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Eat Clean & Clean Up Your Nutrition

Do you struggle with what foods are healthy to eat?

Do you struggle with how often to eat and portion sizes?

Do you want to learn more about how to fuel your body for energy and healthy weight loss?

Do you want tips to make healthy eating a lifestyle change vs a crash diet?

Join me for a one week group where I am going to teach you how I got started with clean eating.I am going to share a sample grocery list, snack ideas, simple easy 30 minute meals, and more! Its not about low fat and fat free. I tried that, it didn’t work! The quality of your food is the key to success. My goal is to help you learn and get started now!! This 5-day group is designed to empower and equip you to make healthy choices in your everyday life, to replace some bad habits with some better ones, all to assist you into becoming a healthier, happier, sexier version of YOU! Don’t misunderstand. THIS IS NOT A DIET. I have not designed this short 5-day group to be a crash diet, because crash diets are quick fixes and do not help you live longer or better in the long run. This is designed to motivate and inspire you to make small SUSTAINABLE changes everyday toward a better lifestyle.

What you can expect from me:
We will cover basic clean eating essentials, why they are important, share quick tips, food prep & recipes, and help motivate you toward your healthier lifestyle.
What I expect from you:
Be present in the group by posting questions, comments, or sharing a personal story or experience. Choose a few ideas from this group and implement them into your daily routine. Commit to get moving daily. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. Just exercise. Take a walk, ride a bike, lift weights, run a mile….just DO SOMETHING 🙂 And drink water. Lots and lots of water. THATS IT!

So are you ready to join? To Join:
You must have LIKED my fit page https://www.facebook.com/JaclynCeron/ and be sure to comment Im Interested or Click GOING on the event link below. https://www.facebook.com/events/619189571625421/

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