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What Motivates You?

So many people lately have asked me where I get my motivation from. I used to believe that motivation in fact is what just gets you started. Now I believe that its the self discipline that gets us started, and the new habit process that enhances the motivation.  Creating a habit and achieving the desired end result is what creates the primary motivation.

How do you find motivation to exercise when you just aren’t up for it? While I sometimes ask myself this same question on the days I don’t feel like working out, but most of the time I find myself remembering some of these things and that gets me going. Here are some tips to get motivated to get off your butt and start a new exercise habit.motivation

  1. Find a workout/ accountability buddy. This is my most recent find and one of the best ways to share your daily struggles and tips with. Sign up with a friend, and hold yourselves accountable. Join a team or a group of people who all want the same thing.
  2. Think about how you will  after. Everyone feels amazing after a workout. Sometimes you feel as though you can’t move , but for the most part there is a point where you will a high going there. It’s the best high. That alone motivated you because all you have to do is constantly remember that feeling.
  3. You deserve some selfish time. We take time to care for others such ( kids, family, spouse, coworkers, bosses, friends) But what about us? You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take the time to care for yourself. Schedule this appointment for yourself so that way you can give the best of you to others
  4. Stress reliever. Do you have a lot on your plate? Maybe you feel stressed from some personal issues, work issues , or you have a lot of brain clutter. You can ditch the stress by getting that exercise in.
  5. New clothes. Are you tired of your clothes fitting too snug? Maybe you want to fit into a smaller size?Maybe you just want new clothes? The opportunity is there .
  6. Rewards. Find ways to reward yourself after a few days, weeks , or months. Start setting small goals for yourself. Tell yourself you can do this and crush it. Reward yourself more in the beginning too. Always remember “There is no elevator to success”
  7. Take a Before Pic. Most of us don’t want to do this in the beginning. But this simple task sets reality within us and something clicks. Do it because you will be so proud of your progress. This is extremely motivating.
  8. Pinterest. Make a board full of all the motivational quotes that inspire you. Whenever you are feeling less inspired, look for more . Review them from time to time. Don’t just save them .
  9. Others notice. Once others start to notice how amazing you feel and they see your progress, that is extremely motivating. It makes you want to keep going.
  10. Books. Read up on personal development . Buy books about fitness and health. Look through magazine articles. Fuel your mind.
  11. Don’t skip a workout. Think about how horrible you will feel if you go too long without working out. This makes me feel YUCK and not like myself. Things get difficult and overwhelming too. We don’t want this right?

 Working out gets your creative juices flowing and you are more likely to have a fabulous day rather then sit around and not feel as though you didn’t accomplish anything. Constantly remind yourself that you will feel calmer, happier, sexier, and more energetic after a workout. That’s plenty of motivation right there.


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