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If You Want Change, You Have To Believe In Yourself

Our biggest fear is failure.  People can be so quick to give up on themselves, quit or throw in the towel!  Don’t view failing that way. Just because you failed at something does not make YOU a failure!! There is a difference. It’s not about the mistakes and failures you have in life, but it has EVERYTHING to do with how you handle them!! Learn and grow from your situation.  This is what determines your outcome, and determines whether you move forward in life or remain the same. commited

The ONLY way to FAIL is if YOU quit, stop, or do nothing. Instead, use these mistakes and failures as moments you learn and grow from! What can you learn from this to become better?  Some things have happened to me in my personal life lately which have reminded me how important it is to ground myself when my life seems off balance. It’s ok to step away from one thing and revisit the other that seems to be off balance. At this point in my life, I truly feel as though there is no such thing as the perfect work, life and family balance. There is no such thing as that picture perfect life. Most people paint this facade and in reality, they are the ones afraid to reveal who they really are. Your happiness matters and it feels good to be real and be true to yourself. There will be people who question you or who think their route is the way to go. There will be people who simply don’t understand and never will. Then there are the people who have no drive what so ever and want to just settle for the easy way.  There will also be the people who you once thought were your friends, yet they were nowhere when you really needed them the most.  We all are on our own journey. Just smile, run with the willing, and don’t waste your time dwelling on what didn’t happen. What works for someone else , might not work for you. The most important thing is that you keep pushing forward and don’t stop fighting for what you want or believe in.Forget the nay sayers or the opinions of others. Those will always be there. Everyone has an opinion. One thing Im learning is that I don’t have to sit around and accept those opinions and let them get to me. I am in control of my life. I choose how I want to react to situations.   There is no straight line to success with anything in life. It’s a jagged road with bumps, cliffs, twists and turns…..boy do I know this already! But if you can make it through all of that,  the destination will be BEAUTIFUL and so worth it!!IMG_0229

Take it one day at a time! Don’t be afraid to fail!! If you are not failing, then you are not GROWING! We only have one life and we should all be encouraging each other to be better and do better things in this world! The best way to succeed is to help others. Just like one of my favorite mentors says, ” The secret to living is giving.”  Never stop learning and always do more. Don’t settle for mediocrity. It all starts with being OK with making mistakes and failing. We fall, we learn from our mistakes, we redirect and we take that knowledge and use it to MOVE FORWARD. The most successful people in this world, are the ones who FAILED the most. Always remind yourself why you are working so hard and keep pushing yourself.  I know my why, do you?

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