my daily struggles.

We are our biggest inner critics unfortunately. The only way to overcome starts with self acceptance. Your life will get better when YOU decide to make it BETTER. Always be unapologetically you.


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