Self-Care for Superwomen: 8 Essential Tips to Help Busy Moms Recharge and Rejuvenate:

self care isn’t just something you do:

I’ve learned so much about myself these last few years. I was running on empty and my nerves were beginning to show it. Stress was rising , I had a short fuse with my husband , and I’m embarrassed to admit that I was at my whist end. From endless therapy sessions for my son , juggling my own mom guilt with my daughter , medical visits that led me to no answers, debt piling high, and lack of clarity had me feeling like I was losing myself. It isn’t easy being a career driven woman and managing everything else if you’re not practicing self -care.

My motivation was gone and I felt a loss of passion for what I did . I make people feel beautiful. It was hard to set my personal feelings and energy aside and translate in to something positive for the people around me .

Along the way I’ve learned to practice busy self – care. Motherhood is full of endless demands, rewards, sacrifices , sleepless nights, countless unscheduled interruptions and many  gifts to experience.  I also discovered that in order to be a great mom , you must feel great about both yourself and your life .

But let me tell you something. Self Care The busy Mom can be a way of life for you . Putting your best self forward requires intentional choices.  Its not selfish at all . Its actually completely necessary to pour into yourself so that you can pour into others. What good is it to show up beat down and on empty? You deserve to wake up and live your life with intention.

Us mom’s have a mile high to do list right ?

Almost all mothers struggle with feelings of guilt when they take away any time from their children . It’s so often I hear my clients tell me they often put themselves at the bottom of the list. Some don’t even make the list at all .

Here Are My Top Self-Care Tips : 

  1. Be Intentional With How You Start Your Day . This changes everything . The more you practice being intentional with your day, the more clarity and focused you feel . I practice something called The Miracle Morning routine.
  2. Give Yourself A Timeout. This is one of my favorite things to do when my anxiety rolls high. I get out my notebook and literally brain dump everything on my mind.
  3. Deep Breaths. This is what I consider to be practicing mindfulness. I do not always get to it but wow does it make a huge difference .
  4. Exercise. This is my favorite way to start my day . I workout out daily to Beachbody On Demand and I follow various 30 minute workouts. I love that I never get bored and I can take it with me anywhere Self Care The busy Mom.
  5. Feed Your Body Well. Good food fuels your body, so make sure you eat and drink high quality ingredients. We put our kids and husband’s first.  Her coaching has shown me that it’s about taking baby steps and truly learning to love healthy food .
  6. Personal Development. As a mom , it’s easy to lose yourself in the day-to-day routines of family life. I feel like I’m in the car a lot and the cleaning and cooking never ends.
  7. Saying No . This has to be the biggest lesson I’m currently learning about .  Sometimes the things on your to-do list are just not as critical as you think.
  8. Keep Connected.  Isolation can quickly creep in which is not where God wants us to be . Make sure you are purposeful with who you give your time to .

Do you have any Self- Care tips that work for you ? Please share below.

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