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Mindset is key

What happens when we  decide that it’s ok to go ahead and grab that extra slice or pizza or that sugar when we’ve been working so hard?  We indulge and it delicious , but was it really worth it? Everyone deserves a cheat day or a cheat meal. I simply believe that in order to truly make that lifestyle change, we must be willing to be real with ourselves and live by that 80/20 rule.



Ive come to the realization that I along with most people tend to use food as a  reward . Im the queen of binge eating and if I have snacks around me, I literally need them out of sight! Before I started my fitness journey, I used to use food as a coping mechanism. If it had a stressful day, I ended up eating pizza or fast food. If I was busy, I found myself munching on junk. It was a vicious never ending cycle. If I was out on the road all day, I gave myself the ok to go ahead and go to the drive-thru . The more I craved, the more I wanted. It was excuses after excuses but in reality, we must set our excuses aside. It’s not easy. Thankfully I found my love for shakeology and it has helped my cravings and has given me so much more structure in my daily diet.  It’s so easy to fall into the trap yet  it’s a compounding effect. Staying motivated is tough. If it was easy, everyone would do it. But it has to be a mindset shift to truly sink in! We can’t just work on ourselves physically. Physically fit is great, but mindset is even greater. We must believe in ourselves even in our darkest moments. Keep your eye on the prize because it’s so easy to wonder off. Its all about those small daily improvements that we deposit into ourselves that compounds into something greater . Never lose focus. Always seek every day as a new day to become your highest selfno negative mind .

Tonight I made the decision to commit to my 21 day fix . Im really excited to see my results as Ive already seen what the program has done for me. I will stay fearless and keep my vision . I believe that Im capable enough to stay focused, so that I can stay motivated and continue on becoming the best version of myself. I believe that I can lead a great team of like – minded people who all have the same goals.  To be honest, hosting my monthly private support groups helps keep me motivated. Im looking forward to a new week and in the meantime , I wanted to share a few quotes that help get me motivated .

dont have to be great

do something

dont compare



Closing, we must not compare our chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 5 and vice versa. This journey is all about accomplishing our goals. Its so easy to get  super pumped up a new goal , a new program, a new anything really. But what matters most is how we decide to accomplish that goal and actually waking up each day to work on it. Sure most of us have other priorities and we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Do what you have to do to make it work. If you want it bad enough , you will make the time. In the end, its not so much about the scale or the victory, its about who we become while doing it.



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