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The Ultimate Portion Fix

If you’ve completed any Beachbody program in the last 5 years, then you’ve probably used the Portion Fix containers — almost every meal plan uses them in some form! Well, now those containers are getting an overhaul with the Ultimate Portion Fix. I’m excited because I’m actually in the process of becoming a certified portion fix coach! This is only going to allow me to help even more people.


Why try the Ultimate Portion Fix?

It’s more than just a diet. This is a nutrition plan and learning experience designed for EVERYONE (and you’ll see why below). The plan will teach you how to eat better, not just tell you. By the end, you’ll have a whole new way of thinking about food! Plus, it’s a simple and sustainable plan that will keep you wanting to eat healthy in the long-term.

You’ll banish that sugar addiction: You’ll discover why sugar is so addictive and how to break the addiction.

It’s designed for the entire family: There’s a big emphasis on kids and how to get them to eat healthy, not just you! Don’t forget, Autumn is a mom, too, she’s had those same struggles we all have — like that “I want chicken nuggets” argument, and she’s got strategies to win!

Create your own custom meal plan: You will learn how to create your own eating plan based on your specific goal and dietary restrictions, like vegan, gluten-free, or paleo!

What’s included with the program?

30 New Videos: These videos explain everything from the containers to the principles of the plan — no guessing games involved.

Fixate Volume 2 Cookbook: Including 102 brand new deliciously healthy recipes.

Lunch Ideas for Kids: I told you this was for the whole family! This PDF contains 75 healthy options for kids lunches to help them eat a balanced diet.

Nutrition+ App Tracking: You’ll have access to Beachbody’s nutrition app where you can track containers, water, weight, and more!

Portion Fix Containers: Of course, you’ll need a set of containers!

Beachbody Insulated Tote Bag: Which comes with containers, ice packs, and lots of storage to help you eat healthy on the go!


Want to Workout LIVE with Autumn?

Yeah, you do! Unfortunately “live” doesn’t mean “in person,” but this is still pretty awesome… Autumn will be reshooting 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme and you can stream it LIVE and workout with Autumn and the cast as they film the new workouts!


How can you get in on it?


All you have to do is purchase the Ultimate Portion Fix when it launches, March 18th–April 1st 2019 and you’ll get an invitation to join!

Now you’re probably asking “how much does the Ultimate Portion Fix cost?” There are a variety of different Challenge Pack options depending on what you already have and what you need. Lets first chat about your goals and see whats best for you and your situation.

So, if you’re interested, fill out the form and I’ll get you more info AND help you get set up with the Ultimate Portion Fix Challenge Pack that’s right for YOU!


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