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How To Have More Energy

We all into the trap of feeling tired and unmotivated at times. Its normal .Sometimes we get into such a slump that we continue on with our bad habits and blame it all on being tired or too busy.

Everything takes time. Its about making the small changes daily. If it feels impossible to you, just know that it is possible to have more energy. I know because I’ve been there. Sometimes I find myself going down that route with all the day to day tasks from just being a mom and managing the work , life and family balance. Let me share some of my favorite practices to gain and attract more energy.

Energy Attracts Energy. We all face obstacles. How we deal with obstacles defines who we are and it can determine how successful we are in life.  Energy is a mindset. Don’t talk to yourself in a negative way and list all the reasons why you’re tired. When you start to tell yourself something, our brains tell our bodies how to react. Then our bodies react a different way. We end up walking around with that kind of energy. Whatever you say to yourself, you should say out loud. Your thoughts control your mind, so stay positive . We are attracted to people with a lot of energy . Nobody wants to be around someone who has depleted or negative energy right ? We all want to be around alive , present, and positive people right? We attract the energy we put out.

Take Care Of Your Emotional State. I know that we all go through some difficult times. There’s a lot of harsh stuff going on around the world too. We all have our fears, worries, anxieties, and daily to do lists. Our emotional state takes a toll on our physical energy. Be aware that it takes a toll on our energy and cortisol levels . During this time, its especially important to take good care of yourself. You must get more rest and take things off of your plate . In order for me to get my workout in daily, I have to work out first thing in the morning. Sometimes I have to let the laundry or dishes pile up until I can get to it. Its hard when you’re trying to juggle life, family , and business.  If you can’t change your circumstances, recognize the fact that its really hard on your physical well-being. Give yourself some slack on other things if you can.  Most people are out trying to survive day to day duties all while trying to survive the rat race in general.  It can get exhausting when you’re trying to be a super human and you don’t stop to take a little extra care of yourself. If you don’t, it will catch up to you . One of the best things you can do to take care of your emotional state is to exercise.

How do you workout when you have no energy? You just do! Most people want to use the no energy and no time as an excuse . But energy attracts energy. You will not have more energy by laying down on the couch watching tv or scrolling social media. You have to get up, get moving, and do something that takes your mind off your stress and worries. It may seem counter – intuitive because you already feel horrible enough that you feel tired and have no energy.   We don’t have to deplete ourselves. We definitely don’t have to do a strenuous cardio session either. Just get your heart rate going and center yourself. Getting your heart rate up can be different for everyone. It can just be as little as a nice walk outside, something low impact, or dancing to uplifting music.

Nutrition. If you have low energy, look at what you’re eating . Our foods need to be fuel rather than kill our energy . If you’re up late working and you’re tired, have a healthy snack if you feel hungry or a cup of tea. Relax the body and mind rather than reward yourself with food.  Is our food making us healthy or unhealthy?What happens to a lot of people ( including myself from time to time ) is that we get so tired and feel like we are allowed to reward ourselves with the sugar, the carbs, and the quick to grab comforting food. High stress levels cause bad cravings. Can you guess what happens after we relax and over indulge? We feel more tired because our energy plummets. We also end up regretting our bad choices. Let’s not forget about consuming all the stimulants either. ( I’m working so hard on my caffeine addiction ) Over excessive caffeine  and stimulant consumption leads to adrenal fatigue which in return leads to energy depletion . This tricks our bodies into thinking we need more caffeine.  Not fun . It all adds to  being tired, feeling worse, and it becomes a downward cycle. qtq80-MaTY4p

Sleep Better. Sleep affects our energy levels, motivation, and helps restore our mental and physical well being. If you feel like you aren’t getting enough sleep then you probably aren’t. Try calming the mind before bed. Try a guided meditation or listening to relaxing music.  If you’re not into meditation, try reading a book. What also helps me is turning off my notifications so I don’t get distracted with all the messaging and the sounds from my phone. A good habit you can incorporate is developing a good sleep schedule. It can be hard for us moms. I struggle . But creating some kind of bed time ritual encourages better sleeping habits. I also avoid eating anything really late.

Music. If you happen to be feeling sad or low in energy, one of my favorite things to do is turn on my favorite playlist or Pandora station. Turn up your music, feel it , and dance to it. Turn on something that is uplifting and makes you want to dance. This is my favorite thing  to do. Its a usual in my morning workout routine! Play your list when you’re on a low and you know you worked out or ate well .

Practicing these habits, taking action, and making it a lifestyle takes practice. Its about taking it one day and step at a time . It has to be something that you consistently work on in order to make it stick.

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