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I’m back!


The last few months have been a little crazy. We’ve had so much fun getting out with the kids this summer. But truth is, I have no idea where June and July went. I can’t believe how fast the year is flying by. You with me ?

With the kids being off from school, our usual routine was thrown off. We had an amazing summer together and I try to always remember to give myself some grace in the midst of the chaos. We even had some relatives visit from out of state which was nice.

I’ve decided to turn my blog in to a documentary of our lives with a sprinkle of lifestyle and motherhood tips. It’s therapeutic for me. Things have been pretty tough this month and I can feel myself coming out of the funk I’ve been in . On a good note, I have been introduced with such amazing opportunities that continue to show me I’m doing exactly what I’ve been called to do in my life. We also just celebrated our 8th wedding Anniversary after being together for 17 years! We’ve been through so much together and I’m so grateful for it all. We’ve both grown so much since being little teens and our marriage is beautiful . We’re both busy with personal goals and projects all while trying to make time for ourselves. He is a keeper .

First off, do you ever look at your kids and just ask yourself ” Where the heck is time going ? “

I can’t believe how fast my daughter is growing. She just started second grade . I look at her and I’m in awe with the little girl she is becoming. It seems like everything has been an argument lately and she sure enjoys making sure I understand that she is a big girl now. I just adore her and want to encourage her to be herself and speak her truth . This summer we took a break from Girl Scouts aside from having their Brownie Bridging Ceremony and camping at the zoo. Volunteering to be her Troop Leader has been an amazing experience .

I told myself that I would figure it out along the way because this is something that Ava and I can do together. Every now and then that mom guilt sets in and I think that I need to give my daughter more attention in the midst of this new extra needs journey with my son .  Our new Troop  season starts in October and I’m heading in to this new season positive and optimistic because I have one year under my belt. I’m learning as I go and this is such an amazing opportunity for our girls. I plan on delegating more with the parents , being more organized with my meetings, and creating some awesome memories with the girls!  I’ve told myself that being busy is a privilege . Being busy is good as long as you stop to smell the roses and learn to give yourself some grace along the way .

My son just started preschool. He is 4 years old and this will be his second year of school. Its been a while since I’ve shared much about our journey in here . I guess you can say I’ve been a tad paralyzed with fear and the constant reminder that everyone sure has an opinion with how they think children should be raised or their way is the right way. The reality is that my reality is hard sometimes. One thing that was really bothering me was that anytime I shared anything , I felt like people or even my husband would say ” Why are you sharing that?” or ” Well… it doesn’t look like anything is wrong with your son ” Then I would feel like I was opening up myself to opinions that I just did not feel like hearing. I’ve come to realize that I’m not alone and some other parents have bigger problems . So if you can relate at all with my journey, please be sure to connect with me!

Truth is that there is nothing wrong with my son. He has an ability is how I like to see it . One thing I find super frustrating is how long it takes to just get some answers . Not just that, but I hate that children have to be labeled to get some help . My goal is to be the best mom I can be for my kids and to put my family first before anything. Elijah’s diagnosis at three years old was a speech and language impairment and a developmental delay. That is when a lot of doors to new resources opened up for us. For the longest time, my husband and I were so financially drained with co-pays, opinions, evaluations, check ups, and worries. We have found that we are his voice and we have to do whats best for him . Not just that, but those diagnosis’ mean nothing. We treat him normal except we’re learning more and more about how important it is to be patient and more understanding to his behaviors. 

I’m blessed in the sense that I’ve been able to get my son some intervention since we was two years old. For the longest time, he was receiving early intervention, occupational therapy, speech, and physical therapy. We later added behavioral therapy too. I found an incredible therapy based preschool that is perfect for him and we discontinued therapy. Our local school district did not make it easy to get him qualified to get there and the whole process was long-  But worth it .

My anxiety has been through the roof lately because I’ve been over- thinking and playing scenarios in my head about the transition from preschool to kinder. Then I start asking myself if this district is even right for him. The biggest hurdle are the tantrums and the behavioral and sensory issues he tends to have at times. I go back and forth about seeking ABA Therapy for him . I was hesitant about whether or not I should seek such an aggressive therapy for all of us . The worst part was  that I finally decided to go for it because I do not want him to think that its ok to act the way he does when he doesnt get him way at times. He is such a smart cookie and super receptive. He understands everything you say . His attention span is super short at times, he has been having many accidents with potty training when he’s been potty trained for almost a year now , and he can get pretty defiant quick. It takes some work to calm him down. He gets loud, whiny, and will zone out when he gets over – stimulated. His vocabulary has increased and I hear him trying to say new words and sounds. He is constantly improving at his own pace and I just have to meet him where he is at.

Now I know it sounds like I’m complaining here, but this is my normal. This is what I’ve been dealing with and as Elijah’s mom, I only want whats best for him.  So after finally calling to get approved for this therapy, ofcourse my PPO won’t cover it . So I tried with our secondary insurance for him and found out they would only cover him if he has a diagnosis of Autism. This is when reality sank in for me recently. There is a possibility that my child could be on the spectrum. Now I’ve been waiting for answers for the longest time but his pediatrician and director of his school both say sure he has delays that are similar, but he does not meet that box. I personally am not ready to have another psychologist evaluate my child. I would like to give it more time because Im already doing everything I need to do to get him the help he needs. We have a consultation next month for genetic testing and that alone is a lot to think about right now .

So in a nutshell, my thoughts and emotions have been all over the place. Answers will come and either way, it doesn’t matter to me if my child gets another diagnosis . A diagnosis does not define your child and only gets them more help. But sometimes I do feel like children are over diagnosed the second a medical professional evaluates them . That’s my personal opinion.  But truth is, as his mom, I know him better than anyone. I know I sound like an in denial parent, but I’m just speaking from the heart here. This is all so new for me. He is a normal 4 year old little guy who loves nerf guns, playdoh, and tools. He loves people. He is social, friendly, compassionate, and outgoing. He even looks you in the eyes.  I feel like sometimes they just want to put a label on your child in order to open up some additional resources for them. These thoughts I have are really hard for me to explain . But time, faith, prayer , and patience is what we have. I’m so thankful for his incredible team of teachers/ therapists who take the time to talk to me and and offer comfort and tips. We have to trust the process because everyone is unique and different.

Aside from heading to the salon on my work days, my workouts and my coaching business have been an amazing outlet for me. I’ve taken a step back in the sense where I’m focusing on family and marriage before anything. My wellness is the biggest priority right now and my wellness groups mean the world to me . I love waking up to my amazing rock stars striving to be better versions of themselves and making themselves a priority too. I’m blessed with this incredible gift of helping others live healthier and more fulfilling lives too. Beachbody has changed my life for the better. I do not know where I would be if I didn’t have these incredible workouts and nutrition guidance. The old me would be eating everything in plain site and probably at an unhealthy weight. My wellness journey and coaching business is a way for me to give back and feel good at the same time. Thank goodness my husband and I are on the same page and stronger than ever. If we weren’t, I think I would literally be broken . I’m so blessed .


They say when you’re feeling down, the best thing to do is to turn it around and use that energy to help others.


Sometimes we have to remember that life can get pretty messy . That’s just how it is. Our mess is what others might be praying for. I tend to keep myself super busy and I’m learning to let go and just slow down .


We have so much to be thankful for and I’m looking forward to our family vacation coming up!






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Parenting With A Speech And Language Delay

These last couple of months have been such a huge stepping stone for my little man and such a huge emotional and spiritual breakthrough for myself. The biggest issue I have is how hard I am on myself as a mother  and that is something that I am working on . I find owning my truth to really help me cope.

I still remember the day I went in for my child’s psychological exam results and hearing the woman tell me that my child scored low enough to be able to diagnose him with mild intellectual delay. In my defense , I let her know that she barely knew my child and simply sat in a room with him for one hour. He was having an off day. She suggested I be OK with the diagnosis on paper in order to get my child qualified for additional services through our local regional center. I found out that this would allow my son to qualify for services for as long as he needs them.  I walked out of that office really confused and upset because I don’t believe my child is intellectually delayed. I cried a lot  and I was so confused. Yet I questioned myself because I also do not want to sound like a mom who is over reactive and in denial. Its hard to explain this to someone who has never been through it. Everyone has an opinion and all that matters is what we as parents choose to do for our child.

After giving it a few days and talking it over with my husband, we agreed to move forward with the intent of being able to get him qualified for all the services he needs. Will this affect his future? Will this be a for sure diagnosis ? Will my son be able to be mainstreamed and be in a regular school setting ? Everything was piling up in my head and to this day it still does. After asking all of the many questions we had, we decided to do whats best for our son. My son has a language and speech delay and he is the most amazing and perfect little soul. Because he is delayed in this area, he scored low in his receptive and expressive language as well. I also believe that because he was in the NICU for 5 weeks and lost a lot of oxygen , it delayed him in some areas. He didn’t have the easiest first month of life. He actually struggled to breathe many times before he was able to come home. He is so smart and understands what you tell him. I can stand there with him and have a conversation with him and he eagerly tries to express himself. I’m his momma and I am his everything. When he was a baby, I taught him a few signs and that really helped us a lot in the beginning. My son is not intellectually delayed. In fact, he is extra special and such a smart and loving child.

For the longest time I doubted that there was an issue. Boys just develop later than girls. All kids are different and grow at their own pace. The first two years of my sons life consisted of the many doctors appointments, lack of sleep, paperwork, tests, specialist visits, physical therapy, early intervention, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. I was exhausted. I still am at times . But then something just clicked.

I realized that speech and language delays are super common. I realized I needed to get myself together and stand tall. I also realized that there is a huge amount of other parents going through the same feeling I have. I have to be at my best and feel my best if I want to raise these two beautiful humans God has blessed us with. No matter how much I questioned everything, how in denial I was, how tired I was, how unhappy I felt, and how sluggish I felt, I needed to get it together for my kids. Who cares if I have to cut back on hours at the salon. Who cares if I have to have a lower paycheck so that I can be home and present with my kids. Who cares about everything else in my life. What matters is living in the moment and being here for my kids because today will eventually be the past. The minute I decided to openly talk about this, everyone had a suggestion. Everyone has an opinion.  Ultimately it comes down to you as the parent. You know whats best for your child and no one else. Your child is normal and everyone has issues. You just have to work on your issues a lot more than others.

Throughout the early stages of this journey I found my love for health and wellness. I came across a fellow mom’s positive post about how good she was feeling and I felt envious. I felt awful about myself, my body, my marriage, and I was tired of being tired all the time. That was when I drew the line in the sand. I decided to try my first fitness program, the 21 day fix. I fell in love with the results  and decided to try to pay it forward. Why not.  I never knew this was capable as I have absolutely no background in fitness other than being out of shape and wanting to be healthy. But I believe God brought me this new venture because he knows I need to feel my best and I needed a positive outlet. He knows that I can use this platform to connect with other people who have felt the same.

I started to get my life back. Then my stress and anxiety started to get so much better. I started getting results in all areas of my life. Once it became clear to me that my son was delayed in some areas, I became more aware of the many issues we were experiencing in our household and it all started to make sense. I finally let my guard down and decided to be more open about this.  The frustration was picking up and the tantrums can get really bad from the frustration. Once he gets to a certain point of frustration, its impossible to get his attention until I let him calm down. The sensory seeking became something I was now aware of and started to educate myself about. The world of sensory seeking is extremely common with kids who have extra needs.  This little guy loves to bite anything and everything. He ruined our brand new blinds with all of his teeth marks. To this day he loves to put everything in his mouth. Its a  coping mechanism. It all started to make sense and as much as I get frustrated too, I hold myself together and knee down to his level and try to put myself in his shoes. I repeat myself over and over and I ask him to do the same. It’s not his fault and its important that I tell myself that its not my fault either. I am an amazing mom to both my son and daughter. We are doing the best we can. He is making so much progress with the weekly therapy sessions and I know that we see and hear so much progress each and every week. What bothers me is when people tell me he looks normal and he is normal. Ofcourse he is normal. He just have some extra needs . He is no different. In fact, he is extra special.

This is a journey of its own and I try to remember that its important to sneak away and spend alone the time with my daughter too. I think I’m doing a really good job at that. I found out that I really love being a entrepreneur and for the longest time I was so hard on myself about this. Its ok to want to build two businesses and deal with all these issues too. I feel like I have been given this incredible platform to show other people that everything is going to be ok . I am walking proof that you can be an amazing parent, a business builder , and a good wife all at once. You can have it all . I do not believe in balance as much as before . I believe in molding it all together as much as you can though .

Health and wellness are crucial if you want to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Health is wealth. Not monetary items. I love that I am now building this incredible team of other woman who are on their own journey as well. We empower one another, life each other up, and hold each other accountable.

If you find yourself feeling sick and tired of feeling tired all the time like I did, lets talk. I would be more than happy to show you how you can start your journey too. Fill out this form and we will be in contact. No matter how hard life gets or how much you are going through, it starts with that decision to make the change for yourself. Its like that saying ” In order for things to get better, you have to be better ” and I agree.

I know that all of this is a gift and I’m so grateful. I have no idea what to do sometimes or how to even express these feelings I have. Im learning to accept what is and only change what I can change.  Writing about it and sharing helps. Deflecting my positive energy on to others helps. But I don’t expect most to understand. The journey is priceless and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m happy I get to work from home and spend the days with my children while providing an additional income . I’m looking forward to summer time and I plan on really creating some awesome memories with the kids. I’m so full of gratitude and I love my life. My daughter just graduated from  kindergarten and she is the sweetest little girl with the biggest heart,  smile,  and imagination. My son is healthy and thriving. My marriage is special and my love is so supportive and such an amazing dad. I get to wake up feeling fulfilled each day. It doesn’t get any better than this. I am blessed.







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Day 1 Insanity Max 30

I am a big believer in planning. Im sure you’ve heard the term ” Fail to plan , plan to fail “. I truly feel like meal planning is the most important part of your week. Further more, I believe we must raise our own bar! We have to raise our standards for life in general. I have some goals Im trying to accomplish throughout the rest of the year and one of them is to complete Insanity Max 30 even after a surgery Im having. This is the time of year when those extra lbs start to creep up and we get so tempted to dig in to all the holiday food.

If you’re just getting started in your fitness journey or you’re well on your way to your goals, you already know how important it is to have a plan for your day! If you don’t have a plan, its basically setting yourself up for failure. I just finished completing my fitness program Hammer & Chisel. It was amazing. I enjoyed every second of it because I worked every muscle in my body. I have seen a huge difference in my body so Im a little curious to see how well I do following Sean T!

Pre Hammer & Chisel
Pre Hammer & Chisel

I am so excited to start Insanity Max 30! What I like is that it’s not a fad diet. Its simple clean eating and portion control. In fact, this is what I love about all of the fitness programs I’ve done. Not one has you starving yourself and its about keeping it simple . Most people don’t know proper portions. We are so programmed to eat what is on our plates. Im going to dial in hard with my nutrition this month and really focus on getting results for myself and our team.

Insanity Max 30 comes with two types of plans. Plan A and plan B. I will be following plan A and I must track my food with my food tracker each day . It feels nice when I know that Im tracking and logging my food. I don’t have all the time to sit and track my meals because lets just face it, Im a working mom of two little ones! I set some time on sundays to sit for an hour and plan my week out, and track my food! If I can do this, so can you! My meal guide suggests that I eat 5 meals a day : breakfast, lunch, dinner , and two snacks. This is how I usually eat so I know Im going to love this . Its about keeping it real and keeping it simple! I will be using my portion control containers to make my life easier and portion out my food the right way.

Each day Im supposed to be consuming 3 servings of a veggie option, 2 servings of fruits, 4 servings of proteins, two carb servings, 1 healthy fat and 1 seeds/ dressings options. I  think I can manage this! I definitely feel a difference in my body when I plan and take action. I will still be having my coffee , but Im considering switching to black this month. Tea and coffee are not bad for you. They’re both filled with anti- oxidants, which reduce symptoms of stress. Maybe thats  why Im so addicted to coffee! Tea and coffee promote fat burning , they have no calories as long as you don’t load them with cream and sugar!

After Hammer & Chisel Day 90
After Hammer & Chisel Day 90

Im so excited to get started on this new journey! I’ve come such a long way when it comes to loving myself for who I am and accepting my flaws. All I know is that even before I had kids, I never had the confidence to rock a two piece. I may have all of my stretch marks, but they reflect the kind of woman I am. I am strong. I am bold. I am me.

It’s not too late to join us . We are kicking off October to a great start. We will be dialing in to our nutrition together, I will be sharing nutrition tips , recipes , and ideas on how to overcome emotional eating and excuses.

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If You Want Change, You Have To Believe In Yourself

Our biggest fear is failure.  People can be so quick to give up on themselves, quit or throw in the towel!  Don’t view failing that way. Just because you failed at something does not make YOU a failure!! There is a difference. It’s not about the mistakes and failures you have in life, but it has EVERYTHING to do with how you handle them!! Learn and grow from your situation.  This is what determines your outcome, and determines whether you move forward in life or remain the same. commited

The ONLY way to FAIL is if YOU quit, stop, or do nothing. Instead, use these mistakes and failures as moments you learn and grow from! What can you learn from this to become better?  Some things have happened to me in my personal life lately which have reminded me how important it is to ground myself when my life seems off balance. It’s ok to step away from one thing and revisit the other that seems to be off balance. At this point in my life, I truly feel as though there is no such thing as the perfect work, life and family balance. There is no such thing as that picture perfect life. Most people paint this facade and in reality, they are the ones afraid to reveal who they really are. Your happiness matters and it feels good to be real and be true to yourself. There will be people who question you or who think their route is the way to go. There will be people who simply don’t understand and never will. Then there are the people who have no drive what so ever and want to just settle for the easy way.  There will also be the people who you once thought were your friends, yet they were nowhere when you really needed them the most.  We all are on our own journey. Just smile, run with the willing, and don’t waste your time dwelling on what didn’t happen. What works for someone else , might not work for you. The most important thing is that you keep pushing forward and don’t stop fighting for what you want or believe in.Forget the nay sayers or the opinions of others. Those will always be there. Everyone has an opinion. One thing Im learning is that I don’t have to sit around and accept those opinions and let them get to me. I am in control of my life. I choose how I want to react to situations.   There is no straight line to success with anything in life. It’s a jagged road with bumps, cliffs, twists and turns…..boy do I know this already! But if you can make it through all of that,  the destination will be BEAUTIFUL and so worth it!!IMG_0229

Take it one day at a time! Don’t be afraid to fail!! If you are not failing, then you are not GROWING! We only have one life and we should all be encouraging each other to be better and do better things in this world! The best way to succeed is to help others. Just like one of my favorite mentors says, ” The secret to living is giving.”  Never stop learning and always do more. Don’t settle for mediocrity. It all starts with being OK with making mistakes and failing. We fall, we learn from our mistakes, we redirect and we take that knowledge and use it to MOVE FORWARD. The most successful people in this world, are the ones who FAILED the most. Always remind yourself why you are working so hard and keep pushing yourself.  I know my why, do you?

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Life is Beautiful

I can’t believe how much my life has changed in a year! Seriously! This time last year, my husband and I were getting settled into our new mortgage payment on top of having some unforeseen financial circumstances. I know it could’ve been worse, but having a new home, a legal matter that drained our finances , two young children and bills can get pretty stressful. I’ve learned that happiness doesn’t stem from how much money you make or how much time you can put into being home with your kids.   I believe we have the ability to draw out our own happiness and for everyone it may be different. I thought I was happy because I had it all. A new home, a job I love with all my heart, children , health, a loving husband,  but I felt something was missing. I was missing. I didn’t even know who I was anymore!


The lack of sleep , the mommy guilt, the dirty diapers, and the long nursing sessions…. I didn’t even want to spend time with my husband because I was so tired. My second had and still has a habit in being extra clingy. I wasn’t used to this as my first was always so independent from day 1.  I know I sound like Im complaining and I promise Im not. I love my kids with all my heart. I cherish every single day with them even on the tough days. But when you have a child with an airway disease, you happen to be on constant ” fight or flight ” mode. I found myself feeling so negative and scared all the time . I felt guilty that I wasn’t paying enough attention to my first child. I felt so overwhelmed with trying to balance out my professional life with my home life. I questioned my parenting. As a hairdresser, clients want to know your business. A true professional says the least amount possible . I felt like I was a professional and pretending I was doing great.  Doctors and specialists appointments felt as though they were scheduled every week. I adopted the negative mindset due to al my fears and worries constantly taking over.

One day, I decided it was time to put my health first. It all started with a challenge pack . I was sick and tired of feeling so lost. I don’t care what anyone says . I know having baby is the biggest blessing in the world. Of course it is. When your second comes around, you think you have it all figured out because your like ” ok I got this ” But  I was wrong . Im learning to just ” Let go and let God “. The investment I made on myself that day has been the best investment Ive ever made on myself.

When I first started my 21 day fix program, I told myself I couldn’t do this .I couldn’t find the motivation to push play. I didn’t have time to go to the gym. When I did, I always found myself doing the same boring routine or didn’t know what to do. Not to mention, my insecurities were to the fullest . I was a constant negative Nancy and of course I would never admit that. I had zero time to plan and take action. Ultimately, I kept hurting myself. I had every excuse in the book.  When I pushed play, the kids weren’t used to it, so they wanted to jump on me. They were excited and then they wanted my attention… of course they did . You know how kids are. But I stayed consistent by staying true to my thoughts and little goals I set for myself. My kids started to look forward to seeing mommy workout. Then it dawned on me that I really needed to work out before my day officially started.  I constantly reminded myself that the real change wouldn’t happen unless I changed. I stopped making the excuses and put myself first.

This is not a selfish thing to do . I believe its essential . Im  happy and my marriage is on track again. I have more energy for my husband, my kids,and I found myself again. The balance will always be a struggle. I go through moments where everything family picis great and then all of a sudden, one area in my life needs extra attention. So i roll with it. I go along with the different seasons in my life and i prioritize whats most important each day. Im not the old person I used to be. Ive seen how bad things can change over night. Our lives aren’t promised and I don’t ever want to die feeling unfulfilled.  I believe that when you go through some of your toughest times, its up to you to use it as a bridge to walk across rather than to barricade yourself.

I think this is why being a coach means so much to me. I believe that living a healthy lifestyle is essential for optimal health and wellness. It doesn’t matter what workouts you do, as long as you move for at least 30 minutes and eat foods that fuel your body rather than deplete your energy. I don’t believe in taking medicine to control my appetite, stimulants to give me more energy, or supplements to make me lose weight faster. I believe in whole food nutrition and I know thats why I love shakeology so much. When I first signed up to be a coach, I did it for my discount .But then I found out that I was motivating others to get up and go. People could relate to me . What makes me happy is helping others see that they too can change. Coaching is about being yourself, growing to your highest potential, and simply sharing with others what this lifestyle can do . Coaching is something that isn’t easy, but the reward is greater.  Im not perfect. Im a work in progress who still tries to be controlling in my own ways. I’m working on these flaws. But I love myself and I know who I am. Im a mom and a wife who loves to help others. Ive never been so connected with the woman I am today . I love my life . Im so blessed .

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Strive For Progress

Tomorrow starts week 2 of my current Challenge Group. So far the energy has been great and a few of my challengers who’ve already weighed themselves has already lost weight! I can’t even begin to describe my excitement. It brings me joy that people are having more energy and feeling good about themselves. The truth is, anyone on their fitness journey at some point starts reflecting. What I mean is, we start thinking in a different way once we’re truly in made the decision to meet our goal or have already met our goal. Atleast I have. I literally feel like a different person .

Nutrition and Fitness are important but the key to lifelong change is beyond motivation! Its about finding the right balance and accepting yourself no matter what life throws at you. This lifestyle should be more than a number on the scale and counting calories. It has to be about a whole lifestyle of taking care of yourself and focusing on wellness and wholeness. It has to be about becoming the strongest version of yourself.

Mindset is key. Believe you can and nothing will stop you
Mindset is key. Believe you can and nothing will stop you

For those of you who don’t know me and haven’t read up on my story, Im a driven mom of two. Ive always been heavier for my size. Ive never been morbidly obese, but I weighed in at over 210 lbs with both pregnancies.I gained over 55 lbs with both pregnancies and when my second was born, he was born with aortic stenosis and laryngomalacia. 5 weeks in the NICU put a lot of stress on not only me, but my family.My mom was also recovering from battling breast cancer. I was that person who knew how to remain strong because lets just face it, you never know how strong you are until you have to be. My son never ate well, slept well and I always went to bed worried in the beginning. I don’t really think my body had a chance to heal and instead, held on to everything including stress. Stress makes us sick, tired, moody, depressed, and not ourselves . I decided it was finally time to make a change. I always felt out of breath, sluggish and never felt good about myself.Then I found out I had thyroid issues. My doctor confirmed with me that I needed to lose weight or I would become diabetic. SO it was then that I never looked back . I decided to decrease my work days to stay home with both of my kids and I think this made me feel even more tired considering my son has 4 different therapy sessions on my days off and lets just face it, parenting is a lot of work yet so priceless . Im glad I made a decision to make my health and happiness a priority.

Throughout my journey so far, I can say that Im now truly accepting myself because Im the most happiest, confident , and strongest version of myself. Ive come to realize that the scale should never be something we can rely on. Our weight fluctuates. We lose, we gain and its never ending.

Setting small weekly goals has been my ultimate motivation aside from becoming stronger than ever .My goal weight was exactly that: a goal. It was a goal made at a certain time in my life when I needed a number on the scale to keep me motivated toward slimming down. I needed that number, I needed that reassurance that my body was indeed changing, no matter the minute. The scale was my friend, not my enemy – and we became closer, the harder I worked. My body has changed, different milestones in my life have happened, and my goals are now a bit different.

If you let yourself reach a certain goal, you’ll lack inspiration to push forward and keep being a better version of yourself. Every day, you should strive to be a better person – that doesn’t necessarily need to be about health, it can be about anything (work, family, relationships, etc). This is exactly where Im at today. We have different seasons in our lives where things tend to be off balanced and we just have to learn to roll with the punches and keep pushing to get better .

My new goal is to remain focused on continuing to be a better mom and wife. But I know the key to that formula is to always work on myself. A healthier lifestyle creates healthy habits for both my family and I. I’ve realized that throughout my fit journey and starting my own coaching business, something I’ve enjoyed most is inspiring others to reach their health goals. Every time I see a post on my social media that says, “I saw this picture and thn I went to the gym!” I smile and feel a rush of happiness immediately. Maybe this job is meant for me because I love it. For now , Im going to continue doing what I love and always striving to get better at it. Ive learned that Im a work in progress. I also know that we have bad days. When we do, its important to keep pushing through, accepting yourself and loving who you are because its all about taking it one day at a time.

Regardless, we’re all works in progress – embrace it!


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