How To Get Back On Track


It happens to the best of us. A few great days (or even weeks) of following your fitness and nutrition plan and then—BANG—life happens. A late night out with friends, a last-minute business trip, a sick child at home, or something as simple as a bad mood can force you off the path. Maybe you’ve missed your fitness session. Maybe you simply don’t have the energy (or desire) to prepare a healthy meal. Regardless, you’ve hit a wall. You’re having an “off” day.
Sometimes an off day is just that means you are just one day off track. You wake up the next morning back to being motivated and focused on your goals. Other times, it can take several days to regain your fitness mojo. At these moments, off days can be vicious—but they can also be stopped. The important thing is to have a support system where you can rely on them to help lift you up at these times.

If you splurged and ate bad over the weekend, please don’t beat yourself up. It’s not the end of your road and it’s definitely not going to make you gain your weight back. Most importantly , it’s not a reason to keep splurging simply because it crossed your mind that you already splurged so why not some more . Been there and done that. You get no where .

Here are a few of my top tips when it comes to getting back on track with your health and fitness .

Avoid the scale 

Don’t even look at it. Don’t do this to yourself. If you’re normal like me, then you will likely gain a few lbs with just a few heavy meals! If you really ate and drank as much as you think you did, you’ll probably be dealing with bloating, water retention and poor digestion. don’t even go near the scale. Give yourself a few days away from it. Get up at your regular time, do everything else you normally do, but just don’t even look at your scale. I don’t care how “curious” you are, if you step on that thing, you will probably be disappointed!

Drink plenty of water today

Especially if your days included alcohol or super rich foods. You need to not only rehydrate your body, but drinking plenty of water will help you refresh and flush out your system. Sure, you’re going to end up in the bathroom quite often all day if you’re drinking tons of water, but that’s okay! Just keep drinking that water. Think of it as your body’s little “reset button.” (Plus, if you’re walking to the bathroom all the time, that’s extra steps in your day, FitBit Users REJOICE

Plan out your meals

That first day after trying to get back on track is one of the most important days to really plan out what you’re going to eat. After you’ve fed your body the junk food and consumed all the items that you normally don’t, your willpower might be a little weaker than normal, so if you don’t have a plan, you’re probably more likely to say yes when someone offers you that cupcake or agree to go out to that fast food joint for lunch. So before you give yourself that chance, make a plan! Make it something that you will look forward to. Remember how good you feel when you’re on track.

Make your plan clean

The day after a true splurge, or even a full-on food binge, especially when you’ve been eating healthy for a while, you may feel sick. You may feel super full or even hung over. eating clean is vital at this point! Eating clean will help your body recover and properly fuel you. Your body will feel better. Put those fruits and veggies to work! Get that lean protein into your body! Keep drinking that water! And if you’re like me, starting off your day with shakeology is the best way to jump start a day of clean eating!

Let it go!

No one is going to be perfect all the time. Even the most disciplined people we know still remember that once in a while, it’s totally okay and even encouraged to let go and have a little fun once in a while. We live in a world where there are temptations everywhere. If I expected you to avoid them all, 100% of the time, that would just be silly. Just because you slipped up one day doesn’t mean you can’t get back up and headed in the right direction. Let it go! Focus on the positive. Did you have fun when you were eating the “bad food?” Did you enjoy your company? Did you laugh? Did you smile? Did you not feel a single bit of regret until the night was over? If the answer is yes, then guess what, you’re normal!

Don’t think too much about how much you’ve missed or how you feel at the moment . Focus on the good and focus on how great you will feel once you give yourself atleast 15 minutes of a workout. It only takes about 10 minutes into a workout to start feeling great again. Cut yourself some slack because you’re a work in progress. Just don’t give up because it gets even harder the longer you wait . If you happen to need extra support or just someone to talk to,  reach out to me. Id be happy to help out.

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If You Want Change, You Have To Believe In Yourself

Our biggest fear is failure.  People can be so quick to give up on themselves, quit or throw in the towel!  Don’t view failing that way. Just because you failed at something does not make YOU a failure!! There is a difference. It’s not about the mistakes and failures you have in life, but it has EVERYTHING to do with how you handle them!! Learn and grow from your situation.  This is what determines your outcome, and determines whether you move forward in life or remain the same. commited

The ONLY way to FAIL is if YOU quit, stop, or do nothing. Instead, use these mistakes and failures as moments you learn and grow from! What can you learn from this to become better?  Some things have happened to me in my personal life lately which have reminded me how important it is to ground myself when my life seems off balance. It’s ok to step away from one thing and revisit the other that seems to be off balance. At this point in my life, I truly feel as though there is no such thing as the perfect work, life and family balance. There is no such thing as that picture perfect life. Most people paint this facade and in reality, they are the ones afraid to reveal who they really are. Your happiness matters and it feels good to be real and be true to yourself. There will be people who question you or who think their route is the way to go. There will be people who simply don’t understand and never will. Then there are the people who have no drive what so ever and want to just settle for the easy way.  There will also be the people who you once thought were your friends, yet they were nowhere when you really needed them the most.  We all are on our own journey. Just smile, run with the willing, and don’t waste your time dwelling on what didn’t happen. What works for someone else , might not work for you. The most important thing is that you keep pushing forward and don’t stop fighting for what you want or believe in.Forget the nay sayers or the opinions of others. Those will always be there. Everyone has an opinion. One thing Im learning is that I don’t have to sit around and accept those opinions and let them get to me. I am in control of my life. I choose how I want to react to situations.   There is no straight line to success with anything in life. It’s a jagged road with bumps, cliffs, twists and turns…..boy do I know this already! But if you can make it through all of that,  the destination will be BEAUTIFUL and so worth it!!IMG_0229

Take it one day at a time! Don’t be afraid to fail!! If you are not failing, then you are not GROWING! We only have one life and we should all be encouraging each other to be better and do better things in this world! The best way to succeed is to help others. Just like one of my favorite mentors says, ” The secret to living is giving.”  Never stop learning and always do more. Don’t settle for mediocrity. It all starts with being OK with making mistakes and failing. We fall, we learn from our mistakes, we redirect and we take that knowledge and use it to MOVE FORWARD. The most successful people in this world, are the ones who FAILED the most. Always remind yourself why you are working so hard and keep pushing yourself.  I know my why, do you?

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The Importance of Self Talk

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

One of the biggest topics I enjoy talking about in my challenge groups is the power of self-talk. Self  talk is one of the most important things we should all focus on when it comes to becoming the highest versions of ourselves. When we speak negative of ourselves, we are opening up that door.

One of the most powerful influences on your attitude and personality is what you say to yourself. It is not what happens to you, but how you respond internally to what happens to you. By controlling your inner dialogue, or your “self talk,” you can assert control over every part of your life.

Keep a positive attitude. There is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right aIMG_1569ttitude. You can’t choose or control your circumstances, but you can choose your attitude towards your circumstances.

Once you feel you are motivated yourself, the best thing to do is to start motivating others. But guess what? Motivation comes and goes. Its about creating the habit and seeing results in any area of your life . Thats where the motivation comes from. Positivity is contagious and there isn’t enough out there.  If people catch your passion, you’ll find it will drive you to new heights of accomplishment. Support and encourage others, be the cheerleader. Don’t be negative and bitter.

Whenever I find Im having a dark day, or a day with lack of motivation, I  choose a personal development book to begin reading or listening to. As a mom of two little ones, I don’t always get the time to sit and read a book when I want. When I do, I love it. Reading for a 15 minutes to a  half hour each morning has done so much for me personally and can do so much to help with keeping us more positive and moving in the right direction! It’s another huge piece of the puzzle that creates personal content.  Its not just about the outside, its about the inside too.”What the mind believes, the body achieves.” We have to remember to fuel our minds with positive too!

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Walking Into The Unknown

Sometimes its easy to let up and let go of whats keeping us together . Challenges are always waiting for us and we have the power of choice. We have the power to decide which way we will go.

These last few weeks have been a world wind of emotions for me. Ive had the amazing opportunity to travel fort business and meet a lot of people overcoming the unthinkable and really dig deep into the leader I am becoming. Ive been thinking a lot lately and the good thing is that my vision has never been so clear to me. It’s amazing how sometimes our path changes or something steers us in a different direction. For me, that was when my second child was born. He has taught me so much about myself and he’s still so little. I remember the day of my scheduled c section so clearly. But only the beginning to say the least. I wanted complete control . I had everything planned out. I wanted things a certain way and I wanted no formula. I thought everything would be easy the second time around. This picture is the day I was able to get Elijah transferred to a new hospital and our very first helicopter ride together. IMG_0105

My son was admitted into the NICU for 5 weeks following birth. It changed me. Doctors couldn’t really tell me exactly why my son kept losing oxygen or why he his heart rate kept dropping so much.Each day was an emotional roller coaster. The feeling each day of having to leave my baby was horrific. Yet I knew he was at the right place.  Test after test determined his heart condition he was born with had anything to do with the loss of oxygen. I still had no answers. It was all such a mess and so unexplainable. I refused to let more days go by and demanded more and more tests . I was his advocate. I questioned everything. I was lost in a dark cloud and trying to hold myself together . My mom was also recovering from breast cancer. I needed to stay strong for our daughter and for my husband who was also a mess at the time. We soon found out it was something called laryngomalacia and it turned out to be something he could eventually outgrow. We went home with my son feeling incredibly blessed, happy to have our family together, and I was scared . How was I going to manage? My life has never been the same and I know why .

I don’t like comparing my kids to other people’s kids. I don’t care if your child can read before mine or he/ she knows the abc first. I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. I go with the flow and accept each day that it is. Ive also come to find that I don’t run the days because everything can change in an instant.  I choose to surround myself with people who will be positive and not complain about life because I used to.  I used to complain about everything. I was so immature. Elijah has taught me so much about becoming someone new and never being ashamed of who I am or what I believe in. Its ok to try new things and to live. I must be accepting of my own self too.  Elijah has taught me compassion. I don’t care about anyone’s opinions of me or the mom I strive to be. Im not anywhere near perfect. Im actually a mess sometimes and have to write everything down because I will forget.  All I know is that we are all on our own journey, and our happiness is not  something we should postpone for the future. It is something we should design for the present. We must constantly try our best to remain present.

Everything is starting to change. I am amazed at how a trial can create such a heart of gratitude in me. But, I think gratefulness is the thing that I have learned a lot. I have so much gratitude in my heart and looking at life just a bit differently has been a game changer. My son is currently seeking therapy due to developmental delays. This was scary for me at first as I have one child who was always so independent and advanced from day 1. Its almost as if each day is different and all we do is try to focus on week by week. He’s made so much progress , but let me tell you, a mom never stops worrying. I need to rewind my thoughts and worries and just keep focusing on being a better mom for him. Elijah will soon be transitioning from the services he’s getting to the school district . I am doing my research and trying to find more answers. I worry about his balance issues . I worry about his walking. I worry more about the receptors in his ears. I worry about his speech and vision. I worry about everything. I am ensuring that he is getting the best care and the best resources. I love my kids so much and I choose to be here with them. This time is passing and what Ive found  most important is my sanity. I must continue to love myself too.

IMG_5231Taking care of myself both mentally and physically has helped mold me into the person I am today. I am not perfect. I struggle and I have bad days where  I just want to lose it. But I thank God every single day that I have this amazing man in my life, and a beautiful family. I couldn’t ask for anything else. But what I do know is that what one wants and seeks, one must do. We can’t sit around and ask or dwell on things. We must literally be willing to get out there and work hard for those things.

Taking care of myself has given me the belief in myself again. Self image is so important in the sense where we should continuously try to be the best version of ourselves so that we can constantly look into the future and work toward it. We must be willing to walk into the unknown . I host monthly health and fitness support groups because I know first hand that every person needs the support. Living a healthy lifestyle and striving to be fit requires mindset and belief. Having a private place to come to and share your tips, ideas and motivation has done wonders for me and I simply love just passing on the love now.


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Life is Beautiful

I can’t believe how much my life has changed in a year! Seriously! This time last year, my husband and I were getting settled into our new mortgage payment on top of having some unforeseen financial circumstances. I know it could’ve been worse, but having a new home, a legal matter that drained our finances , two young children and bills can get pretty stressful. I’ve learned that happiness doesn’t stem from how much money you make or how much time you can put into being home with your kids.   I believe we have the ability to draw out our own happiness and for everyone it may be different. I thought I was happy because I had it all. A new home, a job I love with all my heart, children , health, a loving husband,  but I felt something was missing. I was missing. I didn’t even know who I was anymore!


The lack of sleep , the mommy guilt, the dirty diapers, and the long nursing sessions…. I didn’t even want to spend time with my husband because I was so tired. My second had and still has a habit in being extra clingy. I wasn’t used to this as my first was always so independent from day 1.  I know I sound like Im complaining and I promise Im not. I love my kids with all my heart. I cherish every single day with them even on the tough days. But when you have a child with an airway disease, you happen to be on constant ” fight or flight ” mode. I found myself feeling so negative and scared all the time . I felt guilty that I wasn’t paying enough attention to my first child. I felt so overwhelmed with trying to balance out my professional life with my home life. I questioned my parenting. As a hairdresser, clients want to know your business. A true professional says the least amount possible . I felt like I was a professional and pretending I was doing great.  Doctors and specialists appointments felt as though they were scheduled every week. I adopted the negative mindset due to al my fears and worries constantly taking over.

One day, I decided it was time to put my health first. It all started with a challenge pack . I was sick and tired of feeling so lost. I don’t care what anyone says . I know having baby is the biggest blessing in the world. Of course it is. When your second comes around, you think you have it all figured out because your like ” ok I got this ” But  I was wrong . Im learning to just ” Let go and let God “. The investment I made on myself that day has been the best investment Ive ever made on myself.

When I first started my 21 day fix program, I told myself I couldn’t do this .I couldn’t find the motivation to push play. I didn’t have time to go to the gym. When I did, I always found myself doing the same boring routine or didn’t know what to do. Not to mention, my insecurities were to the fullest . I was a constant negative Nancy and of course I would never admit that. I had zero time to plan and take action. Ultimately, I kept hurting myself. I had every excuse in the book.  When I pushed play, the kids weren’t used to it, so they wanted to jump on me. They were excited and then they wanted my attention… of course they did . You know how kids are. But I stayed consistent by staying true to my thoughts and little goals I set for myself. My kids started to look forward to seeing mommy workout. Then it dawned on me that I really needed to work out before my day officially started.  I constantly reminded myself that the real change wouldn’t happen unless I changed. I stopped making the excuses and put myself first.

This is not a selfish thing to do . I believe its essential . Im  happy and my marriage is on track again. I have more energy for my husband, my kids,and I found myself again. The balance will always be a struggle. I go through moments where everything family picis great and then all of a sudden, one area in my life needs extra attention. So i roll with it. I go along with the different seasons in my life and i prioritize whats most important each day. Im not the old person I used to be. Ive seen how bad things can change over night. Our lives aren’t promised and I don’t ever want to die feeling unfulfilled.  I believe that when you go through some of your toughest times, its up to you to use it as a bridge to walk across rather than to barricade yourself.

I think this is why being a coach means so much to me. I believe that living a healthy lifestyle is essential for optimal health and wellness. It doesn’t matter what workouts you do, as long as you move for at least 30 minutes and eat foods that fuel your body rather than deplete your energy. I don’t believe in taking medicine to control my appetite, stimulants to give me more energy, or supplements to make me lose weight faster. I believe in whole food nutrition and I know thats why I love shakeology so much. When I first signed up to be a coach, I did it for my discount .But then I found out that I was motivating others to get up and go. People could relate to me . What makes me happy is helping others see that they too can change. Coaching is about being yourself, growing to your highest potential, and simply sharing with others what this lifestyle can do . Coaching is something that isn’t easy, but the reward is greater.  Im not perfect. Im a work in progress who still tries to be controlling in my own ways. I’m working on these flaws. But I love myself and I know who I am. Im a mom and a wife who loves to help others. Ive never been so connected with the woman I am today . I love my life . Im so blessed .

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Strive For Progress

Tomorrow starts week 2 of my current Challenge Group. So far the energy has been great and a few of my challengers who’ve already weighed themselves has already lost weight! I can’t even begin to describe my excitement. It brings me joy that people are having more energy and feeling good about themselves. The truth is, anyone on their fitness journey at some point starts reflecting. What I mean is, we start thinking in a different way once we’re truly in made the decision to meet our goal or have already met our goal. Atleast I have. I literally feel like a different person .

Nutrition and Fitness are important but the key to lifelong change is beyond motivation! Its about finding the right balance and accepting yourself no matter what life throws at you. This lifestyle should be more than a number on the scale and counting calories. It has to be about a whole lifestyle of taking care of yourself and focusing on wellness and wholeness. It has to be about becoming the strongest version of yourself.

Mindset is key. Believe you can and nothing will stop you
Mindset is key. Believe you can and nothing will stop you

For those of you who don’t know me and haven’t read up on my story, Im a driven mom of two. Ive always been heavier for my size. Ive never been morbidly obese, but I weighed in at over 210 lbs with both pregnancies.I gained over 55 lbs with both pregnancies and when my second was born, he was born with aortic stenosis and laryngomalacia. 5 weeks in the NICU put a lot of stress on not only me, but my family.My mom was also recovering from battling breast cancer. I was that person who knew how to remain strong because lets just face it, you never know how strong you are until you have to be. My son never ate well, slept well and I always went to bed worried in the beginning. I don’t really think my body had a chance to heal and instead, held on to everything including stress. Stress makes us sick, tired, moody, depressed, and not ourselves . I decided it was finally time to make a change. I always felt out of breath, sluggish and never felt good about myself.Then I found out I had thyroid issues. My doctor confirmed with me that I needed to lose weight or I would become diabetic. SO it was then that I never looked back . I decided to decrease my work days to stay home with both of my kids and I think this made me feel even more tired considering my son has 4 different therapy sessions on my days off and lets just face it, parenting is a lot of work yet so priceless . Im glad I made a decision to make my health and happiness a priority.

Throughout my journey so far, I can say that Im now truly accepting myself because Im the most happiest, confident , and strongest version of myself. Ive come to realize that the scale should never be something we can rely on. Our weight fluctuates. We lose, we gain and its never ending.

Setting small weekly goals has been my ultimate motivation aside from becoming stronger than ever .My goal weight was exactly that: a goal. It was a goal made at a certain time in my life when I needed a number on the scale to keep me motivated toward slimming down. I needed that number, I needed that reassurance that my body was indeed changing, no matter the minute. The scale was my friend, not my enemy – and we became closer, the harder I worked. My body has changed, different milestones in my life have happened, and my goals are now a bit different.

If you let yourself reach a certain goal, you’ll lack inspiration to push forward and keep being a better version of yourself. Every day, you should strive to be a better person – that doesn’t necessarily need to be about health, it can be about anything (work, family, relationships, etc). This is exactly where Im at today. We have different seasons in our lives where things tend to be off balanced and we just have to learn to roll with the punches and keep pushing to get better .

My new goal is to remain focused on continuing to be a better mom and wife. But I know the key to that formula is to always work on myself. A healthier lifestyle creates healthy habits for both my family and I. I’ve realized that throughout my fit journey and starting my own coaching business, something I’ve enjoyed most is inspiring others to reach their health goals. Every time I see a post on my social media that says, “I saw this picture and thn I went to the gym!” I smile and feel a rush of happiness immediately. Maybe this job is meant for me because I love it. For now , Im going to continue doing what I love and always striving to get better at it. Ive learned that Im a work in progress. I also know that we have bad days. When we do, its important to keep pushing through, accepting yourself and loving who you are because its all about taking it one day at a time.

Regardless, we’re all works in progress – embrace it!


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Love Yourself

I’ve been reflecting so much on my life lately. One thing Ive learned from my fitness journey is how seeking happiness has to come from within. We all want happiness. We all want to feel amazing. But it all stems from being true to yourself and loving yourself no matter what it is you are going through .  I have been reading an awesome book called “Your A Badass” by Jen Sincero and I have to say I absolutely love it. Sometimes our fears can get to us and this book will boost your confidence. I truly believe that in order to start feeling good in general , we need to fall in love with ourselves again.   ” When we’re happy and all in love with ourselves, we can’t be bothered with the bullshit( our own or other people’s). ” Jen Sincero Here are some ways to win yourself over: 1.Appreciate how special you are There is no one out there just like you. You have unique gifts and you are in charge of your reality. You create your reality 2. Drown yourself in affirmations If we want to turn the boat around, we must change our brains and the way they think. Figure out which affirmations you need to hear and repeat them whenever you can . Re-wiring our brains is key and by constantly reminding ourselves of what we want, our thoughts become our reality.  It has to be something you feel and want. 3.D0 things you LOVE Look at your life and see where you’re letting yourself down. We’re all BUSY, but it’s the things you make time for that you enjoy doing that makes life enjoyable . Really listen to yourself and make time for the things that will make you feel better . Try new things. Make new friends . 4.Find a replacement If you find yourself always putting yourself down, or thinking negative thoughts. Turn them AROUND. Say those affirmations. Say something nice to yourself. Don’t make fun of yourself either. Learn to constantly train your mind to think the opposite. When you find those thoughts coming, just simply change your thoughts. This is something you will have to continuously do until it sticks. 5. Let love in Receive compliments greatly and don’t justify them. Always compliment others. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Take care of your body . Treat it with love. Put your body first before the busyness sets in. Find a way. 6.Don’t compare yourself to others “Comparison is the fastest way to take the fun out of life ” 7.Forgive yourself Our past molds us into who we are today and  we should never stop and dwell on past regrets . We must learn to accept ourselves for who we are and never stop moving forward.We all make mistakes and it’s all about how we turn around and grow from them. Life is 20% of what happens to us and 80% of how we react to it. 8.Love Yourself  ” It’s the holy grail of happiness” For more tips on how  to love yourself more, I highly suggest you pick up this book ” You Are A Badass ” by Jen Sincero because it totally sparked my interest and  I feel we can all relate to it in one way or another. We all need to love ourselves more from time to time .

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7 Ways To Take Charge And Go For It

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”– E.E. Cummings

Too much confidence or too little is something we all face, to some degree, I think. How do you overcome that fear?By working on your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Here are some tips  on how to overcome some fears, and go for pursuing your dreams

Believe In Yourself1. Groom yourself. This seems like such an obvious one, but it’s amazing how much of a difference a shower and your hair/make up done . You feel better lol . Just getting dressed helps and mommy’s YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!
2. Take pictures and videos of yourself. Our self-image means so much to us, more than we often realize. We have a mental picture of ourselves, and it determines how confident we are in ourselves. But this picture isn’t fixed and immutable. You can change it. Use your mental Photoshopping skills, and work on your self-image. If it’s not a very good one, change it. Figure out why you see yourself that way, and find a way to fix it.
3.Think positive. One of the things I learned when I started my journey is how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. How I can actually change my thoughts, and by doing so makes great things happen. With this tiny little skill, I am constantly trying my best at this. Our mind tries to take over and it’s all about changing those thoughts ! Seriously. Try it if you haven’t.
4. Kill negative thoughts. Goes hand-in-hand with the above item, but it’s so important that I made it a separate item. You have to learn to be aware of your self-talk, the thoughts you have about yourself and what you’re doing. When I first started working out , sometimes my mind would start to say, “This is too hard. I want to stop ” Well, I soon learned to recognize this negative self-talk, and soon I learned a trick that changed everything in my life: I would imagine myself feeling amazing after. (“C’mon, I can do this! Only 15-20 min left!”)
5. Get to know yourself. When going into battle, the wisest general learns to know his enemy very, very well. You can’t defeat the enemy without knowing him. And when you’re trying to overcome a negative self-image and replace it with self-confidence, your enemy is yourself. Get to know yourself well. Start listening to your thoughts. Start writing a journal about yourself, and about the thoughts you have about yourself, and analyzing why you have such negative thoughts. And then think about the good things about yourself, the things you can do well, the things you like. Start thinking about your limitations, and whether they’re real limitations or just ones you’ve allowed to be placed there, artificially. Dig deep within yourself, and you’ll come out (eventually) with even greater self-confidence. I love this one!
6. Act positive. More than just thinking positive, you have to put it into action. Action, actually, is the key to developing self-confidence. It’s one thing to learn to think positive, but when you start acting on it, you change yourself, one action at a time. You are what you do, and so if you change what you do, you change what you are. Act in a positive way, take action instead of telling yourself you can’t, be positive. Talk to people in a positive way, put energy into your actions. You’ll soon start to notice a difference.
7.Set a small goal and achieve it. People often make the mistake of shooting for the moon, and then when they fail, they get discouraged. Instead, shoot for something much more achievable. Set a goal you know you can achieve, and then achieve it. You’ll feel good about that. Now set another small goal and achieve that. The more you achieve small goals, the better you’ll be at it, and the better you’ll feel. Soon you’ll be setting bigger (but still achievable) goals!! This makes you more confident so go for it!

We often forget that its our choice on how we  spend our life. No matter what is put into our path, the choice is always ours. We can dwell on the negative, or choose to run with the positive. We are capable in taking charge and the outcome will always be great if we constantly work on growing and adding value in our lives.

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Superfoods in a Bowl

Chocolate Superfoods in a bowl


After my workout,  I was going to have my favorite Shakeology recipe and I then decided to add it to a bowl. I blended it thicker with extra ice and almond milk.  I sliced up 1/4 of a banana and added some shredded coconut and about 1/4 of a cup of blackberries. I was in heaven and so were the kids!

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How To Stay On Track Over A Holiday Weekend

It’s the 4th of July weekenFruit-Flag-Fourth-roundupd and of course that just throws a curve ball into any healthy eating plan. Even the most discipled and dedicated people can get a little unfocused when there is an abundance of temptations in front of you! (This woman right here!) If you are like me, then you are feeling as though you want to eat all of the yummy delicious appetizers and over indulge. How could you not with all those family barbecues and trips to the beach or park?

This is the reason Ive decided to open up two new challenge groups. We all need that extra accountability this time of year.Everyone needs the extra motivation. Starting June 5th, we will be having a 5 Day No Junk and Squat Challenge. Immediately after, we will begin our Summer Survival Health and Fitness Group. Im really excited to dial right back into the nutrition and help more people along the way. Ive creating a easy to follow meal plan along with a shopping list and we are ready to kickstart June to a great month.

But in the meantime, the main point is that we don’t have to be super strict with ourselves. The main rule of thumb is to simply live life by the 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of your week is filled by you being on track and the other 20% is you enjoying with healthy limits.

I definitely don’t want anyone to ruin all of their hard so I wanted to share a few tips and recipes on how to survive the 4th of July.

The holiday has us all feeling off

  1. Take a healthy meal if you go to someone’s party: This way you know you have something that you can eat that is guilt free!
  2. Don’t skip your workout! If you are going to be enjoying summer treats, don’t schedule a rest day on a cheat day!In fact, don’t schedule a rest day at all during the weekend! If you happen to be on the road, you can use your Beachbody on demand app and get your workout in wherever you may be.
  3. If you want to have a drink, go for it! Enjoy yourself but stay away from sugar loaded fruity cocktails like wine, margaritas, cocktails with syrups and daquiries . They are just full of sugar and carbs. The best drinks to go for are really vodka and soda water with a splash of lemon or lime.
  4. Stay hydrated: The sun is hot and it’s easy to get dehydrated. So make sure you are constantly sipping your water and staying hydrated so you don’t confuse your thirst for hunger and begin to overeat! Aim to drink 1/2 your body weight in OUNCES of water each day! The more coffee you drink the more dehydrated you get, so sip that water!

Once the long weekend is over, we are heading on into our No Junk Food group and cleaning out our pantry to set ourselves up to succeed this week. What’s important during these days where we might not feel like our usual selves is that we pick up right where we left off. We must not dwell too much on what we did over the weekend or how much we ate. Lets put it all past us, and keep moving forward. After all, this journey is all about it one day at a time .

5 Day No Junk Challenge

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