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The Transformation Begins With Deciding

I need to shout out all the amazing COUPLES and MOM’S in my health and fitness groups! SERIOUSLY! This is such a TOUGH time to work on your health and fitness! Its easy to quit and set it all aside. Its a tough time because we have constant temptations being thrown out at us. But knowing that you are WORKING HARD for those extra calories sure does enough to your mindset rather than let yourself go! Its far better to work hard rather than feel bloated, stressed out, and tired. sal

Look at my amazing husband. He is so passionate about taking care of himself again. He looks amazing! It shows! I know he feels great too and not to mention he has A LOT more energy!

Let me just say that when you are two working parents of little ones like us, it feels good when you are taking care of yourself and it also makes you closer in a lot of ways! It gives us that time to do something together when we are so busy and barely have time for convo’s sometimes LOL. We don’t always get to workout together with our schedules , but it feels good knowing we are doing something we said we were going to! The kids are able to see us do this together as a team and It also makes it fun.

To me its not even about the scale. Its about the NON SCALE VICTORIES! He put on a sweatshirt that sat in our closet for over a year and it fit him SO GOOD! It was his first time wearing it! Made me feel happy .

Leticia, in my “Mom’s On A mission Group ” messaged me this” I got into my JLO Jeans without breaking a sweat this weekend. Im still down 8 lbs from the beginning of the month, Im super happy, I did pig out, BUT I worked our hard for those calories. I have walked over 100 miles in the month of November! ”

Jazzmyn, in my ” Moms On A Mission ” Group is going to school, working full time AND commutes. Every morning I see her check in her workout and it puts a smile on my face. She loves her program and is feeling a big difference from barely starting a few weeks ago. I see her cooking healthier foods and they look delicious!

Monica is down 39 lbs from a few groups ago and is still feeling better than ever. Its amazing to see people’s progress and seeing the difference in how they feel . Im not just talking health wise, but the feeling of how good your life feels.

This is what its about for me. Its about PROGRESS and NOT perfection. Im here to root you on, check on you, help you set up the right meal plan for you, encourage you, and be your sounding board! Your fitness journey is a journey and its important to have the best support along the way. Its about getting through the daily hurdles and STAYING committed. OFCOURSE IT’S HARD. But thats what makes it all worthwhile. Its about who you become after. Not about how much weight you want to lose. The weight is one of the MANY perks though. Its about taking it one day, one week, and one month at a time!

For me, my biggest accomplishment this month has been hosting TWO groups at once despite all of my personal stuff going on , sticking to my program Core De Force, and feeling more toned than ever after two 50lb PLUS pregnancies! The fact that I see COUPLES working out together and doing a program together really touches my soul.

WHY? Well because I know first hand that LIFE IS BUSY. Things are ALWAYS going on. If its not ONE thing, its 12 THINGS. Hearing and seeing couples make that time to workout together and do this together is a good feeling. Seeing MOM’s doing this for them and no one else is amazing. Its life-changing actually. Im so proud and blessed to have you all on this journey with me! This is what true transformation is. The transformation is from within. Its about doing something for yourself finally and becoming a better person , a goal getter, and much more driven than you thought you were.

If you find yourself being that person who wants a change in YOUR life like I once did and you find yourself saying ” NEXT time or next month ” , I encourage you to JOIN us and take your journey one day at a time. Our next group ” Holiday Hustle ” starts Dec 12th. Comment “More Info” or simply shoot me a message. You can also email me at Jaclyn@TheFitHairdresser.com too.

Put yourself at the top of your To-Do List for once.
Get a head start before the holidays!

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