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The Love Yourself Project

The one thing we know and tend to hear over and over again is that we as women beat ourselves up all the time! If its not you, its someone you know. We are quick to point out our flaws, focus on the negative and compare ourselves to other

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, to take care of yourself, and to make YOUR happiness a priority. It is completely necessary.”

We are first to put ourselves on the back burner when life gets busy and we supress our emotions because we have to be strong as mom, wife and friend! We hear over and over how busy life is , yet we revert back to the same self-sabotaging cycle.

For 21 days, we are going to focus on loving ourselves more. We can’t give all of our love to others if we don’t love ourselves first.

We are going to love on our bodies with physical exercise daily and focus on our mindset by learning ways to turn that negativity into positivity.

Does this sound like something you can use in your life?

We will continue honoring our bodies by making time for ourselves. We are honoring our bodies b
y nourishing it with good nutrtion and we are going to teach you how!

We will break down how to plan for a good week and provide you simple easy to follow recipes and accountability.
I am also going to be matching you up with a fitness program that meets your needs and goal. I will also guide you from start to finish. Im going to provide you all the tools you need to be successful at this just as I have.

You will be required to log in daily to our private app based accountability group for the tips of the day and daily motivation in the group.

Comment below or send me an email at Jaclyn@TheFitHairdresser.com  Registration closes March 5 Th. to ensure you get your program in time for our prep week.

Its time to start LOVING and honoring your beautiful body again

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