A Piece Of Me

Growing up , It was always “ You have to go to college and get your degree “.

Well truth is , I did go to college . I hated it .

My heart wasn’t there . I left half way. I Felt really guilty about it too. I eventually went back for further business education because I’ve always been business minded .

But growing up , it was “ I have to set the example and be what society expects me to be so that I can get a good secure job and save for retirement “ pphfff I’m sorry , but NOTHING is secure these days .

Deep down, I knew I was meant to be creative , passionate , and hard working and I’ve always been open – minded about taking CHANCES. I’ve worked for myself since 21 years old and deep down I felt insecure about the fact that I never continued to pursue my college degree . I’ve had moments where I doubted myself or my abilities and fell in to a depression because I felt lost and realized I wanted to be more flexible and make my schedule work AROUND my family .

I come from a family of strong females who’ve become successful in their own way. I was raised around a family with strong values and a strong work ethic. That’s literally who I am.

It wasn’t until I started to have kids that I realized I was meant for more . I’m meant to leave a legacy for them . I’m meant to create something amazing so that they can know that their mommy followed her dreams and passions and was successful whether that’s opening up my own salon, creating a community with an amazing movement , and meeting and helping people from all over the country . Whatever God has planned for us will be but I will never stop pursuing the things I love and neither should you!

I don’t ever want my kids to think that they HAVE to go do something because society expects them to or that they will never be successful doing something they love ! I will support them 

After having Elijah, I felt like I lost a whole part of me . Isn’t it funny how our seasons change ? That passion and fire was lost . I felt fake when I would go to the salon and always put a smile on my face either way .

I literally went to work and just went through the motions of life . I was exhausted all the time and always caught up with just trying to make sure I felt like I was contributing enough, being that Mom on top of therapies , and managing my clients at the salon. I ended up cutting back my days to be home more yet woke up and just went right back to the same non stop routine . I was burnt out and had NO balance . I was unfulfilled because I never made time to pour MY cup.

When the opportunity to get healthier and embrace a journey of self discovery came my way, I jumped on it . I had nothing to lose but inches . I knew that things would eventually get better IF I got better mentally .Cannot get other user media. API shut down by Instagram. Sorry. Display only your media.

I honestly chose my faith over fear and knew that God had a plan for us. After going through this huge transformation mentally , physically, spiritually, I suddenly had this huge amount of fire in me . I was tested in so many ways to only come out stronger than ever .

I’ve always known that sometimes things happen and we have to find the GOOD in as many situations as we can instead of complain and feel sorry for ourselves . It’s ok to be sad , angry , depressed , Scary … but it’s even better to get back up and believe in yourself a little more and more each day! All of that takes work . Daily too.

I quickly realized that what I found was changing my life . It’s ok to have multiple passions and pursue all that you love . It’s ok to be a working mom who barely has time for grace sometimes . Its ok to be imperfect. Embrace that shit . It’s ok to be you and if someone has a problem with all that, then they’re just NOT your people .

I believe everyone should be part of my wellness community . Why? Because you will all of a sudden start to discover yourself , you open up the lid to even MORE of your potential, and you start to wake up in such a good mood! It really makes a difference when you surround yourself with others who are striving to be better versions of themselves too. The way we make others feel tells A LOT about us and I want to be that person who makes others feel good too. I want to surround myself with those people too! 

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Life is Beautiful

I can’t believe how much my life has changed in a year! Seriously! This time last year, my husband and I were getting settled into our new mortgage payment on top of having some unforeseen financial circumstances. I know it could’ve been worse, but having a new home, a legal matter that drained our finances , two young children and bills can get pretty stressful. I’ve learned that happiness doesn’t stem from how much money you make or how much time you can put into being home with your kids.   I believe we have the ability to draw out our own happiness and for everyone it may be different. I thought I was happy because I had it all. A new home, a job I love with all my heart, children , health, a loving husband,  but I felt something was missing. I was missing. I didn’t even know who I was anymore!


The lack of sleep , the mommy guilt, the dirty diapers, and the long nursing sessions…. I didn’t even want to spend time with my husband because I was so tired. My second had and still has a habit in being extra clingy. I wasn’t used to this as my first was always so independent from day 1.  I know I sound like Im complaining and I promise Im not. I love my kids with all my heart. I cherish every single day with them even on the tough days. But when you have a child with an airway disease, you happen to be on constant ” fight or flight ” mode. I found myself feeling so negative and scared all the time . I felt guilty that I wasn’t paying enough attention to my first child. I felt so overwhelmed with trying to balance out my professional life with my home life. I questioned my parenting. As a hairdresser, clients want to know your business. A true professional says the least amount possible . I felt like I was a professional and pretending I was doing great.  Doctors and specialists appointments felt as though they were scheduled every week. I adopted the negative mindset due to al my fears and worries constantly taking over.

One day, I decided it was time to put my health first. It all started with a challenge pack . I was sick and tired of feeling so lost. I don’t care what anyone says . I know having baby is the biggest blessing in the world. Of course it is. When your second comes around, you think you have it all figured out because your like ” ok I got this ” But  I was wrong . Im learning to just ” Let go and let God “. The investment I made on myself that day has been the best investment Ive ever made on myself.

When I first started my 21 day fix program, I told myself I couldn’t do this .I couldn’t find the motivation to push play. I didn’t have time to go to the gym. When I did, I always found myself doing the same boring routine or didn’t know what to do. Not to mention, my insecurities were to the fullest . I was a constant negative Nancy and of course I would never admit that. I had zero time to plan and take action. Ultimately, I kept hurting myself. I had every excuse in the book.  When I pushed play, the kids weren’t used to it, so they wanted to jump on me. They were excited and then they wanted my attention… of course they did . You know how kids are. But I stayed consistent by staying true to my thoughts and little goals I set for myself. My kids started to look forward to seeing mommy workout. Then it dawned on me that I really needed to work out before my day officially started.  I constantly reminded myself that the real change wouldn’t happen unless I changed. I stopped making the excuses and put myself first.

This is not a selfish thing to do . I believe its essential . Im  happy and my marriage is on track again. I have more energy for my husband, my kids,and I found myself again. The balance will always be a struggle. I go through moments where everything family picis great and then all of a sudden, one area in my life needs extra attention. So i roll with it. I go along with the different seasons in my life and i prioritize whats most important each day. Im not the old person I used to be. Ive seen how bad things can change over night. Our lives aren’t promised and I don’t ever want to die feeling unfulfilled.  I believe that when you go through some of your toughest times, its up to you to use it as a bridge to walk across rather than to barricade yourself.

I think this is why being a coach means so much to me. I believe that living a healthy lifestyle is essential for optimal health and wellness. It doesn’t matter what workouts you do, as long as you move for at least 30 minutes and eat foods that fuel your body rather than deplete your energy. I don’t believe in taking medicine to control my appetite, stimulants to give me more energy, or supplements to make me lose weight faster. I believe in whole food nutrition and I know thats why I love shakeology so much. When I first signed up to be a coach, I did it for my discount .But then I found out that I was motivating others to get up and go. People could relate to me . What makes me happy is helping others see that they too can change. Coaching is about being yourself, growing to your highest potential, and simply sharing with others what this lifestyle can do . Coaching is something that isn’t easy, but the reward is greater.  Im not perfect. Im a work in progress who still tries to be controlling in my own ways. I’m working on these flaws. But I love myself and I know who I am. Im a mom and a wife who loves to help others. Ive never been so connected with the woman I am today . I love my life . Im so blessed .

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