Causes of Hair Loss: Genetics, Hormonal Changes, Medical Conditions, and Environmental Factors

Causes of hair loss.

Preface Hair loss is a common condition that affects numerous individualities, both men and women, at some point in their lives. Whether it’s a retreating hairline, lacing hair, or bald spots, can have a significant impact on tone- regard and overall good. Understanding the causes of hair loss is pivotal for effective forestallment and treatment. In this composition, we will explore the main causes of hair loss, including genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions, and environmental factors. By the end of this composition, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the factors that contribute to hair loss, and how to take precautionary measures to maintain healthy hair. 1.Genetics: Genetics plays a significant part in hair loss, and it’s frequently the primary factor that determines whether an existent will witness hair loss in their continuance. Hereditary also known as androgenetic alopecia, is the most common form of and is caused by a inheritable perceptivity to dihydrotestosterone( DHT), a hormone that shrinks hair follicles. manly pattern baldness is the most well- known form of heritable affecting about 50 of men over the age of 50. This condition generally presents as a retreating hairline and balding at the crown of the head. Womanish pattern baldness is less common, affecting around 40 of women over the age of 50, and generally presents as thinning of hair on the top of the head. exploration shows that inheritable factors are responsible for over to 80 of cases of heritable hair loss. If a person has a family history of they’re more likely to witness it themselves. Studies have also linked specific genes that are associated with, including the AR gene, which is responsible for rendering the androgen receptor, and the PAX1 gene, which is involved in hair follicle development. Understanding the inheritable element of is pivotal for those who want to take precautionary measures to cover their hair health. While genetics can not be changed, there are several treatments available to decelerate or indeed reverse including specifics like minoxidil and finasteride, hair transplant surgery, and low- position ray remedy. 2. Hormonal Changes: Hormonal changes and their part in hair loss Hair loss during gestation and menopause Polycystic Ovary Pattern( PCOS) and its impact on hair health Hormones play a pivotal part in regulating hair growth, and any oscillations can lead to hair loss. During gestation, hormonal changes can beget an increase in hair growth. still, after delivery, the hormonal balance shifts, and can do. Also, during menopause, the drop in estrogen situations can affect in hair loss. Polycystic Ovary Pattern( PCOS) is a hormonal complaint that can beget in women, among other symptoms. Women with PCOS have advanced situations of androgen, a manly hormone, which can lead to on the crown. Understanding the impact of hormonal changes on hair health can help individualities identify the cause of their and seek applicable treatment. 3. Medical Conditions: Hair loss can be caused by colorful medical conditions, similar as thyroid problems, autoimmune diseases, and crown infections. When the thyroid gland is hyperactive or underactive, it can disrupt the hair growth cycle and beget hair loss. Autoimmune diseases similar as alopecia aerate can beget by attacking hair follicles. Crown infections like ringworm can also lead to if left undressed. Specifics similar as chemotherapy medicines, antidepressants, and blood thinners can also beget as a side effect. It’s important to speak with a healthcare professional if you suspect that a medical condition may be causing your. They can help diagnose and treat the beginning condition, which can ameliorate your hair health. 4. Environmental Factors: Hair follicles can be damaged by exposure to colorful environmental factors, including adulterants, poisons, and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Also, certain hair styling products, similar as those containing harsh chemicals or alcohol, can damage the hair and lead to hair loss. 5. Exposure to adulterants and poisons: Exposure to adulterants and poisons can damage follicles and contribute to hair loss. Air pollution, similar as from auto exhaust or artificial emigrations, can beget oxidative stress on the and crown, leading to damage and hair loss. Also, exposure to poisons in water, food, or other environmental sources can also affect hair health. Impact of hair styling products and treatments Harsh chemicals and high heat can damage t shaft and beget breakage, leading to thinning and over time. It’s important to use hair products hair and treatments in temperance and to avoid those that are too harsh for your hair type. 6. Prevention and Treatment: Precautionary measures can help reduce the threat of hair loss. A balanced diet with plenitude of protein and vitamins can promote healthy hair growth, while avoiding tight hairstyles can help reduce hair breakage and damage. If you’re passing seeking professional help is recommended. Treatment options include drug, similar as topical or oral treatments, and hair transplant surgery. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the stylish treatment plan for your individual requirements. Conclusion: In conclusion, hair loss is a common and frequently distressing condition that can affect individualities of all periods and genders. In this composition, we’ve explored the main causes of including genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions, and environmental factors. It’s important to understand these causes and take precautionary measures to maintain healthy hair. Still, if you’re passing it’s always stylish to seek professional help from a good healthcare provider or a dermatologist. They can help diagnose the underpinning cause of your and recommend the stylish treatment options for your specific situation. Flash back, healthy hair isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, it can also impact your overall good. By taking care of your hair and understanding the causes of hair loss, you can promote a healthy and confident life.

Living a Life of Gratitude: How Cultivating a Grateful Heart Can Bring Joy and Happiness:

living a grateful heart

Cultivating Gratitude in Daily Life: “I blessed by” I a blessed by Aortic Stenosis, Bossage, Gratitude, Hairdresser, Laryngomalacia, Motherhood, Stridor I had the best experience going on vacation with my husband and had some time to really catch up on my thoughts and talk the future with my husband. For one, I haven’t had time to really blog as much much as I’d like. Between my new role as a Girl Scout Leader heart and juggling both of my businesses, there hasn’t been time for much. On top of that, being a mom and wife is a full time job of its own. “So incredibly blessed am I. I’ve realized that heart I just need to write. I need to write my out and share the good, bad, and the ugly. For one: I do a lot . Why? I don’t know. I’m such an over-achiever , I know. I like to consider myself extremely self driven and motivated to chase after what I want. I love doing it all. Everything I do , I do with love and I lead with my . I try to not stress too much about the month or weeks ahead.  Our trip to Cancun was amazing. It meant everything to bring my husband to this trip. For one, we deserve our time together. My marriage is a priority. I do not want time to pass and wonder why my marriage fell apart. I want to live in the moment with my husband and have him enjoy the fruits of my labor too. He is my number one. None of anything I do would run smoothly if it weren’t for his support. I seriously hit the jackpot with him . Why I work  tail off was really helped heart  seen by him on this trip. The hubby and I had a blast. I work hard. I work really hard to work on myself and help others. This was my first all – expense paid trip earned for just doing what I love by helping others get started on their health and fitness journey! It was amazing! The company I work with really spoiled the heck out of us . You see, our lives are changing. Our kids are growing, we are growing, and being able to experience time and financial freedom is a huge priority to me .   My mom was diagnosed with cancer: It had nothing to do with me. I’m an only child. She IS my person .  That NICU ride was a roller coaster followed by visits with specialists and restless nights. My world changed. All I wanted was to feel good and have an outlet aside from this new relationship I was trying to have with the Lord. Work became just work . My thyroid was out of wick. I was a mess. I was tired all the time and at one point I decided to draw the line in the sand. No more. After experiencing my postpartum depression heart , I realized that I was in charge and I needed to do something. I’ve learned that God only puts things in our lives that he knows we can handle. Sometimes we don’t know why. I feel my lesson to this day was to learn to have faith, let go, and let God do his work .I am a control freak. Learning that I am not in control has living heart done wonders for me. That’s sad right? I do not practice any type of religion yet I’m super spiritual in many ways. God sent me my babies to make me a better person. Elijah was a prophet in the bible who was sent to people to help them believe in God. Wow. Not a coincidence at all right ?  I struggled physically  being stuck in the yo- yo diet cycle: Along the way I’ve learned that we all go through trials where we use substances to cope with life without not even realizing it . I struggled financially as my husband and I had some unexpected living heart struggles on top of co pays and medical visits. Emotionally, I was a hot mess. The worst part was realizing that I was taking it out on the closest ones I love by lashing out on them and shutting down . I’ve learned that I matter. It is not selfish to learn to love yourself and treat yourself well. Our sanity and mindset mean everything. Becoming a coach has helped me stay accountable in many ways. I have been able to improve our marriage, communicate and understand my husband better, work on my mindset, teach my family healthier habits ,living heart and meet some incredible people. You should never feel guilty for chasing that one thing that sets your soul on fire. It is my platform to meet other people and offer them a solution . Through my journey as a mom with thyroid living heart nodules and a goiter at only 31, I’ve learned that I should never take my health and mindset for granted. Life is beautiful . Its about quality. If you don’t feel good, it shows. I want to have energy for my kids. Not just that, I want to teach them these incredible and sustainable habits that they can grow up with.  


how to get back on track after the holidays

HOW TO GET BACK ON TRACK AFTER THE HOLIDAYS January 3, 2019 / Fit is a lifestyle, Fitness, Health, Motivation / Leave a comment Don’t you just love the feeling of a fresh clean slate ? Me too. But if you’ve been overdoing it throughout the holidays, you may be tempted to go to extreme measures to undo the damage. Truth is, with a few smart adjustments, you can get get yourself right back on track . The holidays are about spending time with your loved ones and having a good time. I sure had an amazing time catching up with the ones I love and I have no regrets about all of the indulging I did. Unfortunately , all the indulging can really take a toll on our bodies if we’re not mindful and sure to get ourselves back on track though ! I’ve learned that making a few things a non- negotiable is key to looking and feeling better. I have never felt this content and in such a good place physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I believe it all stems from these key things I’ve learned to implement all year round. Here are some tips on how to get yourself back on track, or simply motivate yourself to get started. Don’t Panic. The scale will go back down . What’s most important is where you choose to go from here. Don’t feel bad about yourself and don’t beat yourself up because your pants fit you tighter . It’s time to refocus mentally and surround yourself with thoughts that will keep you pushing forward. It’s a new day and that means a new fresh start. If the scale has gone up, take into consideration that a lot of what you see and feel is extra water and bloating. Hydrate. Its extremely important to hydrate more than usual. Drink up and flush those toxins out. You can check out some yummy water recipes here Its even better to drink water before you decide to drink any caffeinated drinks because caffeine is a diuretic. Drinking water as soon as you wake up in the morning will do wonders for your body to reboot.  The second I wake up in the morning, I drink water or hot water with lemon to simply turn on my metabolism. Water is so good for our skin, our hair, our body function, and our digestion. Take Before Pictures. Some people are not comfortable with this and that’s okay. But there is something about taking that picture and getting your mind to refocus. I’ve been taking before and after photos all year and it sure does something  Its so hard to capture your progress when you are consistently putting in the effort on a daily basis. Pictures will show you way more than a scale can and its really nice to track your progress. Don’t even bother getting obsessed with weighing yourself each day because that will make you go crazy. Learn to accept what you weigh and look like, learn to love yourself more,  and embrace the new positive changes you plan on making . As you begin your transformation, you can repeat that progress photo each month and weigh yourself once a week or once a month. I love talking about this in my wellness groups.  Learn to seek all of the non scale victories because after all, you’re human. Make A Plan. I truly feel this is the most important of all. Structure is key. Set a plan and take action. If you work on structure, your body will take care of itself. It’s as simple as that. Get back to it. Don’t over think it too much. Simply sit down, plan your week or month out and keep in mind that there will be roadblocks. Seeing your plan will help you visualize where you’re headed and help you get there. Make it something you need to do on a weekly basis and not just the beginning of the year. Plan your workouts and your nutrition. I can’t even begin to explain how important this part is. It’s important to find a sustainable lifestyle because the last thing you need is to gain everything back the second you have a slip up . Moderation Not Deprivation. If you’re serious about making some healthier choices in your life-,  don’t deprive yourself. Deprivation will only leave you with constant cravings and self- sabotaging episodes. I used to beat myself up mentally after I indulged and that’s because I didn’t know what I know now. I love that I can enjoy my favorite foods in moderation. These negative thought patters will only lead you to bounce back easier into your older unhealthy habits. You can’t cut out your foods and expect sustainability. It’s all about balance. Look at change as adding and incorporating more healthier options. Find what you like and stick to it. Its important to learn moderation and balance and I teach that in my wellness groups. You can apply here  . Since I’ve applied moderation into my life, I have incorporated the three M’s into my life ; Move, Mindful Eating, and Minimizing. When you move more,  you get those feel good chemicals and they help regulate your moods.  When you’re happier, you’ll make healthier choices.  While eating, eat mindfully and minimize processed foods or eating out. Motivate Yourself. There are so many ways you can motivate yourself by simply creating a vision board and reading or finding new inspirational quotes, looking up motivation and inspiration on the internet or magazines, and refocusing on your goals. Don’t look up fitness motivation just to compare yourself. Use it as a tool to inspire and push yourself to keep moving forward. Watch my video below to see what you can do to get yourself inspired. Find a way to make your vision a reality. Go out and buy yourself new workout clothes and make it fun.