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How To Have A Healthy Memorial Day Weekend

For many , Memorial Day weekend marks the “unofficial” start of summer “ . Americans across the country are honoring the brave men and woman who have died serving in our country’s armed forces.  Its also a time when families and friends come together for a weekend filled with sun and celebration.

That means pool parties, BBQs, summer cocktails, and making memories with the family! This season is also an easy time to slide back in to poor habits. Rather than throwing caution to the wind and figuring you’ll be detoxing next week, why not stay ahead of the game ? No matter how you choose to honor this Memorial Day weekend, there are a few key things to keep in mind for a happy and healthy weekend.

 Memorial Day Weekend Tips

  • Stay Consistent With Your Workout – Make your workout a non negotiable. A lot of people struggle with the weekends and the best advice I have is to try to treat the weekend like any other day. Get your workout in before you start your day. If your’re out traveling, you can even get out there and just move. Getting your heart rate up for a minimum of twenty minutes is going to not only help you produce some happy endorphins, but its going to really help you set your intentions to keep it a healthier weekend.
  • Celebrate In An Active Way- Rather than making food the highlight of the weekend, get outdoors and have some fun. Take advantage of the weather if its a beautiful day.
  • Use The Grill – We love having bbqs even on non holiday weekends. Its one of my favorite ways to make a lot of healthier options at once. Fire up the grill and load it with a ton of veggies and protein . If you’re looking for additional ways to cut calories, be cautious of any extra sauces or condiments. This is one of my favorite recipes to make and I love making a lot at once because I can easily have some throughout the week .
  • Limit The Alcohol Intake – Alcohol not only increases your calorie consumption , but affects your decisions to not reach for any food in sight. Most of us tend to mindlessly snack after we’ve had a few to drink. There are many ways to keep the calorie consumption to a min and I’m always experimenting with new drink recipes . One of my favorite cocktails is having a fresh lime and mint mojito! So refreshing!
  • Bring Along A Healthy Dish – Meeting up with others where a ton of food is involved? Bring a healthy appetizer , snack, or entree for others to share. This goes for any outing on the weekends.
  • Make Time To Prep For The Week After Your Holiday- The most important thing to keep in mind on any weekend, is to make time to prepare for the week ahead. If your weekend is super busy and you;re not used to carving out time to make some food for your week , just start. Everyone can make the time. It can be as easy as just making sure you have fresh veggies and fruit on hand. The best thing you can do is to wash, prep, and cut your snacks for the week . Do you know what proteins you will be having throughout the week? What about breakfast ? Being prepared isn’t half the battle. it IS the battle. Just make sure you have healthy food options that are easy to grab and go.


Be kind to yourself. If you end up falling off track, just know that you can always start over. You can find tips on how to get back on track here.  Every day is a new fresh start and sometimes its very easy to let loose and have fun. Fun is good and its always nice to be surrounded by great company and good food. A true healthy lifestyle change takes time and patience with yourself . It isn’t going to happen over night.  But keeping these simple tips in mind will help equip you for many weekends to come.

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