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Mission: Love Yourself

I love talking to other woman who want to lose weight and become healthier. We all share similar struggles and find a hard time balancing health, work, and family. I love helping people and providing them the tools they need in order to create their very own success story.  Ive also found that many opt in for some kind of quick fix or a “Get Results Fast” type of program. Let me honest and say that if you go that route, you will likely hit a point where you can’t maintain your weight loss. I don’t think this is healthy because what happens when you decide to quit the way you started and go back to your bad habits? Point is, losing weight shouldn’t be complicating. It should be about the journey to loving yourself and your body more. Along the journey, your weight will come off if you do it the right way.  Losing weight should be something we turn into a lifestyle so we can create better habits and sustain them .  Fact is, losing weight is a mathematical formula. If you follow it then you will lose weight. The problems come in when you try to lose weight too fast, you give up before you reach your goal, or you try to lose weight by doing something that is not sustainable for the long term. It can take some trial and error to find the right lifestyle approach for you. You need to decide what is important to you in both the short term (weight loss) and the long term (your health, alcohol, dessert, carbs, sanity ) to find the best approach for you the one you can stick to. That’s where I come in. I get to help you along the way.

Why you shouldn’t lose too quickly

We have all had that friend who lost a bunch of weight quickly only to later pack it back on plus more. Crash diets are not a long term solution and should be avoided at all costs. Making healthy lifestyle changes including positive changes in your diet and fitness will help you lose between 1-3 lbs of fat a week. If you have more to lose you may lose more than that in the beginning. I also highly recommend taking your measurements and recording your progress as well. If you are working out, you will be replacing fat with new muscle. Since muscle weighs more than fat it may look like the scale isn’t moving, when in fact you are making improvements to your body composition from the inside out!confidence

Don’t give up.

You didn’t gain the extra 20 lbs in one week and you won’t lose it in one week. A once a week tracking system is the best way to get a true picture of your progress and avoid frustration. Do not weigh yourself every single day .That is a worthless and often a frustrating practice because there are many different factors that can cause your weight to fluctuate between 3-5 lb. DAILY. I have seen so many women who were more committed to weighing themselves daily than they were to actually losing weight. Those little body fluctuations caused them to either panic and overcorrect or feel satisfied that several bad days had not caught up to them.  Trust in the process and make corrections and adjustments weekly as needed and you will have success. The success is in the journey. Learn to love yourself again . Take it one day at a time too.

Finding the Right Lifestyle Approach

This is so, so important for long term success. The internet is full of different diets & workouts and it can be frustrating to try to find the right solution that will work and fit into your life. If you struggle with finding motivation due to your hectic lifestyle, check out my tips on how to get motivated again .http://thefithairdresser.com/5-tips-to-get-motivated/

For me, clean eating was a no brainer .I believe that you should try to eat a variety of fresh, healthy foods each day for not only weight loss, but good health and longevity. There are many many diets that you can lose weight with but only one that I know has been recommended by oncologists over and over and that is clean eating. I get to eat a ton of food, too!

Shakeology for me has also been a no brainer. I am a busy Mom and even with the best intentions I know that I don’t always get everything my body needs to function at its best. Shakeology is my daily vitamin, my grab and go lunch, and my daily sweet treat. The super foods that are found in Shakeology are second to none and for that reason alone I have no plans to quit drinking it!

The right workout for you is the one you will do! Haha! I choose to do home workouts in my basement because its quicker and I like that I can just roll out of bed and get it over with. These programs were created by master trainers and have been tested and proven over and over & are much better than any training I could get at my local gym. A great workout plan includes both cardio & weight bearing exercises, so keep that in mind if you are trying to create your own!

Want to lose weight faster? Work one on one with me! (Results Guaranteed!!)

I provide an online support group. These online groups are very effective and include a simple nutrition plan, a total body fitness program, a premium superfood shake, and daily support from me. My customers have had amazing results and love the way they look and feel. If you are looking for something thats going to be simple, long lasting, and healthy, then feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help lead you the right way for you and your goals.   You can get in contact with me in the link below or email me at Jaclyn@TheFitHairdresser.com. Lets talk.



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