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Do You Have Cheat Meals Or Cheat Days?

One of the many struggles I hear is about meal choices and planning. I have found this perfect lifestyle that brings me a lot of balance and control with my eating habits. What I love most is that Im not depriving myself and Im allowed to have a cheat meal from time to time. This system has taught me a lot about portion control and proper choices. I started off by using the beachbody portion control containers and I still do to this day. The foods listed in each container group are according to their nutritional value and food type. Each food group is broken into different color coded containers such as my carbs, proteins, veggies, healthy fats , and seed and dressings. The higher on the list, the more nutritionally beneficial the food is. This doesn’t mean you should ignore the foods lower down, if its not on the list. The more variety you have in your diet, the wider array of nutrients you’ll have in your system.

I made a video the other day for my team and spoke of how I feel about cheat meals. Do you take time to have a cheat meal ? Or do you have a cheat day? Check out my video below as I explain why I feel like cheat meals are important when you’re diligently living a healthier lifestyle.

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