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Nothing To Lose

One thing Ive learned this year is that life is way to short to not take any chances. Things don’t always go our way and sometimes its best to not even try to work against it. I truly believe God throws things at us and we can choose to learn and grow, or we can stay in the same place.

Over years ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and I had  found out I was pregnant with my son around the same time. My husband was about to have surgery and I believe our bodies hold on to stress in different ways. Months later, my doctor found that my neck had been swollen. She asked if I had that for a while and truthfully I didn’t even notice. She mentioned we should keep an eye on it. So we did. She sent me for an ultrasound and blood work. I found out I had two nodules and a goiter in my thyroid. I had to have a biopsy to make sure I didn’t have cancer. I found out that nodules are lumps or swellings in the thyroid gland.

Since then, I’ve had two different opinions, 4 biopsies, and many ultrasounds to monitor. These nodules have grown. Im not in a lot of pain, but there are times when I sure can feel them. Some days my neck swells up more than others, some days I feel it when I swallow as if I’m swallowing the wrong way,, and forget getting massages on my upper back. My situation is interesting to my endocrinologist because Im only 30 and nodules are only common in middle aged woman. My thyroid function fluctuates from good to a little low , but nothing serious. But you know whats serious to me? The fact that the cells can potentially become cancerous! I will never forget the first endocrinologist who I went to, as he mentioned not to worry because thyroid cancer is the best cancer to have because its curable!

Really. You can bet I don’t go there anymore.

The C word scares me so bad and deep down I have the gut wrenching feeling. Everyone knows someone with cancer. Its so sad. My own mom had cancer twice and I have relatives who’ve either passed or are in remission. My step mom is battling cancer. Its as if my world feels so dark at times. I wish there was something I  could do to help take her pain away. It scares me so bad that I was fed up with biopsies. Im not going to lie, its very uncomfortable, but I’m a strong woman . I was so fed up, I told my doctor I was ready to just remove these nodules which meant I would have to remove more than half of my thyroid to get these nodules out.

I have so much going on with my children and life in general. Im so fixated on being a parent that I really didn’t sit down to do my research. I joined a thyroid nodule support group. I was already having pre surgery jitters. I kindly introduced myself and let them know my situation . Do you know that most of them expressed to me that I should try iodine support through a homeopathic doctor. They mentioned that if I have the opportunity to keep my thyroid, I should try to. Some attached links for me to read some studies done There was one woman with 21 nodules who tried both Iodine and Sillenium and was able to shrink and make them go away!

I woke up the next morning experiencing massive anxiety. I told my husband I know Im nervous about my surgery, but I will regret at least not trying this option. I know I will. Thank goodness I already have a great homeopathic, Larry Perman who I called. I spent some time with him on the phone and he encouraged me to come back in because it had been over two years since I’d seen him .

He didn’t even recognize me. He asked me how I lost all this weight and I told him I’ve been on a journey of really taking care of myself by eating healthy, drinking shakeology, and 30 minutes of working out daily. To my surprise, he actually was very familiar. That made me feel great. It feels so nice to know that Im taking care of myself in the best way possible, and now it’s really time to take care of my body even more. I don’t want cancer. I don’t want to make myself susceptible to having to take a synthetic drug to control my thyroid function either. I don’t want metabolism issues, hair loss issues, a higher chance of mood changes, depression, and a risk of ruining my parathyroid glands. It doesn’t happen to everyone and its very common for people to have to take Synthroid and Levoxothrine to make that hormone for them. Its very common. I see so many clients on a daily basis who have hair issues and img_0152turns out they have thyroid issues. The problem is that blood work isn’t always accurate. I truly believe there is something going on in my body that the doctors can’t help me with .

So Im at this point where Ive chosen a new route on my journey. I don’t regret it one bit and Im so glad I talked to my husband that morning and told him I felt I was doing the wrong thing by just saying ” Ok take it out “.  I need to try to get to the deep root of my problem and really treat my body like the machine that it is and see what it is capable of. I cancelled my surgery. I scheduled a new biopsy next week, I saw Larry , and I just began detoxing my body from harsh chemicals, metals, and fungi. Im also about to start taking Thytrophin to begin nourishing and fueling my thyroid gland.  I will be on this plan for about a month or two and then begin a healthy food- based plan of action with Iodine supplements. Im nervous. Im excited. I have nothing to lose.

Do you ever wonder why so much stuff gets thrown our way? I sure do. I hate complaining. I hate worrying. I have no time to worry. I will not let this get to me. I have kids I need to parent. I have a family who loves me. I have a very sick step mom who I love and wish I could take her pain away. I have a qtq80-4503mfbeautiful aunt who I miss so much up in heaven I know rooting for me. She endured so much pain and fought hard with never once complaining. I will never forget her words to me ” I don’t know what God has in store for me anymore,  but I just have to go for it . ” I have a strong mom who can over come cancer twice. I have a son who teaches me patience daily even when I feel I don’t have it. So many un fair things happen to us, but its not in our control . We all know so many people going through far worse then us, but sometimes its nice to have an outlet for your thoughts and worries. For me, its my working out, personal development, and blogging to express myself.
Im going through something right now and I know God is preparing me for something. Im not sure what. But I feel it. I have nothing to lose, but only gain.

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