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Hustle And Heart Is What Sets You Apart

Do you find yourself saying yes all the time? 

I was good at saying yes to people and other commitments that never truly benefited my own happiness. I always put myself last. Im a giver and thats what we do. After I had Elijah is when I had my breakthrough. I was taking business classes , working at the salon, working on a business plan, and learning how to parent and maintain my sanity…all while pretending life was dandy. I was sooooo tight on money too because we just bought our first home. Everything was getting to me and catching up to me. I believe stress can make you sick. It catches up to you. I had my own health scare and realized enough was enough.The thought of having thyroid cancer really scared me. Health matters and if i dont take care of myself, who is ? I was really depressed actually. I wanted to open my salon. I didn’t have the money and I had just bought a house! Having little ones makes you dread being away from them 8-12 hours a day!! I didn’t know what I wanted anymore. I like to work and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Then God told me my priority is to be a mom right now. A salon will come later. He said, “Im in control” . NOT YOU. You need to be home for your kids. Little did I know, a whole NEW world was about to open up for me. Literally.

Since discovering BB, I prioritize myself way more. I used to care what people thought of me. I can care less now. I actually get a little grouchy If I can’t get my 30 minutes of ME time.Its NOT selfish. I look forward to catching up with my amazing team and people who I am helping. Ive met some INCREDIBLE people and believe they were brought to me for a REASON. Im learning to give myself more credit.I do soooo much and Im a giver. Being the spontaneous person that I am, I opened up a new door that was in front of me. That is my decision to say YES to working this business. I had no money to lose so why not!?
For the longest time I felt so insecure about it. What are people going to think of me? Im not super fit! How can I even hold people accountable if I can barely do so myself?! I don’t even know who the hell I am anymore?! I suck at posting and dont like people judging me! What are people going to think of me?! The list goes on. Now I get shy when people tell me ” Oh I see you on FB, you’re so inspiring….( thats just the part introvert in me!) OR WOW you work out a lot…. OR better yet, people automatically start telling me what they eat. Truth is, Im just like YOU. I have some REALLY bad days. I have my lows. I just choose to be REAL, RAW, and OPEN. I believe anyone has the power to change their life too. You just have to go for it.
My coaching journey is truly a journey. It has been a road of discovery, and a new sense of love for life, faith, myself, and my family. Id like to think that Im a new person. But Im not. Im just better. Im stronger. Im happier. Im fit again. Most importantly. this business is something that truly helps hold me accountable! If it wasn’t for saying ” Why not try to just help ONE person “, I would probably still be going to the gym about once or twice a week, binge eating on the side, and falling on and off the wagon. I love this lifestyle and promote it.Heck yes I do! I teach it too ! If i can make money for groceries, bills, and to stay home with my kids… why NOT?! Who cares what I do. Its paying some bills! Im building my organization and I believe God gave this opportunity to me for a reason.

This opportunity can pay me WAY more in the long run if I keep doing what Im doing. What you throw out to the world ALWAYS comes back to you . You realize what’s important and what isn’t. You learn to care less of what people think of you and more of what you think of yourself. You realize how far you have come, and that alone brings you amazing confidence.

If you find yourself wanting to know more and need a positive change in your life too, reach out to me at Jaclny@TheFitHairdresser.com or simply comment here. Lets talk and see if this is a good fit for you.



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